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What Women Want Quotes

What Women Want is a television show that first aired in 1970 . What Women Want completed its run in 1970.

It features Susan Cartsonis; Bruce Davey; Gina Matthews, Nancy Meyers, and Matt Williams as producer, Alan Silvestri in charge of musical score, and Dean Cundey as head of cinematography.

What Women Want is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of What Women Want is 127 minutes long. What Women Want is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall, Helen Hunt as Darcy McGuire, Marisa Tomei as Lola, Mark Feuerstein as Morgan, Bette Midler as J.M. Perkins, Ashley Johnson as Alex Marshall, Ashley Johnson as Alex, Alan Alda as Woman, and Lauren Holly as Gigi.

What Women Want Quotes

Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall

  • (Mel Gibson) "One down, two to go. He he."
  • (Mel Gibson) "You don't believe me? Pick a number."
  • (Bette Midler) "Alright. A number between one and?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "A million, why not?"
  • (Bette Midler) "Between one and a million, alright."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Six-hundred and eighty-four thousand, nine-hundred ninety-eight, ninety nine."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Want to make a decision here?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "I realize I haven't been the perfect dad."
  • (Ashley Johnson) "Understatement of the century."
  • (Mel Gibson) "He made you feel the price you pay just for being you is that you don't get to have love."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Oh -- This is nice, I don't understand why women complain about waxing."
  • (Mel Gibson) "You go, girl."
  • (Mel Gibson) "She thinks you're overpaid -- and gay."
  • (Mel Gibson) "I'm a bitch, I'm a mother, I'm her brother, It's a charmer as I volumize my hair, I am not aware."
  • (Male Coffee Shop Customer) "That was inspiring."
  • (Mel Gibson) "I know."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Adversary? Surely you mean adversary, old boy?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "Okay, now, we apply the hot wax to the hairy area."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Oh oh, hot, hot, hot. Okay, okay -- next -- we apply the cloth strip onto the waxed area."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Hey, that actually feels kinda nice. Dunno why women hate waxing their legs. Okay, in one smooth motion, pull strip in the opposite direction of the growth. That's up, so -- 1, 2, 3."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Ooowwwww."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Have you ever done that, taken the wrong road? Of course not, you wouldn't do that, somebody like me does that."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Lola."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "It's okay, it's okay. Okay, here he comes."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Lola?"
  • (Marisa Tomei) "I know I haven't heard from you."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Lola, how long have you been out here?"
  • (Marisa Tomei) "Just a few -- hours. Nick, you said that you wouldn't hurt me, and then you slept with me, and then you didn't call me for six days, and that, in the world of me, that's torture."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "I mean, we have this, totally unbelievable, life-altering sex,"
  • (Marisa Tomei) "and"
  • (Marisa Tomei) "you disappear. I mean, you stopped drinking coffee."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Lola. I'm so sorry."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "It's ok. It's ok, because I figured you your little secret."
  • (Mel Gibson) "You did?"
  • (Marisa Tomei) "It's so obvious when you think about it; how else would you know the things that you know?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "It wasn't so obvious to anyone else."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "Nick, come on. You're so sensitive, you're so aware of my feelings, you're so tuned in. You talk to me like a woman, you think like a woman; Nick. Come on. Admit it, you're totally and completely gay."
  • (Mel Gibson) "I am?"
  • (Marisa Tomei) "You're not? Oh, I mean if you're not, you gotta tell me. You gotta tell me. I mean, based on the other night, just, just put me out of my misery. Are you? Or aren't you?"
  • (Marisa Tomei) "Say you're gay, then I'm not nuts, not undesirable, not rejected by another guy, just say it, say you're gay, ADMIT IT."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Ok."
  • (Mel Gibson) "I'm gay."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "How gay?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "I'm as gay as it gets."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "You're gonna make some guy very happy someday."
  • (Mel Gibson) "From your lips."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "Uhh. I hate that I'm crying. Well, lookit, if things should ever change in that department --"
  • (Mel Gibson) "Oh, you'll be the first to know."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "Promise?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "I promise. Come here."
  • (Mel Gibson) "What's the difference between a wife and a job? After 10 years a job still sucks."
  • (Mel Gibson) "There's way too much estrogen on television these days."
  • (Mel Gibson) "What am I doing? She's not in the refrigerator."
  • (Mel Gibson) "I can see elegant parties --"
  • (Helen Hunt) "You can see all that?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "Well, maybe you're naked and I'm the only guest, but it's still elegant."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Women are crazy. Who would want to do that again?"

Helen Hunt as Darcy McGuire

  • (Helen Hunt) "No games. How do I get that in? She's running. It's early, it's quiet. Just the sound of her feet on the asphalt. She likes to run alone. No pressure, no stress. This is the one place she can be herself. Look any way she wants, dress, think any way she wants. No game playing, no rules. Games, sports, rules. Games, sports, rules. Playing by the rules. Playing games versus playing; Playing by the rules. Playing games versus playing."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Why are you nodding?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "Because you're onto something."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Am I?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "Aren't you?"
  • (Helen Hunt) "Well, I was thinking about a play on words. Something about games versus; I feel like I was onto something good."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Playing games versus playing; sports?"
  • (Helen Hunt) "Yes. Thank you. Do you like any of this?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "A lot. I like the idea that you can be yourself on the road."
  • (Helen Hunt) "I do too."
  • (Mel Gibson) "No, I was just --"
  • (Helen Hunt) "'Cause I was circling around the exact same thing."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Which is great, we're on the same; yeah."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Sorry, I'm not thinking straight. My glands may be swollen."
  • (Mel Gibson) "Maybe they should be more swollen. You're doing great. Nike. No games."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Just sports."
  • (Helen Hunt) "You wore control-top pantyhose?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "Did you put a pair in the pink box?"
  • (Helen Hunt) "And how did you look in them?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "Hot."
  • (Helen Hunt) "That's it?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "I don't want that to be it. I don't want that to be it at all."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Then don't let a little thing like me firing you stand in your way. I didn't know what to react to first. Hey, news flash, I took the wrong road. What kind of knight in shining armor would I be if the man I love needs rescuing and I just let him walk out my door?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "My hero."
  • (Helen Hunt) "I'm the man-eating bitch Darth Vader of the ad world."
  • (Helen Hunt) "What kind of knight in shining armor would I be if the man I love needs rescuing and I just let him walk out my door?"

Marisa Tomei as Lola

  • (Marisa Tomei) "Okay, lied about the "grande" --"
  • (Marisa Tomei) "Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Marshall is a sex god."
  • (Marisa Tomei) "You talk to me like a woman, you think like a woman. Nick, come on, admit it. You're totally and completely gay."

Ashley Johnson as Alex

  • (Ashley Johnson) "My dad? He's always been -- like an uncle to me. Yeah, Uncle Dad."
  • (Ashley Johnson) "What are you doing?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "Exfoliating."

Alan Alda as Woman

  • (Alan Alda) "You know the expression, "a man's man". A man's man is the leader of the pack, the kind of man other men look up to, admire, and emulate. A man's man is the kind of man who; just doesn't get what women are about."
  • (Lauren Holly) "Nick, my ex-husband, is the ultimate man's man. I probably never should have married him. I don't think he understood a thing about me."

Mark Feuerstein as Morgan

  • (Mark Feuerstein) "Can we walk AND talk? Because, in case you live, I don't wanna be late."
  • (Mark Feuerstein) "What, are you officially a woman now?"
  • (Mel Gibson) "I wish."

Bette Midler as J.M. Perkins

  • (Bette Midler) "If you know what women want, you can rule."

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