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The Keyhole Quotes

The Keyhole is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Keyhole ended its run in 1970.

It features Hal B. Wallis as producer, W. Franke Harling in charge of musical score, and Barney McGill as head of cinematography.

The Keyhole is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Keyhole is 69 minutes long. The Keyhole is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Kay Francis as Ann Brooks, Glenda Farrell as Dot, Allen Jenkins as Hank Wales, George Brent as Mr. Neil Davis, Henry Kolker as Schuyler Brooks, Helen Ware as Portia Brooks, and Monroe Owsley as Maurice.

The Keyhole Quotes

Allen Jenkins as Hank Wales

  • (Allen Jenkins) "I gotta go."
  • (Glenda Farrell) "What's happened?"
  • (Allen Jenkins) "I gotta feed my goldfish."
  • (Glenda Farrell) "I love goldfish."
  • (Allen Jenkins) "Nah, you stay here. My goldfish is afraid of strangers."
  • (Allen Jenkins) "You must never offer to pay for anything else again when I'm around. There hasn't been a gigolo in the Wales family for generations."
  • (Allen Jenkins) "Here we go, laughing and scratching. Here we go."
  • (Allen Jenkins) "Happy days."
  • (Glenda Farrell) "You're a droll person."
  • (Allen Jenkins) "You said it. A laugh a minute. That's me. Never a dull moment when I'm around."
  • (Allen Jenkins) "You ain't sore at me, are you?"
  • (George Brent) "Some day you're going to drop dead from brain fatigue."

Kay Francis as Ann Brooks

  • (Kay Francis) "Who are? What are you?"
  • (George Brent) "I'm your shadow."
  • (Kay Francis) "What an amusing occupation."
  • (George Brent) "I'm enjoying it. Aren't you?"
  • (Kay Francis) "Well, you're doing very well at it."
  • (Kay Francis) "There's a certain man on this boat that I don't like."
  • (George Brent) "Who, me?"
  • (Kay Francis) "No."
  • (Kay Francis) "And the next time you try to kill yourself, let me know; I'd love to help you."
  • (Kay Francis) "Funny thing. A big boat; and all a little world in itself."
  • (George Brent) "A world made of steel plates; a scant half inch between us and the bottom of the sea."
  • (Kay Francis) "Sounds dangerous."
  • (George Brent) "It is dangerous."
  • (Kay Francis) "Are you good at rescuing ladies?"
  • (George Brent) "Oh, yes. Who's the man?"
  • (Kay Francis) "A stranger."
  • (George Brent) "So am I."
  • (Kay Francis) "Yes, but you're the lesser of two evils, Mr. Davis."
  • (Kay Francis) "You're awfully sure of yourself, aren't you?"
  • (George Brent) "You're not very sure of yourself, are you?"
  • (Kay Francis) "Perhaps its a good thing we're arriving in Havana tomorrow."
  • (George Brent) "But they'll be moonlight and music and stars out after tomorrow. Won't there?"

Glenda Farrell as Dot

  • (Ship Bartender) "How's that, madam?"
  • (Glenda Farrell) "Atrocious. What kind of champagne?"
  • (Ship Bartender) "Pol Roger 1915."
  • (Glenda Farrell) "It would be on this tub. I don't suppose you have any Veuve Clicquot 1906?"
  • (Ship Bartender) "I'm sorry."
  • (Glenda Farrell) "Well, can you change a hundred dollar bill?"
  • (Glenda Farrell) "Oh, tell me, dear Mr. Wales, where is your family home?"
  • (Allen Jenkins) "Well, we sort of; move around. Every fall we go to the Springs. And every spring we go to the Falls."
  • (Glenda Farrell) "You naughty, naughty boy. You're spoofing; you're spoofing me."

George Brent as Mr. Neil Davis

  • (George Brent) "All I need is an unlimited expense account -- and time."
  • (George Brent) "Some day I'm going to find me a nice monastery where I'll never see another scheming female as long as I live."
  • (George Brent) "Are you the kind of person who always leaves a little champagne at the bottom of your glass?"
  • (Kay Francis) "Meaning what?"
  • (George Brent) "Meaning you're leaving half a night full of moonlight, music; untouched. Are you afraid to empty the glass?"
  • (Kay Francis) "No. But, I don't like hangovers."

Henry Kolker as Schuyler Brooks

  • (Henry Kolker) "If I can get a special plane, the first thing in the morning, will you go with me?"
  • (Helen Ware) "Why, I wouldn't fly across the street for any woman's honor."

Helen Ware as Portia Brooks

  • (Helen Ware) "This Maurice person isn't an American, is he?"
  • (Kay Francis) "No."
  • (Helen Ware) "Then, if you can get him to follow you out of the States, I'll stop him from ever getting back."
  • (Kay Francis) "You'll stop him?"
  • (Helen Ware) "My dear, I haven't been in this social business 40 years for nothing. A man of his character. One little telephone call to Washington will cancel his visa;"
  • (Helen Ware) "like that."

Monroe Owsley as Maurice

  • (Monroe Owsley) "In the nick of time. Come in."

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