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Vanilla Sky Quotes

Vanilla Sky is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Vanilla Sky ended its run in 1970.

It features Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, and Cameron Crowe as producer, Nancy Wilson (rock musician) in charge of musical score, and John Toll as head of cinematography.

Vanilla Sky is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Vanilla Sky is 137 minutes long. Vanilla Sky is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Penélope Cruz as Sofía, Jason Lee as Brian, Tom Cruise as David, Cameron Diaz as Julie, Noah Taylor as Edmund, Kurt Russell as Dr. Curtis McCabe, Timothy Spall as Thomas Tipp, Laura Fraser as The Future, Tilda Swinton as Rebecca Dearborn, Jason Lee as Barman, and Alicia Witt as Libby.

Vanilla Sky Quotes

Tom Cruise as David

  • (Tom Cruise) "These? These are more than headaches. These are steel plates slicing through my every thought."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Who could I trust? The ants are taking over the ant hill. Who could I trust?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Is it me?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "I WANNA WAKE UP."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Where's Sofia? WHERE IS SHE?"
  • (Cameron Diaz) "I AM SOFIA."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Thomas Tipp was right; people will read again."
  • (Tom Cruise) "How bad is it?"
  • (Penélope Cruz) "-- Well -- your ears are in the right place -- And the rest of it -- is not bad at all. It's perfect."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Even in my dreams I feel like an idiot who's about to wake up."
  • (Tom Cruise) "He never watched television, and yet his biggest magazine is still the TV Digest."
  • (Tom Cruise) "We almost died."
  • (Jason Lee) "I know. My own death was right there in front of me and you know what happened? Your life flashed before my eyes."
  • (Tom Cruise) "How was it?"
  • (Jason Lee) "Almost worth dying for --"
  • (Tom Cruise) "You're a shrink. You gotta be better than that."
  • (Kurt Russell) "Let's not stereotype each other. Not all rich kids are soulless, and not all psychologists care about disease."
  • (Tom Cruise) "My father wrote about this in his book. Chapter 1 -- Page 1 -- Paragraph 1: What is the answer to 99 out of 100 questions? -- Money."
  • (Tom Cruise) "No, it's something that you'd see on a wall in a steak-house in Hell."
  • (Tom Cruise) "I wasn't hitting on Sophia."
  • (Jason Lee) "Oh, fine. Whatever you say. I'm crazy. I'm blind."
  • (Tom Cruise) "You're not blind, you're drinking Jack Daniels, and when you drink Jack you start in with that, "Frank Sinatra, she shot me down, give me a cigarette, King of Sad" thing."
  • (Jason Lee) "That I do. Give me a cigarette."
  • (Tom Cruise) "I'll find one."
  • (Jason Lee) "But wait. You're rich and women love you, and I'm from Ohio and I'm drunk. Can I tell you the truth?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Everybody does."
  • (Jason Lee) "I dig her. And I've never said this to you before about any girl, but she could be; could be, could be, could be; the girl of my f***ing dreams."
  • (Tom Cruise) "You're not from Ohio."
  • (Jason Lee) "I know. But if she f***s up our friendship, she can go to hell. I won't allow it. We are bros."
  • (Tom Cruise) "I feel the same way."
  • (Jason Lee) "Sure you do."
  • (Tom Cruise) "How do you think watertight contracts are broken?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "I like your life."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "Well, it's mine and you can't have it."
  • (Tom Cruise) "My dreams are a cruel joke. They taunt me. Even in my dreams I'm an idiot -- who knows he's about to wake up to reality. If I could only avoid sleep. But I can't. I try to tell myself what to dream. I try to dream that I am flying. Something free. It never works --"
  • (Unnamed) "Dude, fix your f***ing face."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Do you remember what you told me once? That every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "I'll find you again."
  • (Tom Cruise) "I'll see you in another life -- when we are both cats."
  • (Tom Cruise) "See, I've got this little problem. I've got a stalker."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "It doesn't sound life threatening."
  • (Tom Cruise) "But I need a cover. I need for you to pretend we're having a scintillating conversation, and you are wildly entertained."
  • (Tom Cruise) "I know it's tough."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "I'll improvise."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Look at us. I'm frozen and you're dead, and I love you."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "It's a problem."
  • (Tom Cruise) "I lost you when I got in that car. I'm sorry."
  • (Tom Cruise) "I wanna wake up. Tech support. It's a nightmare. Tech support. Tech support."
  • (Tom Cruise) "And to what do I owe this pleasure?"
  • (Penélope Cruz) "The pleasure of Sofia Serrano."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Doc, once you've been driven off a bridge at 80 miles an hour, somehow you don't invite happiness in without a full body search."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Let's go to your house and we'll talk or something. I want to see where you live."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Give me a Budweiser and a shot of tequila"
  • (Jason Lee) "What kind of tequila?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "What did you say to me?"
  • (Jason Lee) "I said, what kind of tequila?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Why don't you ask me to my face, bitch?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Patron, if you have it"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Another shot, another Bud"
  • (Jason Lee) "This one's on the house"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Why?"
  • (Jason Lee) "It just is"
  • (Jason Lee) "bitch."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Say everything now, now, now, now."
  • (Dr. Pomeranz) "It's a helpful unit."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Good. Because for a minute there, I thought we were talking about"
  • (Tom Cruise) "a f***ing mask."
  • (Dr. Pomeranz) "It's only a mask -- if you treat it that way."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Oh, no. It's great. This completely takes care of Hallowe'en. But what about the other 364 days of the year?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Somebody died. It was me."

