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The Ghost Writer (film) Quotes

The Ghost Writer (film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Ghost Writer stopped airing in 1970.

It features Roman Polanski as producer, Alexandre Desplat in charge of musical score, and Paweł Edelman as head of cinematography.

The Ghost Writer (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Ghost Writer (film) is 128 minutes long. The Ghost Writer (film) is distributed by Summit Entertainment.

The cast includes: Pierce Brosnan as Adam Lang, Ewan McGregor as The Ghost, Robert Pugh as Richard Rycart, Olivia Williams as Ruth Lang, Kim Cattrall as Amelia Bly, Tom Wilkinson as Paul Emmett, and Jon Bernthal as Rick Ricardelli.

The Ghost Writer (film) Quotes

Tom Wilkinson as Paul Emmett

  • (Tom Wilkinson) "Let's hope he didn't inhale."
  • (Tom Wilkinson) "Oh yes, the wall of ego. We all have one, our equivalent of the dentist's fish tank."

Pierce Brosnan as Adam Lang

  • (Pierce Brosnan) "You cheeky f***."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Spare me the bleeding-heart bulls***. Do you know what I'd do if I was in power again? I'd have two queues at airports: one for flights where we'd done no background checks, infringed on no one's civil bloody liberties, used no intelligence gained by torture. And on the other flight we'd do everything we possibly could to make it perfectly safe. And then we'd see which plane the Rycarts of this world would put their bloody kids on. And you can put that in the book."

Ewan McGregor as The Ghost

  • (Ewan McGregor) "Well don't tell me you're going to read it now."
  • (Robert Pugh) "Not all of it, just the beginning. There's something very important about it."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Yeah, it's the cure for insomnia."
  • (Ewan McGregor) ""Langs are Scottish folk originally and proud of it. Our name is a derivation of 'long', the Old English word for tall, and it is from North of the border that my forefathers hail." Fuuuck."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "You realize I know nothing about politics."
  • (Jon Bernthal) "You voted for him, didn't you?"
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Adam Lang? Of course I did, everyone voted for him. He wasn't a politician, he was a craze."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Bad idea."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Look, l'm sorry. l should never have stayed in a client's house. lt always ends up with --"
  • (Olivia Williams) "With you f***ing the client's wife?"
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Some peace protesters are trying to kill me."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Forty thousand years of human language, and there's no word to describe our relationship. It was doomed."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Well all the words are there, they're just in the wrong order."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "I really don't think this is a good idea."
  • (Robert Pugh) "You have no choice."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Emmett must have told Lang I've been to see him."
  • (Robert Pugh) "So what's he going to do about it? Dump you in the ocean?"
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Well it happened before."
  • (Robert Pugh) "Which means it can't happen again. He can't drown two ghost writers, for God's sake. You're not kittens."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Did you ever want to be a proper politician in your own right?"
  • (Olivia Williams) "Of course, didn't you want to be a proper writer?"
  • (Ewan McGregor) "You ought not to be written out of history."
  • (Olivia Williams) "Why not? Most women are."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Then I'll reinstate you. I'll put in all the occasions that he's forgotten."
  • (Olivia Williams) "How kind, like the boss's secretary who remembers his wife's birthday for him."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "I'd never guess you smoked."
  • (Kim Cattrall) "I only allow myself one. In times of great stress or contentment."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Which is this?"
  • (Kim Cattrall) "Very funny."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "You wouldn't happen to know if there are any flights leaving the airport tonight, would you?"
  • (Motel Receptionist) "Not unless you've got your own private jet."
  • (Ewan McGregor) "Ah, I lent it to my butler."
  • (Motel Receptionist) "Haha, oh you Brits."

Olivia Williams as Ruth Lang

  • (Olivia Williams) "If we meet any terrorists, I'll text you."
  • (Olivia Williams) "I feel like the wife of Napoleon on St. Helena."
  • (Olivia Williams) "Who are you?"
  • (Ewan McGregor) "I'm your ghost."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Right --"
  • (Olivia Williams) "Don't worry, he isn't always such a jerk."

Kim Cattrall as Amelia Bly

  • (Kim Cattrall) "Are you ill?"
  • (Ewan McGregor) "No, I'm aging. This place is Shangri-La in reverse."

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