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Funny Quotes From Scary Movies

These scary movies have caused many nighbmares ever since they were first viewed in theaters years ago. However, they also have their moments of hilariousness.

Some of the top horror films of all time have quality funny quotes. The lines below are only a few of the greatest quotations.

Norman Bates: You-you eat like a bird.
Marion Crane: [Looking around at the stuffed birds while eating] And you'd know, of course.
Pyscho, 1960
Tatum: Well, you're not going to be alone any more, right? If you pee, I pee. Is that clear?
Scream, 1996
Adam: I don't give a crap if you covered yourself in peanut butter and had a 15 hooker gang bang!
Saw, 2004
Jack: [seeing Bill with a machete raised] Jesus Bill! What are you doing?
Bill: There's a snake in here!
Marcie: Why are we in here?
Friday the 13th, 1980
May Morrison: Can I do anything for you, Sergeant?
Sergeant Howie: No, I doubt it, seeing you're all raving mad!
The Wicker Man, 1973
Joan Jellico: You dirty stinking secret keeper!
Rosemary's Baby, 1968
Peter: Ain't it a crime.
Stephen: What?
Peter: The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it.
Dawn of the Dead, 1978
Miller: Mr. Cooper!
Cooper: Skipper!
Miller: Ion Drive in 10 minutes.
Cooper: Ooh! It's time to play Spam in a Can!
Event Horizon, 1997
Glen Lantz: What did you do to your arm?
Nancy: I burned it in English class.
A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984
David Mills: Yeah, a landlord's dream: a paralyzed tenant with no tongue.
William Somerset: Who pays the rent on time.
Se7en, 1995
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