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Villa Rides Quotes

Villa Rides is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Villa Rides stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ted Richmond as producer, Maurice Jarre in charge of musical score, and Jack Hildyard as head of cinematography.

Villa Rides is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Villa Rides is 125 minutes long. Villa Rides is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Charles Bronson as Rodolfo Fierro, Frank Wolff as Ramirez, Yul Brynner as Pancho Villa, Robert Mitchum as Lee Arnold, Robert Viharo as Urbina, Alexander Knox as President Francisco Madero, Maria Grazia Buccella as Fina, and Andrés Monreal as Capt. Herrera.

Villa Rides Quotes

Yul Brynner as Pancho Villa

  • (Yul Brynner) "Everyone is not like you."
  • (Alexander Knox) "My friend, it's very much better that I die a fool trusting too much, than live a tyrant trusting no one at all."
  • (Yul Brynner) "Wait. Fiero is going with you."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "What? Now wait a minute, Chief. Not with -- Chief, it's tough enough up there as it is."
  • (Yul Brynner) "No, if you go up there alone, you could fly away. If you try that with Fiero -- Fiero will shoot you."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Oh? And without a pilot, what's Fiero gonna do?"
  • (Yul Brynner) "Fiero will shoot you."

Robert Mitchum as Lee Arnold

  • (Girl in restaurant) "I want you to know that I've never been so humiliated in all my life. To leave me here, sitting alone -- And in front of all El Paso."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Why don't you do me a favor, will you? Just shut up."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "May I have the check, please?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "After all you've been through, you still believe that he's for the people?"
  • (Maria Grazia Buccella) "He's a good man."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "How 'bout me? Am I good man, too?"
  • (Maria Grazia Buccella) "Yes."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Well, I'll tell you one thing, honey: I'm as good a man as Villa, and that's not saying a hell of a lot for either one of us."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "You mean he was here in time to stop this?"
  • (Robert Viharo) "Well, you see, it is like this: the people, they love my General, and they love Mexico -- But they did not hate her enemies enough to fight. And now they do."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "I'll fly for you, but I want something."
  • (Yul Brynner) "What?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "I want to blow his brains out."
  • (Yul Brynner) "I don't think he'll let you do that."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Well, then let these men go."
  • (Yul Brynner) "All right. How many?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "How man -- all of them. Their officers are dead; they can't hurt you; they don't want to fight any more."
  • (Yul Brynner) "No. Just one."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "One?"
  • (Yul Brynner) "One. Pick him. Go on, gringo. It's your chance to save one life. Go ahead."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "You pick him."
  • (Charles Bronson) "Let one go."

Charles Bronson as Rodolfo Fierro

  • (Charles Bronson) "Pancho. Don't argue with him. Shoot him, and let's go."
  • (Yul Brynner) "No. No, we don't do that any more."
  • (Charles Bronson) "Who cooked this?"
  • (Frank Wolff) "Me, Jefe."
  • (Charles Bronson) "No, you didn't."
  • (Frank Wolff) "No, I didn't."
  • (Charles Bronson) "COOK IT."

Robert Viharo as Urbina

  • (Robert Viharo) "You, gringo."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Who, me?"
  • (Robert Viharo) "Do you see any other gringos around here?"
  • (Unnamed) "Stop for inspection."
  • (Robert Viharo) "Inspect your mother."

Andrés Monreal as Capt. Herrera

  • (Andrés Monreal) "You think your President Madero is such a great man; all for the peons. He's not for you; WE're for you."

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