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Unstoppable (2010 film) Quotes

Unstoppable (2010 film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Unstoppable ended in 1970.

It features Julie Yorn, Tony Scott, Mimi Rogers, Eric McLeod, and Alex Young as producer, Harry Gregson-Williams in charge of musical score, and Ben Seresin as head of cinematography.

Unstoppable (2010 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Unstoppable (2010 film) is 98 minutes long. Unstoppable (2010 film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Kevin Dunn as Oscar Galvin, Denzel Washington as Frank, Rosario Dawson as Connie, Chris Pine as Will, Ethan Suplee as Dewey, Lew Temple as Ned Oldham, Kevin Corrigan as Inspector Werner, Jessy Schram as Darcy Colson, and Kevin Chapman as Bunny.

Unstoppable (2010 film) Quotes

Kevin Corrigan as Inspector Werner

  • (Kevin Corrigan) "I thought you were in favor of derailment."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Yeah, when they were in the middle of nowhere, not now. It's just town after town out there."

Jessy Schram as Darcy Colson

  • (Jessy Schram) "Hey, hey. Come give me a kiss. Be good."

Lew Temple as Ned Oldham

  • (Lew Temple) "Connie. Yeah, it's Ned."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Did you throw that switch yet?"
  • (Lew Temple) "Yeah, six minutes ago. But your train, it's not here. I thought it might be going a little slower than you guessed, but these two numbnuts that you sent, they just showed up and they ain't seen it either."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Are you saying our train's already passed?"
  • (Lew Temple) "Yes, ma'am. That'd be my guess."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "It's not a coaster. That train's under power."
  • (Lew Temple) "That'd be my guess, too."

Chris Pine as Will

  • (Chris Pine) "You want to go and kill yourself, you do it alone."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Ask your wife what she thinks."
  • (Chris Pine) "Wait."
  • (Chris Pine) "If you're right and that derailer fails what are the odds it makes it to Stanton?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "You saw the train, what do you think?"
  • (Chris Pine) "This is Will Colson, the conductor speaking; just to let you know we're gonna gonna run this bitch down."
  • (Chris Pine) "What'd you mean about being married once?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Alice, my wife, she died of cancer. Four years ago."
  • (Chris Pine) "I'm sorry."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Me too. Me too. Every night, I'd come home from work, tell her about my day. Where I'd been, what I hauled."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Who annoyed me."
  • (Chris Pine) "Guess I would have made the evening report, huh?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Yes, you would have made it, definitely."
  • (Chris Pine) "What's the fastest you've taken a single engine like this?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Unattached?"
  • (Chris Pine) "Yeah."
  • (Denzel Washington) "50, 55. Of course, I was going forward."

Rosario Dawson as Connie

  • (Rosario Dawson) "How the hell did this happen?"
  • (Ethan Suplee) "It just got away from me."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "It got away from you? It's a train, Dewey, not a chipmunk."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Tell Galvin we got two guys out on the mainline about to play chicken with our train."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "How's Will?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "He's, ah -- He's different. Over."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Mr. Galvin, I know how much money that will cost the company --"
  • (Kevin Dunn) "Do you think? Ms. Hooper, we are not going to intentionally destroy one of our own trains, not when we can still stop it."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "We can avoid --"
  • (Kevin Dunn) "Now I'm going to extend you my last ounce of goodwill and pretend this conversation never happened."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "He thinks I'm worried about my job."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Sir, I was wondering if you could help me?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Connie?"
  • (Rosario Dawson) "I can't decide which I one of you I'm going to kiss first."
  • (Denzel Washington) "ME."
  • (Chris Pine) "Problem solved, go get them Connie."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "All right, bring it on"
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Ned, where are you?"
  • (Lew Temple) "Oh, Connie. Hey, um, I-I'm just driving in now."
  • (Lew Temple) "I gotta go."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "How far are you from milepost five?"
  • (Lew Temple) "Roughly six minutes, traffic contingent."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Great. I need you to haul ass over there and throw the siding switch. We got a coaster."
  • (Lew Temple) "A coaster? Really?"

