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The Forbidden Kingdom Quotes

The Forbidden Kingdom is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Forbidden Kingdom completed its run in 1970.

It features Casey Silver as producer, David Buckley in charge of musical score, and Peter Pau as head of cinematography.

The Forbidden Kingdom is recorded in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese and originally aired in United States, and China. Each episode of The Forbidden Kingdom is 104 minutes long. The Forbidden Kingdom is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment; The Weinstein Company.

The cast includes: Liu Yifei as Golden Sparrow, Collin Chou as Jade Warlord, Michael Angarano as Ni Chang, and Deshun Wang as Jade Emperor.

The Forbidden Kingdom Quotes

Collin Chou as Jade Warlord

  • (Collin Chou) "Martial art is based on deception, my friend."
  • (Lu Yan) "Satisfied all was well in heaven and earth. The Supremely High Emperor left to begin his 500 years meditation, leaving The Jade Warlord in charge by mandate of heaven. But, Rather than obey The Jade Emperor's command. The Warlord challenged The Monkey King to a duel, High Top Five Elements Mountain in The Warlord's palace. The Battle of Immortals was fought. To prove once and all Whose skills were supreme."
  • (Collin Chou) "Most excellent stick fighting, Sun Wukong. But without your weapon, You're nothing. But, A lowly hermit. No more weapons, No more Chi Magic. Fist against fist."
  • (Lu Yan) "The Monkey King was too trusting and believed The Warlord's words. Lying down his magic weapon."
  • (Lu Yan) "Realizing, He'd been tricked, The Monkey King cast the staff out into The Middle Kingdom."
  • (Collin Chou) "Hmm, Martial Art is based on deception. My friend. Being Immortal The Monkey King could not be killed, Only trapped in stone. Where he waits for the seeker from the prophesy to return to him his great weapon and finally free him. That's what I heard. Anyway, Long time ago."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "How long has he been imprisoned?"
  • (Lu Yan) "500 Hundred years, Give or take a few decades. They say. When The Monkey King is free. The Jade Emperor will return."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "How do I get home?"
  • (Lu Yan) "You must return the staff to Five Elements Mountain, You must free The Monkey King."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "I can't free The Monkey King, I gotta get home."
  • (Collin Chou) "The seeker from the prophecy. Not quite what I expected."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "A man is dying on Song Mountain. I need the elixir."
  • (Collin Chou) "The power to save a life, for the power to rule a kingdom. A most generous offer. This man -- a good friend?"
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "And a good teacher."
  • (Collin Chou) "The man who honors his teacher honors himself."
  • (Collin Chou) "No more weapons, no more Chi magic. Fist against fist."

Liu Yifei as Golden Sparrow

  • (Liu Yifei) "She should have killed you, witch."
  • (Michael Angarano) "Not if I kill you first, orphan bitch."
  • (Liu Yifei) "Come drink with me."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "You really saved our lives back there. I don't know. What We would have done, If you hadn't come along."
  • (Liu Yifei) "She does not think The Drunken Immortal needed his life saved."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "You're Immortal?"
  • (Lu Yan) "What do you run from? Child,"
  • (Liu Yifei) "Bounty hunters trying to stop her from reaching The Five Elements Mountain."
  • (Liu Yifei) "Jade Warlord?"
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "He's dead."
  • (Liu Yifei) "I -- I thank you."

Michael Angarano as Ni Chang

  • (Michael Angarano) "How romantic. Men will tell you what you want to hear, Sparrow. But in the end, they will leave you with nothing."

Deshun Wang as Jade Emperor

  • (Lu Yan) "No, Drunken fist. Secret Kung Fu after South. I'm Lu Yan, Traveling scholar. What land do you have come from? Monk,"
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "I'm not a monk. I'm Jason Tripitikas from South Boston. Is this a dream?"
  • (Lu Yan) "No, Where You came from is the dream. Throught The Gate of No Gate."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "Is that like a wormhole or something?"
  • (Lu Yan) "No, It means. You're either a Zen Master or You carry something special."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "This? It was in a pawnshop, Waiting for a man to pick it up and return it to it's rightful owner. What?"
  • (Lu Yan) "It's long been foretold, That a seeker will come to return the staff and end the reign of Jade Warlord."
  • (Jason Tripitikas) "Return the staff to who?"
  • (Lu Yan) "The Monkey King. Born of a stone, On the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers. With his weapon in hand. His Chi became like fire. His stick fighting like magic. He defied the order of the land. But, Jade army could not defeat him. The Monkey King crushed every soldier sent to stop him. With his Magical Staff, He was unbeatable. Word of his disobedience. Traveled deep within The Forbidden Kingdom. To The Five Elements Mountain. Land of The Immortals. Once every 500 years. The Jade Emperor hosts The Peach Banquet. It's here, The heavenly ministers gather to celebrate their longevity and drink The Elixir of Immortality. One sip of this heavenly brew will give everlasting life. Free from mortal suffering and desire, Into the Banquet, The Monkey King crashed, Uninvited. The Jade Emperor was enchanted by The Monkey King. But, The Jade Warlord was not amused. As Master of The Army. The Warlord demanded The Monkey King bow down to him."
  • (Deshun Wang) "He's a bit unrefined, That's all. Give The Naughty Monkey a title and let him go."

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