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The Terminator Quotes

The Terminator is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Terminator ended in 1970.

It features Gale Anne Hurd as producer, Brad Fiedel in charge of musical score, and Adam Greenberg (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Terminator is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Terminator is 107 minutes long. The Terminator is distributed by Orion Pictures.

The cast includes: Linda Hamilton as The Terminator, Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman, Rick Rossovich as Matt Buchanan, and Bess Motta as Ginger Ventura.

The Terminator Quotes

Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese

  • (Michael Biehn) "Sleep. It'll be light soon."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Okay. Talk some more."
  • (Michael Biehn) "About what?"
  • (Linda Hamilton) "About where you're from."
  • (Michael Biehn) "All right. You stay down by day, but at night, you can move around. The H-K's use infrared so you still have to watch out. But they're not too bright. John taught us ways to dust them. That's when the infiltrators started to appear. The Terminators were the newest and the worst --"
  • (Michael Biehn) "All right, listen. The Terminator's an infiltration unit: part man, part machine. Underneath, it's a hyperalloy combat chassis, microprocessor-controlled. Fully armored; very tough. But outside, it's living human tissue: flesh, skin, hair, blood; grown for the cyborgs."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Look, Reese, I don't know what you want from --"
  • (Michael Biehn) "Pay attention. I gotta ditch this car."
  • (Michael Biehn) "I'm here to help you. I'm Reese. Sergeant Tech-Com, DN38416. Assigned to protect you. You've been targeted for termination."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Come on, motherf***er."
  • (Michael Biehn) "John Connor gave me a picture of you once. I didn't know why at the time. It was very old; torn, faded. You were young like you are now. You seemed just a little sad. I used to always wonder what you were thinking at that moment. I memorized every line, every curve -- I came across time for you, Sarah. I love you; I always have."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Come with me if you want to live."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Cyborgs don't feel pain. I do. Don't do that again."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Just let me go."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Listen, and understand. That Terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop -- ever, until you are dead."
  • (Michael Biehn) "The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human -- sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot. I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero him."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Look, I am not stupid, you know. They cannot make things like that yet."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Not yet, not for about 40 years."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Are you saying it's from the future?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "One possible future. From your point of view. I don't know tech stuff."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Then you're from the future, too. Is that right?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "Right."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Right."

