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Union Depot (film) Quotes

Union Depot (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Union Depot stopped airing in 1970.

It features Darryl Zanuck as producer, Leo F. Forbstein in charge of musical score, and Sol Polito as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Union Depot (film) is 65 minutes long.

The cast includes: Guy Kibbee as Scrap Iron Scratch, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as Charles 'Chick' Miller, Joan Blondell as Ruth Collins, David Landau as Kendall, and Earle Foxe as Detective.

Union Depot (film) Quotes

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as Charles 'Chick' Miller

  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Now what's the matter?"
  • (Joan Blondell) "Just hungry, I guess."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "What you need is a little drinkie."
  • (Panhandler Wanting One Dollar) "Hey buddy, would you give a poor man a dollar?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "A dollar? You got a lot of nerve. If you'd asked for a dime or a quarter, I might have done something."
  • (Panhandler Wanting One Dollar) "Say, listen, all I asked you is to give me a buck. You don't wanna give it to me, say so, but don't tell me how to run my business."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "That wins a dollar, beau."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "You aren't really a well kept woman till you've accepted at least three pair."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "And a bottle of Lily of the Valley."
  • (Men's Room Attendant) "Yes, suh, I sure Savannahed them folks out."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "That so?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Well, the smallest thing I have is a twenty."
  • (Men's Room Attendant) "Boss, if I had change for that right now, I'd be attending a Southern girl lavishly."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "I bet you'd look like a million bucks in that dress. And I bet it don't even cost half that."
  • (Joan Blondell) "It's probably not my size."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Don't be so sure."
  • (Joan Blondell) "Anyway, we came here to buy stockings."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Nah, you'll get arrested, running around in nothing but stockings."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Are you one of them melancholy numbers? 'Cause if you are, the party's off right now."
  • (Joan Blondell) "No, I feel fine. Honest, I do."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Nobody's going to sing the blues around me. I got enough troubles of my own. Besides, you don't toss out 64 bucks every day, just to get in the dumpster."
  • (Joan Blondell) "Oh, don't be silly. I'll be alright. I just need a little drink."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Gee, you're a swell guy, Chief. I don't blame you for not believing me. I don't believe myself sometimes."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "I can't stand when anyone plays me for a sucker. Why, only a couple of minutes ago I walked out on a little tramp. The minute I saw you, I knew it was a conquest."

David Landau as Kendall

  • (David Landau) "You're not going to gain a thing by stalling. You got them from Bushy Sloan. You're supposed to turn them over to the guy that's coming in from St. Louis on the number 6. Pretty slick mob. We were looking for a man down here and they've got a woman to meet the train. Well, come on, cough up."
  • (Joan Blondell) "I have nothing to tell you. I don't know anything about it."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Did he give you the dough?"
  • (Joan Blondell) "No."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Don't you believe her. Sure, I gave her the sugar and here's more."
  • (David Landau) "What did you do today, from noon on?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Well, at noon today, I was; I was in the city jail."
  • (David Landau) "Yea, what for?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Vagrancy."
  • (Joan Blondell) "Chick?"
  • (David Landau) "What's wrong with you, sister?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Oh, lay off her, can't you. She just found out her Santi Claus was a hobo."
  • (David Landau) "And your the bird that was going to sue the Government. Well, you better get lined up with a lawyer, Bushy, your washed up."

Guy Kibbee as Scrap Iron Scratch

  • (Guy Kibbee) "Gentleman for a day."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "C'mon. Let's get goin'."
  • (Guy Kibbee) "I'm starvin' and you ask me riddles."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Riddles or not, I'm heading straight for a dining room with soft, soothin' music, a table sitting right next to a kitchen, a good lookin' waitress just strivin' to please. Say, how would you like, right now, a thick porterhouse steak, just smothered in onions? Brown potatoes bobbin' up and down in country gravy? A flock of hot biscuits and some honey on the side? A cut of raisin pie? And a cup of coffee? Could you go for that?"
  • (Guy Kibbee) "Say, Chief, does that pass go for me too?"
  • (David Landau) "Sure. But, I ought to throw you in the hoosegow on general principals."
  • (Guy Kibbee) "General who? I never heard of him."
  • (Police Officer Bert Brady) "It's going to be cold winter, hobo. Maybe you'll wish you were back at that hoosegow."
  • (Guy Kibbee) "Say, I can always get in if I change my mind. Where I'm going, there ain't no winter. No snow. No ice. Nothing but palm trees and pineapples and beautiful gals singing love songs."
  • (Guy Kibbee) "Gee, what is it, a fiddle?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "No, a piano."
  • (Guy Kibbee) "Hey, I'd rather starve than eat those vagrancy beans again."

Joan Blondell as Ruth Collins

  • (Joan Blondell) "Oh, I beg your pardon. I thought you were someone else."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "You're right. I am somebody else, but don't let that stop you. Sit down."
  • (Joan Blondell) "Please get this straight, I need the money. I need it badly and I wouldn't go with you --"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Oh, sure, I know. You don't have to explain, honey, I've been around."
  • (Joan Blondell) "I've got to have 64 dollars and 50 cents. And I've got to have it now, tonight."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "What's the 50 cents for? War tax?"
  • (Joan Blondell) "If I don't get it, oh, I don't know what --"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Oh, that's alright. 64 bucks is a lot of dough. But, I've got it, if that's what you mean."
  • (Joan Blondell) "I'm no pollyanna or sweet sixteen either. I've been around. I know what it's all about, but, gee, I always try to keep decent. There's a few things I draw the line on. Dr. Bernardi is one of them."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Go ahead. You got me interested. Then what'd he do?"
  • (Joan Blondell) "Well, at first he said his eyes were bad, and he couldn't read, so he offered to pay me fifty cents an hour to read to him at night after work. Well, that was all right, but the kind of books he read --"
  • (Joan Blondell) "Gee, I didn't know they printed them so bad. He said he got them in Europe."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Yeah? Yeah, I've seen the type in hotel lobbies lookin' up at balconies."

Earle Foxe as Detective

  • (Earle Foxe) "I did an examination for the Secret Service once. They've got a cinch with nothing to do but bumming around with the Government paying all their expenses. Riding around on soft, pullman cushions. Yeah, that's the kind of a job we ought to have."
  • (Police Officer Bert Brady) "What do you mean we? I'm satisfied here."
  • (Earle Foxe) "I don't mean you. I mean me and my fanny."
  • (Police Officer Bert Brady) "Oh, I didn't know you was married."

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