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Brimstone (TV series) Quotes

Brimstone is a television program that debuted in 1998 on Fox Broadcasting Company. Brimstone ended in 1999.

Brimstone was on for 1 seasons and 13 episodes. Brimstone is created by Ethan_Reiff_and_Cyrus_Voris; Ethan_Reiff_and_Cyrus_Voris.

Brimstone is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Brimstone is produced by Lars Thorwald Inc, and Warner Bros. Television and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Peter Horton as Ezekiel Stone, and John Glover as The Devil.

Brimstone Quotes

John Glover as The Devil

  • (John Glover) "Four out of five dentists surveyed agree, tooth decay is no longer a problem -- once you're dead."
  • (John Glover) "Thanks to global warming, it gets more and more comfortable for me up here very day."
  • (John Glover) "Yes, yes, now that's what I like to hear. The indomitable spirit and righteous indignation of the human species. I've heard it a million times defending a billion atrocities, and it's still music to my ears."
  • (John Glover) "Good work, Ezekiel. Two birds with one "Stone.""
  • (John Glover) "Vanilla? Where's the waitress? I only eat Rocky Road."
  • (John Glover) "Junk mail, mostly. One of my lesser triumphs."
  • (John Glover) "You don't have any friends, Ezekial. You're not only really dead, you're really most sincerely dead."
  • (Peter Horton) "Isn't that from "The Wizard of Oz"?"
  • (John Glover) "I HATE that movie."
  • (John Glover) "God's universe is not like the American legal system. You do something, you pay for it."
  • (John Glover) "Did you know, the thorns were originally my idea?"
  • (John Glover) "Will you listen to yourself? Take your head out of Cupid's ass, Ezekiel. You've got more pressing business to take care of."
  • (John Glover) "You know, before they invented the elevator, I had to walk all the way from hell."
  • (Peter Horton) "Glad to hear it."
  • (John Glover) "Second throughts, Ezekiel?"
  • (Peter Horton) "Can't you find someone else to torture?"
  • (John Glover) "Millions of them. They can wait. Everyone's in such a rush. I say, stop and smell the burning flesh of sinners."
  • (John Glover) "I have always advocated family values, all the way back to Cain and Abel."

Peter Horton as Ezekiel Stone

  • (Unnamed) "Pardon me for interrupting you here, but that happens to be a federal crime. Is that within your jurisdiction, too?"
  • (Peter Horton) "I answer to a lower power."
  • (Peter Horton) "What do you want?"
  • (John Glover) "Your every waking moment consumed with holding up your end of our bargain."
  • (Peter Horton) "Man's gotta eat."
  • (John Glover) "A living man, perhaps. But, for you, this would be classified as recreation. Like those idle thoughts of yours replaying that sweet bygone day over and over. As if, you're expecting a different outcome. Some people would call that insane."
  • (Peter Horton) "Yeah? What would they call a conversation with the Devil over breakfast?"
  • (Peter Horton) "You a football fan?"
  • (Unnamed) "I love the Saints."
  • (Unnamed) "That's from the Vatican jokebook."
  • (Peter Horton) "What the hell do you know about love?"
  • (John Glover) "Love, the most delicious emotion of all. Without love you and I would be out of a job."
  • (Unnamed) "Where have you been?"
  • (Peter Horton) "Out of the country."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, where?"
  • (Peter Horton) "Down under."
  • (Peter Horton) "Do you know anything about faith?"
  • (John Glover) "Faith? I was present at its creation."
  • (Peter Horton) "Going up or down?"
  • (John Glover) "Guess."
  • (Peter Horton) ""Ezekiel Stone, Beloved Husband, Detective NYPD, Died Defending The Citizens Of New York. The City, She Weepeth Sore in the Night, Her Tears Are On Her Cheeks.""
  • (Peter Horton) "You loved her, didn't you?"
  • (John Glover) "I never loved anyone but God, and that was a long time ago."
  • (Unnamed) "Yours is a divine purpose, Ezekiel."
  • (Peter Horton) "He'd freak if he heard that."
  • (Unnamed) "Good. Let him freak."
  • (Peter Horton) "It's not New York any more. Nobody wants to walk around here. Plus, the buses suck."
  • (John Glover) "Now wait a minute. Fifteen years in Hell, now you're back on Earth and you're complaining. Oh, because you have to walk. You're not going Hollywood on me, are you, Zeke?"
  • (Peter Horton) "Get out of my head."
  • (John Glover) "As if you could wrap your brain in barbed wire to keep me out. That is a delightful image, however."
  • (Peter Horton) "I was a cop. When my wife was raped, I caught the guy who did it, and I killed him. Two months later, I died. I went to Hell. A hundred and thirteen of the most vile creatures -- escaped."
  • (John Glover) "They think they'll beat the Devil. Nobody beats me."
  • (Peter Horton) "So how am I supposed to send them back?"
  • (John Glover) "The eyes: windows to the soul. Destroy the eyes, and the damned get a one-way ticket back home to Hell. But it's not Hell you should be scared of. It's losing your second chance at life on Earth."
  • (Peter Horton) "Time to give the Devil his due."
  • (Unnamed) "The Devil, he appears to you as a man?"
  • (Peter Horton) "Yeah. He looks a lot like a kid I used to beat the crap out of in sixth grade -- I'm sure that's on purpose."

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