Denzel Washington as Frank

  • (Denzel Washington) "So, what was the long story you didn't want to make long?"
  • (Chris Pine) "I come home from work two weeks ago, and she's, uh -- she's texting on the phone. I ask her who it is, she says "Nobody." So I said "Let me see the phone." She says no. This goes on, I dunno, five or six times."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Wait, wait. You're losing me. She's texting --"
  • (Chris Pine) "There's this guy we both went to school with. He's a cop, he's a PA state trooper. And he's always had a thing for Darcy. Going way back."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "1206, where are you?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "1206 here, Connie. We're just passing milepost 57."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "You're about a mile and a half behind."
  • (Denzel Washington) "How far out of Arklow is 777?"
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Seven and a half miles. It picked up speed. You better step on it."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'm stepping on it, in it, around it, and through it, Connie. Thank you. Over."
  • (Chris Pine) "She's texting on the phone, I keep on asking for it, she keeps on saying no. And, um -- she starts to walk away, and I grab for it."
  • (Denzel Washington) "You hit her?"
  • (Chris Pine) "No, no, no. I mean, I scared her, but I didn't- I didn't hit her. Anyway, I drive to this guy's house and tell him we need to talk, let's take a ride. He jumps in my truck, and starts in with "You've got it all wrong, we're just friends." And then he stops once he sees -- the gun I got on the dash."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Oh."
  • (Chris Pine) "I look him in the eye and I say "She's my wife. You find a new friend.""
  • (Denzel Washington) "You pulled a gun on a cop?"
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Frank? Frank, 777 just passed milepost 61."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Thank you, Connie."
  • (Chris Pine) "But you wanna hear the kicker?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Yes, I do."
  • (Chris Pine) "It wasn't even him that was texting her. It was my sister-in-law."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Hey, don't get sentimental on me. Makes me think I'm gonna die."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I only got one rule. One rule only: you're gonna do something, you do it right. You don't know how to do it, you ask me, all right? Likewise, if you need anything from me, you'd better speak up. 'Cause, uh, you're the conductor. Once we get our freight, it's your train. I'm just the guy driving it."
  • (Denzel Washington) "This ain't training. In training they just give you an F. Out here you get killed."
  • (Denzel Washington) "There's a good chance the derailer won't work."
  • (Chris Pine) "It's called a derailer, for Christ's sake. That's what they do."
  • (Denzel Washington) "A train that size going that fast, it will vaporize anything that gets in its way."
  • (Denzel Washington) "You are a funny guy. Well-trained, but funny."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Mr. Galvin, with all due respect, I've been railroading twenty-eight years. I'm telling you, we got a real chance to stop this thing."
  • (Kevin Dunn) "No, we already tried."
  • (Denzel Washington) "That was from the front. We're long hood lead back. It's a different situation. We got more control now."
  • (Kevin Dunn) "What if I cancel the derailer and you fail, Frank? Huh? That train will be doing seventy miles an hour into that elevated S-curve in Stanton. The damage will be a hundred times worse."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Right. I'm just telling you, the portable derailer is worthless. You got too much train traveling entirely too fast."

Kevin Dunn as Oscar Galvin

  • (Kevin Dunn) "What; what the hell was that?"
  • (Rosario Dawson) "THAT was ten million pounds of train, Mr. Galvin. And THIS is the sound of me saving your ass."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "1206, do you copy?"
  • (Kevin Dunn) "Maybe you didn't hear what I just said, Colson. I will fire you."
  • (Chris Pine) "Well, that's too bad. I was just starting to like this job."
  • (Kevin Dunn) "Did I or did I not tell you to get 1206 off the main?"
  • (Rosario Dawson) "I asked them nicely."
  • (Kevin Dunn) "God damn it. You listen to me, you son of a bitch. You will be fired."
  • (Denzel Washington) "You're breaking up -- sorry -- you're -- this garbage is"
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Sir, I think they're gone."

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