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A River Runs Through It (film) Quotes

A River Runs Through It (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . A River Runs Through It stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jake Eberts as producer, Mark Isham in charge of musical score, and Philippe Rousselot as head of cinematography.

A River Runs Through It (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of A River Runs Through It (film) is 123 minutes long. A River Runs Through It (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Craig Sheffer as Rev. Maclean, Arnold Richardson as Older Norman, Craig Sheffer as Norman Maclean, Emily Lloyd as Jessie Burns, Brad Pitt as Paul Maclean, Susan Traylor as Rawhide, and Stephen Shellen as Neal Burns.

A River Runs Through It (film) Quotes

Craig Sheffer as Norman Maclean

  • (Craig Sheffer) "Each one of us here today will at one time in our lives look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same question: We are willing help, Lord, but what, if anything, is needed? For it is true, we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don't know what part of ourselves to give or, more often than not, the part we have to give is not wanted. And so it those we live with and should know who elude us. But we can still love them; we can love completely without complete understanding."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "I'm in deep trouble."
  • (Brad Pitt) "Yep. Want me to come over and protect you?"
  • (Craig Sheffer) "So, what do you think?"
  • (Emily Lloyd) "What do I think? I think it's the berries."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "You do?"
  • (Emily Lloyd) "Yeah, to get away, Chicago. God, it's haven."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "Have you ever been?"
  • (Emily Lloyd) "No, not anywhere. Helena. Congratulations, Norman."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "Truth is, I'm not sure I want to leave."
  • (Emily Lloyd) "Montana? Why? It'll always be here."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "Not Montana."
  • (Emily Lloyd) "Then what? WHAT?"
  • (Craig Sheffer) "I'm not sure I want to leave you."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "My candle burns at both ends; it will not last the night. But ah my foes, and oh my friends; it gives a lovely light."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "The Lord has blessed us all today -- It's just that he has been particularly good to me."

Brad Pitt as Paul Maclean

  • (Brad Pitt) "Hello, Jess."
  • (Emily Lloyd) "Hey, Paul."
  • (Brad Pitt) "How's your brother?"
  • (Emily Lloyd) "You both left him alone."
  • (Brad Pitt) "Well, I'm sorry about that. That was my fault."
  • (Emily Lloyd) "Well, you're not forgiven."
  • (Brad Pitt) "Was Norman forgiven?"
  • (Emily Lloyd) "Norman's not funny."
  • (Brad Pitt) "Oh, I'll never leave Montana, brother."
  • (Brad Pitt) "As I live and breathe."
  • (Susan Traylor) "Buster, here wants to fish."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "You're late, Neal."
  • (Stephen Shellen) "Yeah, yeah, I didn't get in until late."
  • (Brad Pitt) "Well, I didn't get in at all, but I was here."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "Neil, Paul. Paul, Neil."
  • (Brad Pitt) "Neal, in Montana, there's three thing we're never late for: church, work and fishing."
  • (Stephen Shellen) "Anywho this is --"
  • (Craig Sheffer) "We've met."

Emily Lloyd as Jessie Burns

  • (Emily Lloyd) "If he came back next summer, would you try and help him?"
  • (Craig Sheffer) "If you wanted me to."
  • (Emily Lloyd) "Well, he's not coming back."
  • (Craig Sheffer) "Well, at least, he's got friends out there."
  • (Emily Lloyd) "Who Ronald Coleman? Why is it the people who need the most help -- won't take it?"
  • (Craig Sheffer) "I don't know, Jess."

Arnold Richardson as Older Norman

  • (Arnold Richardson) "That was the only time we fought. Perhaps we wondered after which one of us was tougher. But if boyhood questions aren't answered before a certain point, they can't be raised again. So we returned to being gracious to one another, as the church well suggested."
  • (Arnold Richardson) "My father was very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe. To him, all good things; trout as well as eternal salvation; came by grace; and grace comes by art; and art does not come easy."
  • (Arnold Richardson) "The Burns family run a general store in a one store town and still managed to do badly. They were Methodists, a denomination my father referred to as Baptists who could read."
  • (Arnold Richardson) "Long ago, when I was a young man, my father said to me, "Norman, you like to write stories." And I said "Yes, I do." Then he said, "Someday, when you're ready you might tell our family story. Only then will you understand what happened and why.""
  • (Arnold Richardson) "In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing."
  • (Arnold Richardson) "And I knew just as surely, just as clearly, that life is not a work of art, and that the moment could not last."
  • (Arnold Richardson) "As time passed, my father struggled for more to hold on to, asking me again and again: had I told him everything. And finally I said to him, "maybe all I know about Paul is that he was a fine fisherman." "You know more than that," my father said, "he was beautiful." And that was the last time we spoke of my brother's death."
  • (Arnold Richardson) "My father looked at me for a long time, just looked at me and this was the last he and I ever said to me about Paul's death. Indirectly though, he was present in many of our conversations. Once for instance, my father asked me a series of questions that suddenly make me wonder if I understood even my father, whom I felt closer to than any man I have ever known. "You like to tell true stories?" he asked and I answered, "Yes, I like to tell stories that are true." Then he asked, "After you have finished your true stories sometime, why don't you make up a story and the people to go with it? Only then will you understand what happened and why. It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us.""
  • (Arnold Richardson) "Like many fly fishermen in western Montana where the summer days are almost Arctic in length, I often do not start fishing until the cool of the evening. Then in the Arctic half-light of the canyon, all existence fades to a being with my soul and memories and the sounds of the Big Blackfoot River and a four-count rhythm and the hope that a fish will rise. Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of those rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters."

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