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Universal Soldier (1992 film) Quotes

Universal Soldier (1992 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Universal Soldier stopped airing in 1970.

It features Allen Shapiro, Craig Baumgarten, and Joel B. Michaels as producer, Christopher Franke in charge of musical score, and Karl Walter Lindenlaub as head of cinematography.

Universal Soldier (1992 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Universal Soldier (1992 film) is 102 minutes long. Universal Soldier (1992 film) is distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The cast includes: Dolph Lundgren as Scott, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Luc, Ally Walker as Veronica, Leon Rippy as Woodward, Michael Jai White as Soldier, Michael Jai White as Soldier 1, and Michael Jai White as soldier 2.

Universal Soldier (1992 film) Quotes

Dolph Lundgren as Scott

  • (Dolph Lundgren) "You can't run from this war soldier. Not under my command. You're growing weak. You should have taken your -- medication."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "See. They're everywhere."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "You're dead soldier --"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "No -- I'm alive."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Are we having fun yet?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "I gave you an order soldier, now let me see you waste that gook traitor -- Now where are we gonna shoot her? In the stomach? Naa -- In the chest? Noooo -- I think we should shoot her -- in the head."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "It's empty."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "It's empty."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Say good night, asshole."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Good night, asshole."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "NOw I'm gonna teach you the chain of command private. When I say: "Jump."; You say: "How high?" Got it? Got it? Take it and stick in your f***ing head."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "They're all traitors."

Ally Walker as Veronica

  • (Ally Walker) "All right look. Do you have a family, a friend? Is there a Misses Fourty-Four waiting for you some place?"
  • (Ally Walker) "Oh man, I'd kill for a cigarette right now"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "You'd kill someone for a cigarette?"
  • (Ally Walker) "No. It's an expression, a figure of speech. I wouldn't exactly kill someone for a cigarette. I'd hurt them real bad at this point, but I won't kill 'em."
  • (Ally Walker) "How can you be so damn calm? I mean, your buddies back there just shot enough ammo at us to destroy Eastern Europe, and you're sitting here bitching at me about a god****ed seat belt?"
  • (Ally Walker) "You know, why don't you --"
  • (Ally Walker) "What are you doing?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "It's not safe for you out here."
  • (Ally Walker) "Where're your clothes?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I have to -- I have to cool down."
  • (Ally Walker) "I figured you had to be French or something because of your accent."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "What accent?"

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Luc

  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Sarge, you want me? I am here. Let the girl go."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Don't tell me what to do, soldier. I give the orders around here, and you're gonna have to learn that. She's a f***ing gook traitor. I gave you an order to kill her, and now you must fulfill that order, Private."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Sarge, the war is over."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Not for me. Not for her. And not for you."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I just want to go home."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Look for something hard."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Is that supposed to be there?"
  • (Ally Walker) "Yes, yes it's very normal."
  • (Brenda the Waitress) "That's a lot of food you've put away, boy."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "It's good food."
  • (Brenda the Waitress) "Yup. You gonna be able to pay for all that?"
  • (Brenda the Waitress) "Hey Hank. We got a deadbeat here."
  • (Hank the Cook) "Hey, punk, I been slavin' all day makin' that slop."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "The food is good."
  • (Hank the Cook) "f***in' A it is. The question is, how are you going to pay for it?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I; I don't know."
  • (Hank the Cook) "You don't know. Ain't that cute? I'm gonna bust your head, punk."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I; I don't want to hurt you."
  • (Hank the Cook) "Awww, he don't wanna hurt ol' Hank."

Michael Jai White as soldier 2

  • (Michael Jai White) "They swam a mile and a half in four minutes?"
  • (Colonel Perry) "They're eight seconds behind schedule."

Leon Rippy as Woodward

  • (Leon Rippy) "Colonel Perry. We killed an innocent man."
  • (Colonel Perry) "What do you suggest we do, Woodward? Let that reporter run off with one of our UniSols?"
  • (Leon Rippy) "We can't just cover this up. We have a moral obligation to tell the truth about this."
  • (Colonel Perry) "I thought you were more clever than that, Woodward. This whole god**** program is off the shelf. Do you really think for one second those wimps at the Pentagon -- would allow the regeneration of dead soldiers, American soldiers?"

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