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Baby Geniuses Quotes

Baby Geniuses is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Baby Geniuses completed its run in 1970.

It features Steven Paul as producer, Paul Zaza in charge of musical score, and Stephen M. Katz as head of cinematography.

Baby Geniuses is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Baby Geniuses is 95 minutes long. Baby Geniuses is distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The cast includes: Dom DeLuise as Lenny, Ruby Dee as Margo, Kyle Howard as Dickie, Kim Cattrall as Robin, Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald as Sly, Peter MacNicol as Dan, Gabrielle and Megan Robbins as Carrie, Griffen and Connor Legget as Basil, Jacob and Zachary Handy as Duby, Amanda & Caitlin Fein as Teddie, Sam McMurray as Goon Bob, Jim Hanks as Goon Ray, and Brianna and Brittany McConnell as Lexi.

Baby Geniuses Quotes

Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald as Sly

  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Its Elena's goons, they're after me. Quick into the bedroom. Hurry up."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "What's a goon?"
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "All right guys -- should i tell her what i think? I think that if you're going to talk so much out of your ass, maybe you should wear a bow-tie on your butt."
  • (Griffen and Connor Legget) "A Bow-Tie on her butt? That's disgusting Sylvester."
  • (Amanda & Caitlin Fein) "Your syntax is interesting"
  • (Griffen and Connor Legget) "Its because he watches television all the time. Nice language Sylvester."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Nice face Basil. Ewwwww."
  • (Amanda & Caitlin Fein) "Bow-Tie on her butt? I still don't get it. You wear diapers on your butt, not bow-ties."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "The night is young, and so am I."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Well give me liberty or give me death."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "I should've chosen death -- ugh."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "You are in my power. You will obey my commands. You are in my power. You will obey my commands. Before i take the babies home, I will drive to Babyco. Everything depends on my driving to Babyco."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "What are you trying to do?"
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "I have a theory that grown ups remember our secret language in their sub-conscious. If i'm right -- I can hypnotize him."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "You are in my power. You will obey my commands. You will obey my power. You will obey my commands. All right now lets see if we've really got him. Lenny, raise your hand."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "ohhhhh."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "This isn't working."
  • (Brianna and Brittany McConnell) "Well what do you expect? We're geniuses, not ninjas."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "We have to use our secret weapon."
  • (Griffen and Connor Legget) "And what's that?"
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Duby; What's the one thing grown-ups fear most about us babies?"
  • (Jacob and Zachary Handy) "Dirty Diapers."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "You're wrong."
  • (Jacob and Zachary Handy) "Well they make those stupid faces when they change our diapers."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Its our Intelligence everyone, Our Intelligence -- Dirty Diapers -- that's funny though."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Have you said "Dada" yet? They'll love that."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "Nah, that's stupid."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Say it -- he'll go nuts. Then he'll call Mom, and they'll both go nuts."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "I've decided the first words I want to say will be The Gettysburg Address."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Now is the time to take a side. You're either with her, or you're with us."
  • (Jacob and Zachary Handy) "I'm with you."
  • (Amanda & Caitlin Fein) "We're with you."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Basil? Decide. Decide, Basil."
  • (Griffen and Connor Legget) "Let's Kick Butt."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "All right. He's with us. Hooray."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Uh-oh. I think we've got company."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Come on ice dork, a mind's a terrible thing to waste."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "OK troops, lets move it."
  • (Kyle Howard) "Ow. Ow. Ow. Owww."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "They've got Whit."
  • (Peter MacNicol) "Who's got Whit? Wait, you're Whit."

Gabrielle and Megan Robbins as Carrie

  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "What are we going to do?"
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "We're gonna train."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "We're Going On A Train? Hooray."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "Sly; Do I have time to go potty?"
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "The potty? You're wearing the potty. Put it on hold, this is much more important."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "Easy for YOU to say."

Sam McMurray as Goon Bob

  • (Sam McMurray) "So how long have you been into self-mutilation?"
  • (Kyle Howard) "huh?"
  • (Sam McMurray) "Well everyone needs a hobby, listen why don't you go downstairs abd get ny partner. Tell him i need a hand,"
  • (Kyle Howard) "All right. Just keep an eye on the babies tho."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Brilliant Dickie, Why don't you just stuff me in his suitcase for him?"

Ruby Dee as Margo

  • (Ruby Dee) "Stick to your rapping Ice Shtick and leave the smart remarks to those with IQs over 40."
  • (Kyle Howard) "It's not rap, it's mantras."
  • (Ruby Dee) "I was chanting mantras before you were born."
  • (Kyle Howard) "You were chanting mantras before Buddha was born."
  • (Ruby Dee) "That's pretty good, Dickie, that's pretty good."
  • (Ruby Dee) "Well would you look at that. the sun is setting in that boy's pants."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "He wishes."
  • (Ruby Dee) "Dickie?"
  • (Ruby Dee) "Boy this is not your lunch break."
  • (Ruby Dee) "All right ice dork, hop to it."

Dom DeLuise as Lenny

  • (Dom DeLuise) "We have a vitally urgent mission at Babyco. We have a vitally urgent mission at Babyco. We have a vitally urgent mission at Babyco."
  • (Kyle Howard) "We have a vitally urgent mission at Babyco. We have a vitally urgent mission at Babyco. We have a vitally urgent mission at Babyco."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Diaper Rodeo. Diaper Rodeo. Diaper Rodeo."
  • (Ruby Dee) "Ok. On your mark. Get Ready. Get Set. Go."
  • (Kim Cattrall) "Hold still sweetie, just hold still."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Oh no, There goes old faithful."
  • (Peter MacNicol) "ahhh, sprang a leak."
  • (Kim Cattrall) "TIME."
  • (Peter MacNicol) "oh no, i had a leak here, i also had an injury, a rotator cup injury-rotator cup."

Kim Cattrall as Robin

  • (Kim Cattrall) "911? You know that Babyco. building? There's a bomb in there. And we're going to blow those little suckers to Venus."
  • (Kim Cattrall) "You wanted cops, you got cops."
  • (Kim Cattrall) "You look like Mt. Pepto Bismol erupted."
  • (Kim Cattrall) "We're late."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Uhoh. They're late. They're late for a very important date. Your mom and dad are off to save the farm, hip hip hooray."

Kyle Howard as Dickie

  • (Kyle Howard) "What's going on?"
  • (Jim Hanks) "Looks like a work related injury, I better go up and see what's going on."
  • (Jim Hanks) "Tough Guy Huh? Well you're about to meet your worst nightmare."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Goon, That is some lame dialog."
  • (Jim Hanks) "You really think I'm gonna walk over that ski and you're gonna jump on the end and that ski is gonna jump up and hit me in the gonads and I'm gonna scream, make a funny face and fall down the stairs -- Well I don't think so."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "Cross Your Legs And Smile."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "You don't mess with the sly-man."

Jacob and Zachary Handy as Duby

  • (Jacob and Zachary Handy) "Sly, make him pick his nose."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "yeah come on sly; make him pick it."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "no that's gross."
  • (Gabrielle and Megan Robbins) "Do it."
  • (Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald) "All right; -pick your nose now."

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