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The Pointy End Quotes

The Pointy End is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Pointy End stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ramin Djawadi in charge of musical score.

The Pointy End Quotes

  • (Samwell Tarly) "They were touched by White Walkers. That's why they came back. That's why their eyes turned blue. Only fire will stop them."
  • (Jon Snow) "How do you know that?"
  • (Samwell Tarly) "I read about it in a book -- a very old book in Maester Aemon's library."
  • (Jon Snow) "What else did the book say?"
  • (Samwell Tarly) "The White Walkers sleep beneath the ice for thousands of years. And when they wake up --"
  • (Pypar) "And when they wake up -- what?"
  • (Samwell Tarly) "I hope the Wall is high enough."
  • (Bran Stark) "How long have you been hiding out there? Robb will be looking for you. To say goodbye."
  • (Rickon Stark) "They've all gone away."
  • (Bran Stark) "They'll be back soon. Robb will free father, and come back with mother."
  • (Rickon Stark) "No, they won't."
  • (Robb Stark) "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell. Until I return that will be you. You are not to leave the castle walls while we are gone, do you understand? Listen to Maester Luwin. Look after your little brother."
  • (Bran Stark) "I will."
  • (Robb Stark) "I'll send messages whenever I can. If you don't hear from me, don't be scared. Til I return."
  • (Syrio Forel) "What do we say to the god of death?"
  • (Arya Stark) "Not today."
  • (Syrio Forel) "Go."
  • (Bronn) "Will you shut up? There's hill tribes all around here."
  • (Tyrion Lannister) "If I'm going to die, it may as well be with a song in my heart."
  • (Bronn) "I should just take your food and leave you here. Eh? What would you do then?"
  • (Tyrion Lannister) "Starve, most likely."
  • (Bronn) "You don't think I'd do it, do you?"
  • (Tyrion Lannister) "What do you want, Bronn? Gold? Women? Gold and women? Stick with me and you'll have them all, for as long as I'm around and not a moment longer. But you knew that. That is why you so valiantly took up arms to defend my honor."
  • (Bronn) "Fair enough. But don't go looking for me to bend the knee and "m'lord" you every time you take a s***. I'm not your toady and I'm not your friend."
  • (Tyrion Lannister) "Though I would treasure your friendship, I'm mainly interested in your facility with murder. And if the day ever comes when you're tempted to sell me out, remember this: whatever their price, I'll beat it. I like living."
  • (Catelyn Stark) "If you lose, your father dies, your sisters die, we die."
  • (Robb Stark) "Well, that makes it simple then."
  • (Catelyn Stark) "I suppose it does."
  • (Shagga) "How would you like to die, Tyrion, son of Tywin?"
  • (Tyrion Lannister) "In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girl's mouth around my cock."
  • (Robb Stark) "Treason? Sansa wrote this."
  • (Maester Luwin) "It is your sister's hand but the Queen's words. Your summoned to King's Landing to swear fealty to the new King."
  • (Robb Stark) "Joffrey puts my father in chains, now he wants his ass kissed."
  • (Maester Luwin) "This is a royal command, my Lord. If you should refuse to obey --"
  • (Robb Stark) "I won't refuse. If His Grace summons me to go to King's Landing, I'll go to King's Landing. But not alone. Call the banners."
  • (Maester Luwin) "All of them, my Lord?"
  • (Robb Stark) "They've all sworn to defend my father, have they not?"
  • (Maester Luwin) "They have."
  • (Robb Stark) "Now we'll see what the words are worth."
  • (Jeor Mormont) "It's Othor, without a doubt."
  • (Bowen Marsh) "The other one is Jafer Flowers, My Lord, less the hand the wolf tore off."
  • (Jeor Mormont) "Any sign of Benjen or the rest of his party?"
  • (Jon Snow) "Just these two, My Lord. Been dead awhile, I'd say."
  • (Samwell Tarly) "The smell."
  • (Bowen Marsh) "What smell?"
  • (Samwell Tarly) "There is none. If they'd be dead for a long time, wouldn't there be rot?"
  • (Jon Snow) "We should burn them."
  • (Bowen Marsh) "Snow's not wrong, My Lord. Fire will do for them. The Wildling way."
  • (Jeor Mormont) "I want Maester Aemon to examine them first."
  • (Jeor Mormont) "You may be a coward, Tarly, but you're not stupid."
  • (Jeor Mormont) "Get them inside."
  • (Osha) "I tried telling your brother, he's marching the wrong way. All these swords, they should be going north, boy, not south. The cold winds are rising."
  • (Robb Stark) "Tell Lord Tywin, winter is coming for him. Twenty thousand northerners marching south to find out if he really does s*** gold."
  • (Alliser Thorne) "Now there's a rare sight. Not only a bastard, but a traitor's bastard."

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