Cameron Diaz as Julie

  • (Cameron Diaz) "Don't you know that when you sleep with someone, your body makes a promise whether you do or not."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "Why did you tell Brian I was your "f***buddy"?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "I never said that."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "How did it go with your moth girl? Did she turn into a butterfly for you?"
  • (Cameron Diaz) "You f***ed me four times the other night, David. You've been inside me."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Julie --"
  • (Cameron Diaz) "I swallowed your cum. That means something."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "Don't you realise David, that when you sleep with someone your body makes a promise even if your mind does not?"
  • (Cameron Diaz) "Don't ever say that word. I will never come over and bring you chicken soup and f*** your brains out again."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "Four times -- it means something, David."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "I'm so afraid of how powerful this is."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "If I wasn't me, I'd buy my album."
  • (Tom Cruise) "You know, if you can reach one person."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "I can tell by the way you're walking that you didn't sleep with her."

Penélope Cruz as Sofía

  • (Penélope Cruz) "Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "So, this is what's become of rock-and-roll; a smashed guitar behind a glass case displayed on some rich guy's wall."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "Holy God. This is going to change my life in a zillion different ways. I must be nuts."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "I'll tell you in another life, when we are both cats."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "What about you? What's your nickname?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Citizen Dildo."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "Hmm. You are not staying over."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "See? It's all right. It worked for Benny."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "Do you love me? I mean really love me. Because if you don't -- I'll just have to kill you."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "I have to get some sleep. Truthfully, I also work as a dental assistant."
  • (Tom Cruise) "Boy, am I going to the wrong dentist."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "I think she's the saddest girl to ever hold a martini."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "But I just think good things will happen, if you are a good person with a good attitude, don't you think?"
  • (Penélope Cruz) "Open your eyes."
  • (Penélope Cruz) "Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open you --"

Noah Taylor as Edmund

  • (Noah Taylor) "You were missed, David. It was Sofia who never fully recovered. It was she who some how knew you best -- and like you, she never forgot that one night where true love seemed possible."
  • (Noah Taylor) "Forgive me, I'm blowing your mind."
  • (Noah Taylor) "There are no guarantees, but remember: Even in the future, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour."
  • (Noah Taylor) "Consequences, David. It's the little things."
  • (Tom Cruise) "The little things -- there's nothing bigger, is there?"
  • (Noah Taylor) "It's been a brilliant journey of self-awakening. And now you've simply got to ask yourself this: What is happiness to you, David?"

Jason Lee as Brian

  • (Jason Lee) "I good you bid evening."
  • (Jason Lee) "You will never know the exquisite pain of the guy, who goes home alone."
  • (Jason Lee) "The 'New Guy' is s***. That came out wrong, I love you."
  • (Jason Lee) "Man, you're in O.J.-land."
  • (Jason Lee) "Julie Gianni is your f*** buddy?"
  • (Jason Lee) "I'm going to say this once, because this is the last time we're ever going to talk. I was your only friend"
  • (Tom Cruise) "You have revealed yourself to me."
  • (Jason Lee) "Just remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour, and I know the sour."
  • (Jason Lee) "My own death was right there in front of me, and do you know what happened? YOUR life flashed before my eyes."
  • (Tom Cruise) "How was it?"
  • (Jason Lee) "Almost worth dying for."

Kurt Russell as Dr. Curtis McCabe

  • (Kurt Russell) "You do understand that our time is limited, don't you?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "If I talk -- you'll just think I'm crazy."
  • (Kurt Russell) "With all the possible respect I can offer a man wearing a latex mask and spouting conspiracy theories, David, believe me, you've crossed that bridge."
  • (Kurt Russell) "My favorite Beatle was once John. Now it's -- Paul."
  • (Kurt Russell) "Dig deep, David."
  • (Kurt Russell) "And you didn't immediately wanna sleep with her?"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Well, you know, I'm a pleasure delayer."
  • (Kurt Russell) "He's my son. He's very shy."
  • (Kurt Russell) "You used Julie carelessly, didn't you?"
  • (Kurt Russell) "I'm real. I'm -- I'm -- mortality as home entertainment? THIS CANNOT BE THE FUTURE. Can it? CAN IT?"

Tilda Swinton as Rebecca Dearborn

  • (Tilda Swinton) "This is a revolution of the mind."
  • (Tilda Swinton) "Most of us live our whole lives -- without any real adventure to call our own."
  • (Tilda Swinton) "What is any life without the pursuit of a dream?"

Timothy Spall as Thomas Tipp

  • (Timothy Spall) "But I say this with complete love. Claim your life. Learn to be an asshole. Don't --"
  • (Tom Cruise) "Two's enough."
  • (Timothy Spall) "Forgive me. But I still believe in this family, David, even if it's only you."
  • (Timothy Spall) "I still believe in this family, David. Even if it's only you."
  • (Timothy Spall) "Do you know they even got a -- well, a nickname for you behind your back? Heh? Citizen Dildo."
  • (Timothy Spall) "-- maybe you should let people see you, yeah? I mean, the last time we were together, you were, you were, you were in a coma, and you were very f***ing rude to me. You didn't say a word."

Laura Fraser as The Future

  • (Laura Fraser) "Relax, David. Open your eyes."

Alicia Witt as Libby

  • (Alicia Witt) "You'll be meeting Rebecca Dearborn, my personal role model."

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