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Funny Quotes from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a hilarious cartoon shown on the Cartoon Network across the world. It's an Adult Swim show, so be careful with your kids watching. Other titles include Aquah Unit Patrol Squad 1 and Aqua Something You Know Whatever.

Anyway, here are some funny quotes from the cartoon. Hope you enjoy.

Creators: Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis
Voices: Dana Snyder, Carey Means, Dave Willis, Matt Maiellaro, and George Lowe
Original run: December 30, 200 - Present

Frylock: That's not a toy!
Master Shake: You say that about everything you own. You should own toys. They're fun.

Frylock: You know what tonight is?
Carl: Yeah the night I'm downloading porn at 14 kilobytes a second!
Carl: Ha! I'm just kidding. I got a cable modem back here.

Meat-man... ever since my son was... never born, because I've never had consensual sex without money involved... I've always kind of looked at you as... a thing, that I could live next to... in accordance with state laws.

I'm not suppose to drink... but, I do.
Happy Time Harry

Hello Ladies, say hello to Goliath. We had to order special elastic pants for him on the internet.

That's a deep kiss too, like the Europeans. You know, the French, they have to unhinge their jaw to show love.
Master Shake

Have you seen my wife?
Meat Wad

If you need anything, you know who to look to - someone else.

Oh, these? No no no, these are not spikes, they are pointy arms.

He took his brain out, it's cool.
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