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The Legend of 1900 Quotes

The Legend of 1900 is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Legend of 1900 ended in 1970.

It features Personal life as producer, Ennio Morricone in charge of musical score, and Lajos Koltai as head of cinematography.

The Legend of 1900 is recorded in English and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of The Legend of 1900 is 165 minutes (Original cut) long. The Legend of 1900 is distributed by Medusa Film.

The cast includes: Pruitt Taylor Vince as Max, and Clarence Williams III as Jelly Roll Morton.

The Legend of 1900 Quotes

Pruitt Taylor Vince as Max

  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "What the hell do you think about when you're playing? Where does your mind go when you hit the keys?"
  • (1900) "Last night I was in a beautiful country. Women had perfume in their hair, everything glowed. It was full of tides."
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "He traveled. And each time he ended up some place different. In the heart of London, on a train in the middle of the country, on the edge of a giant volcano, in the biggest church in the world, countin' the columns and staring up at the crucifixes. He traveled."
  • ('Pops', the Shopkeeper) "A good story's worth more than an old trumpet."
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "Okay Pops."
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "You're never really done for, as long as you've got a good story and someone to tell it to."
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "It happened every time. Someone would look up, and see her. It's difficult to understand. There'd be more than a thousand of us on that ship, traveling rich folks, immigrants, and strange people, and us; yet there was always one, one guy alone, who would see her first. Maybe he was just sitting there eating, or walking on the deck, maybe he was just fixing his pants. He'd look up for a second, a quick glance out to sea, and he'd see her. Then he'd just stand there, rooted to the spot, his heart racing. And every time, every damn time I swear, he'd turn to us, towards the ship, towards everybody, and scream."
  • (Unnamed) "America."
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "I often thought about him during the war; if only 1900 were here, who knows what he'd do, what he'd say. 'f*** war' he'd say. But somehow, coming from me, it wasn't the same."
  • (1900) "Hey, Max, gimme a cigarette, will you?"
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "You're not handling this well."
  • (1900) "Just gimme a cigarette."
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "You don't smoke. What is the matter with you? You could lick this guy with one hand, come on."
  • (1900) "You gonna gimme a cigarette?"
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "We're gonna be chucking coal a couple a hundred years and all you can say is --"
  • (1900) "Give me a f***ing cigarette, will you?"
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "I still ask myself if I did the right thing when I abandoned his floating city. And I don't mean only for the work. The fact is, a friend like that, a real friend; you won't meet one again. If you just decide to hang up your sea legs, if you just want to feel something more solid beneath your feet; and it's then you no longer hear the music of the gods around you. But, like he used to say, you're never really done for, as long as you got a good story, and someone to tell it to. Trouble is, nobody'd believe a single word of my story."
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "Sometimes that is the way you have to do it: you go right back to the beginning."
  • (Pruitt Taylor Vince) "What is wrong with you?"
  • (1900) "I can't help it. Music makes me cry."

Clarence Williams III as Jelly Roll Morton

  • (1900) "You're the one who invented jazz, right?"
  • (Clarence Williams III) "That's what they say. And you're the one who can't play, unless you have the ocean under your ass,"
  • (1900) "That's what they say."
  • (Clarence Williams III) "You can stick this up your ass."
  • (1900) "You asked for it, asshole."

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