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Away All Boats Quotes

Away All Boats is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Away All Boats ended its run in 1970.

It features Howard Christie as producer, Frank Skinner (composer) in charge of musical score, and William H. Daniels as head of cinematography.

Away All Boats is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Away All Boats is 114 minutes long. Away All Boats is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Lex Barker as Commander Quigley, Jeff Chandler as Capt. Jebediah S. Hawks, George Nader as Lieut. Dave MacDougall, William Reynolds as Ensign Kruger, Richard Boone as Lieut. Fraser, and Don Keefer as Ensign Twitchell.

Away All Boats Quotes

Jeff Chandler as Capt. Jebediah S. Hawks

  • (Jeff Chandler) "Thirty-three minutes to hoist out all boats."
  • (George Nader) "It's better time than I thought we'd make on our first combat."
  • (Jeff Chandler) "I will not tolerate complacency on my ship."
  • (George Nader) "We have to stow the tank lighters on Number 5 hatch, Sir. They'll always be the controlling factor --"
  • (Jeff Chandler) "I am the controlling factor aboard the Belinda. My ship's going to set speed records every time she goes into action. The Belinda's going to be the most efficient APA in the Pacific Fleet. Is that clear, Mr MacDougall?"
  • (George Nader) "Yes, Sir."
  • (Jeff Chandler) "Rehearsals from now on will be with troops. Please do not drown them. They are needed for future commitments to battle."
  • (Jeff Chandler) "Now hear this. This is the Captain speaking. You are to get down on your knees. Down on your knees, I say, and give thanks that that was only a 30-foot piece of canvas instead of an enemy bomber. I've seen ten-year-old kids shoot better with slingshots."
  • (Jeff Chandler) "The singular duty of this ship is to carry a combat-loaded battallion landing team of some 1400 officers & men and land them together with all necessary equipment right in the laps of the enemy. You are going to learn how to accomplish this. Easily, I hope. Or, if you prefer, as painfully as you wish."
  • (Jeff Chandler) "Get away from my ship. GET YOUR FILTHY PLANE AWAY FROM MY SHIP."
  • (Jeff Chandler) "I assumed you, of all the officers aboard, would most understand my motives for having this sailboat constructed. I was mistaken, Mr. Fraser."
  • (Richard Boone) "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • (George Nader) "You're no veteran, not really. You've just put in a lot of time in this Navy."
  • (Richard Boone) "Now look, MacDougall."
  • (George Nader) "You look. You're closer to the crew than any other officer aboard, yet you're blind to what's been happening to them. The men have been coming unglued from too many months at sea. They'd lost their combat efficiency. They needed something to fix their hate on so that they'd stop fighting among themselves. The captain gave it to them. Himself, and this sailboat. You were worried about the boats being ready. They'll be ready, Mister. But more important, the crew will be ready."

Lex Barker as Commander Quigley

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George Nader as Lieut. Dave MacDougall

  • (George Nader) "Command's one of the loneliest jobs in the world. Eating alone most of the time. Living from the bridge, to the chartroom, to an empty cabin."
  • (William Reynolds) "He wouldn't be so lonesome if he were a little more sociable."
  • (George Nader) "He can't be sociable. Not aboard his own ship. No captain can. If he becomes too friendly, he may start relying on friendship instead of his own judgement. At that moment, he's no longer a good captain."

Don Keefer as Ensign Twitchell

  • (Don Keefer) "Boski, where were you going? Why didn't you report directly to me? What are you doing aboard?"
  • (Boski) "I come after some batteries for the beach party transmitter."
  • (Don Keefer) "But that's a job for a radioman. You're supposed to remain on the beach to receive my signals. You deserted your post. Now exactly why did you come aboard?"
  • (Boski) "Mr. Twitchell, Sir, Mr. O'Bannion ordered me to get them batteries. Mr. O'Bannion is in command of the beach party. I'm in the beach party and do what Mr. O'Bannion tells me to do, Sir."
  • (Don Keefer) "But I'm the signal officer. I'm the signal officer."
  • (Don Keefer) "Boski. You come back here. How dare you walk away from me like that. Why did you do it? Answer me."
  • (Boski) "Mr. Twitchell, Sir. If I stayed here when you talk to me like that, I'd just have to clobber you. So to keep from doing it, I walked away."
  • (Don Keefer) "But I'm an officer. I'm your superior officer. You disregarded me."
  • (Boski) "You order me to stay and I'll stay here as long as you tell me to stay here, Mr. Twitchell. Sir."

Richard Boone as Lieut. Fraser

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