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Transmorphers Quotes

Transmorphers is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Transmorphers ended in 1970.

It features David Michael Latt as producer, Victoria Mazze, Chris Ridenhour, and The Divine Madness in charge of musical score, and Steven Parker as head of cinematography.

Transmorphers is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Transmorphers is 85 minutes long. Transmorphers is distributed by The Asylum.

The cast includes: Troy Thomas as Clinton, Jason S. Gray as Otto, Thomas Downey as Blackthorn, Griff Furst as Itchy, Michael Tower as Dr. Voloslov Alextzavich, Shaley Scott as Lux, Shaley Scott as Rand, Sarah Hall as Blair, Eliza Swenson as General Van Ryberg, Matthew Wolf as Warren Mitchell, and Amy Weber as Karina Nadir.

Transmorphers Quotes

Michael Tower as Dr. Voloslov Alextzavich

  • (Michael Tower) "I'm a perfectionist. I made you too human. I gave you the ability to feel, care, love. And most importantly, I gave you the one desire that the machines stripped away from humanity; hope. I had a machine that could hope, a machine that could dream."

Eliza Swenson as General Van Ryberg

  • (Eliza Swenson) "Giving pardons to your cronies was not part of the deal. Now, you've been restored to active service with the rank of captain. Therefore, you will obey my orders. You are lucky to be here."
  • (Matthew Wolf) "Lucky? General Van Ryberg, when you are frozen, your brain is still functioning. For the last five years, I've had a single dream of a world that doesn't exist, of a world where you can see the sun. And everyday, I bathed in its warmth and in its light. And now you've brought me back to a world that is cold and dead and hopeless. I think I'd rather you just put me back."

Troy Thomas as Clinton

  • (Troy Thomas) "Oh, yeah. This baby's gonna do some damage."
  • (Jason S. Gray) "If they do anything at all, these plasma blasters; they may bounce right off of 'em."
  • (Thomas Downey) "Now, now, gentlemen, lets try and stay positive. Just because no one successfully has taken on one of these tinheads on doesn't mean that we don't have a shot sending one of these overgrown toaster ovens to the scrap heap, hmm?"

Shaley Scott as Rand

  • (Shaley Scott) "Are you violating a direct order from a superior officer?"
  • (Sarah Hall) "I'm violating a direct order from a coward."
  • (Shaley Scott) "I'm going to save the world, and you had a chance to come with us."
  • (Shaley Scott) "I'm not gonna jeopardize my career."
  • (Shaley Scott) "Your career? Is that what this is about to you; your career? I did not sign up for a paycheck. I signed up to fight. This war has been going on for hundreds of years, and we just now decided to fight it today."

Griff Furst as Itchy

  • (Griff Furst) "You'd think being frozen for 5 years might chill you out a little bit."

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