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

  • (Linda Hamilton) "Guard it for me, big buns."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Reese. Why me? Why does it want me?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "There was a nuclear war. A few years from now, all this, this whole place, everything, it's gone. Just gone. There were survivors. Here, there. Nobody even knew who started it. It was the machines, Sarah."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "I don't understand."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Defense network computers. New -- powerful -- hooked into everything, trusted to run it all. They say it got smart, a new order of intelligence. Then it saw all people as a threat, not just the ones on the other side. Decided our fate in a microsecond: extermination."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Did you see this war?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "No. I grew up after. In the ruins -- starving -- hiding from H-K's."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "H-K's?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "Hunter-Killers. Patrol machines built in automated factories. Most of us were rounded up, put in camps for orderly disposal."
  • (Michael Biehn) "This is burned in by laser scan. Some of us were kept alive -- to work -- loading bodies. The disposal units ran night and day. We were that close to going out forever. But there was one man who taught us to fight, to storm the wire of the camps, to smash those metal motherf***ers into junk. He turned it around. He brought us back from the brink. His name is Connor. John Connor. Your son, Sarah -- your unborn son."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "The hardest thing is deciding what I should tell you and what not to. But I guess I've got a while yet before you're old enough to even understand the tapes. They're more for me at this point just so I can get it straight. Should I tell you about your father? Boy, that's a tough one. Will it affect your decision to send him here, knowing that he is you father? If you don't send Kyle, you can never be. God, a person can go crazy thinking about all this -- I suppose I will tell you -- I owe him that. Maybe it'll be enough if you know that, in the few hours we had together, we loved a lifetime's worth."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "What's it like when you go through time?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "White light. Pain. It's like being born, maybe."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Are you sure you have the right person?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "I'm sure."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Oh, come on. Do I look like the mother of the future? I mean am I tough, organized? I can't even balance my checkbook. Look Reese, I didn't ask for this honor and I don't WANT IT, ANY OF IT."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Your son gave me a message to give to you. He made me memorize it."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Thank you, Sarah, for your courage through the dark years. I can't help you with what you must soon face, except to say that the future is not set. You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive, or I will never exist."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "I'm on my break, Chuck. Carla's got my station."
  • (Nancy) "Sarah, come here. It's about you. I mean, sort of. This is so incredible, You're not gonna believe this, Sit down, You are going to love this."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "What?"
  • (TV Anchorwoman) "-- has been compiled from several witnesses. Once again, Sarah Connor, thirty-five, mother of two -- brutally shot to death in her home this afternoon."
  • (Nancy) "You're dead, honey."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Tell me about my son."
  • (Michael Biehn) "He's about my height. He has your eyes."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "What's he like?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "You trust him. He's got a strength. I'd die for John Connor."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Well -- at least now I know what to name him. I don't suppose you know who the father is, so I won't tell him to get lost when I meet him?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "John never said much about him. I know he dies before the war."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Wait. I don't want to know."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "What've we got? Moth balls, corn syrup, ammonia. What's for dinner?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "Plastique."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "That sounds good. What is it?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "Nitroglycerine-base; it's a bit more stable. I learned to make it when I was a kid."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "So Reese is crazy?"
  • (Earl Boen) "In technical terminology: he's a loon."
  • (Lieutenant Ed Traxler) "Sarah, this is what they call body armor. Our tac guys wear these. It can stop a 12-gauge round. This other individual must have been wearing one under his coat. Feel that. Go ahead."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "What about when he punched through the windshield?"
  • (Detective Hal Vukovich) "He was probably on PCP. Broke every bone in his hand and wouldn't feel it for hours. There was this guy once, you see this scar?"
  • (Detective Hal Vukovich) "Thank you."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "What did he just say?"
  • (Gas Station Attendant) "He said there's a storm coming in."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "I know."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Hello?"
  • (Rick Rossovich) "First I'm gonna rip the buttons off your blouse one by one, then run my tongue down your neck to your bare, gleaming breasts. And then slowly -- slowly pull your jeans off inch by inch."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Ginger, it's Matt."
  • (Rick Rossovich) "And lick your belly in circles further and further down, and then pull your panties off with my teeth."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Who is this?"
  • (Rick Rossovich) "God. Sarah? Jesus. I'm Sorry. I thought you were -- Can I talk to Ginger please?"
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Sure, Bunky."
  • (Bess Motta) "Hello?"
  • (Rick Rossovich) "First I'm gonna rip the buttons off your blouse one by one --"
  • (Linda Hamilton) "I was dreaming about dogs."
  • (Michael Biehn) "We used them to spot Terminators."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Your world -- it's pretty terrifying."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "You're terminated, f***er."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Get out."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "This is a mistake. I haven't done anything."
  • (Michael Biehn) "No, but you will. It's very important that you live."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "This isn't true. How could that man just get up after you just --"
  • (Michael Biehn) "He's not a man; a machine. Terminator, Cyberdyne Systems Model 101."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "A machine? Like a robot?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "Not a robot. A cyborg. Cybernetic organism."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "No, he was bleeding."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Just a second. Keep your head down."
  • (Cleaning Man at Flophouse) "Hey, buddy. You got a dead cat in there, or what?"
  • (Linda Hamilton) "f*** you, asshole."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "I'm a friend of Sarah Connor. I was told she was here. Could I see her please?"
  • (Desk Sergeant) "No, you can't see her she's making a statement."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Where is she?"
  • (Desk Sergeant) "Look, it may take a while. Want to wait? There's a bench over there."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "I'll be back."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "You're a doctor?"
  • (Earl Boen) "Criminal psychologist."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Is Reese crazy?"
  • (Earl Boen) "Well, that's what we're gonna find out."

Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Bess Motta as Ginger Ventura

  • (Bess Motta) "That bum. So what if he has a Porsche? He can't treat you like this. It's Friday night, for Christ's sake."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "I'll live."
  • (Bess Motta) "I'll break his kneecaps."
  • (Bess Motta) "Machines need love too."

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