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Funny Quotations from Around the World in Eighty Days

Around the World in Eighty Days is a family comedy adventure film about a Victorian Englishman who tries to go around the world within just eighty days. This is the original version of the film, but it isn't an original idea. It is based on the Jules Verne' novel with the same name. Verne is seen as the "Father of Science Fiction". The film is directed by Michael Anderson. Starring David Niven, Cantinflas, and Finlay Currie. It won five Oscar awards, including Best Picture.

Read some humorous quotes from the famous 1956 film, Around the World in Eighty Days.

Stationmaster: I never will understand you city folk. Always rushing, rushing, rushing, always in a hurry. That's why you have stomach trouble.
Saloon Bouncer: Listen, you. Get out and stay out. If I ever catch you in here again, I'll cut you up in a thousand pieces.
Sporting Lady: Call a bobbie! I've been robbed.
Saloon Hostess: Never be in a hurry. You'll miss the best parts in life.
Phileas Fogg: Madam, you don't understand. I'm looking for my man.
Saloon Hostess: So am I.
Princess Aouda: Mr. Fogg, why must you be so... so British?
Mr. Fix: Follow that ostrich!
Col. Proctor Stamp: Thanks. You're still a foreigner, but you're true blue.
Ralph: Your persiflage does not amuse.
Phileas Fogg: You play an abominable game of whist, sir.
Princess Aouda: Have there been any women in his life?
Passepartout: I assume he had a mother, but I am not certain.
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