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Casino Royale (Climax!) Quotes

Casino Royale (Climax!) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Casino Royale ended its run in 1970.

It features Bretaigne Windust as producer, and Leith Stevens in charge of musical score.

The cast includes: Michael Pate as Clarence Leiter, Barry Nelson as James Bond, Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre, Eugene Borden as Chef DePartre, Linda Christian as Valerie Mathis, Unknown actor as Zuroff, and Kurt Katch as Zoltan.

Casino Royale (Climax!) Quotes

Barry Nelson as James Bond

  • (Peter Lorre) "Maybe. Maybe you'll talk to him tomorrow. But only if you've given us that check."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Took me long enough to win it. Take you longer to get it back."
  • (Peter Lorre) "I don't think so. I honestly don't think so."
  • (Peter Lorre) "It's about time we stopped joking, huh? I -- I think he's ready for the bathtub"
  • (Barry Nelson) "Aargh."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Oh Basil you are so clumsy. I -- I just asked you to hit him. I didn't ask you to hit him so hard."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Eh. Easy; not so hard. Tough man ah. Very tough. Well if he fights again, hit him again; huh. But please, only a little at a time."
  • (Peter Lorre) "All right. All right"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Have it your way then Mr Bond. We have searched your rooms now we're gonna take them apart"
  • (Peter Lorre) "And if I don't find it, we'll take you apart"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Both of you."
  • (Barry Nelson) "All right. I don't kill Le Chiffre, what do I do to him?"
  • (Michael Pate) "His weak spot is gambling. You're going to play baccarat with him and your job is to clean him out."
  • (Barry Nelson) "For what reason?"
  • (Michael Pate) "To destroy him. He's been gambling with Soviet funds and he's lost eighty million francs. Now he's going to try and get it back by gambling high. He's bought the bank for tomorrow night with the last funds of the treasury of his party. He has twenty six million with which to win back the eighty he needs."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Soviet Police -- know about his gambling?"
  • (Michael Pate) "They got wind of it. And that's one reason why he's planning to play high tomorrow night. Now if he should win back that eighty million maybe he can brazen it out, but if you've won and he hasn't --"
  • (Barry Nelson) "Then what?"
  • (Michael Pate) "We'll see that the story hits the newspapers with photostats of his bank statements, all the dope. French Communist Party will lose face with a very dull thud and we'll have acclomplished our aim, we'll be rid of Le Chiffre."
  • (Barry Nelson) "All right, what else?"
  • (Michael Pate) "You'll have twenty six million francs. The same as he has. I'll pick it up for you from the casino cashier and give it to you tomorrow night."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Ah -- that's hardly a safe margin"
  • (Michael Pate) "You've won on less. So you play tomorrow night. And meanwhile, watch your step. They could kill you. They've already tried."
  • (Unnamed) "Are you hurt?"
  • (Barry Nelson) "No. Still in one piece. But I wouldn't know how."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Le Chiffre -- can I have some water?"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Oh yes, with pleasure. Basil, give him all the water he wants. Get me some water, too."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Le Chiffre sent you to me, didn't he? Don't deny it, I know you're with him. He told you to come to my room. Because of the microphone."
  • (Linda Christian) "Microphone?"
  • (Barry Nelson) "In the fireplace; with Le Chiffre listening just above."
  • (Linda Christian) "What are you talking about?"
  • (Barry Nelson) "You mean he didn't tell you about the mike"
  • (Barry Nelson) "The wires go through the chimney to his room just above here."
  • (Linda Christian) "I didn't know."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Let me look at you. You can't lie to me, you never could."
  • (Linda Christian) "I didn't know. When was it fixed?"
  • (Barry Nelson) "Today while I was out"
  • (Linda Christian) "To listen to you?"
  • (Barry Nelson) "If you didn't know about it; To listen to you; He sent you here but he doesn't trust you. He wants to be sure that you ask the things he said."
  • (Linda Christian) "Jimmy listen to me."
  • (Barry Nelson) "I'm going to. And so's he. You're going to tell me those things right now. Word for word. But who's fooling who?"
  • (Linda Christian) "Jimmy.; Don't turn down the music."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Give me the check."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Huh?"
  • (Barry Nelson) "Go on. Call the police."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Yes, you said you were on the sixth. I'll see you to your room."
  • (Linda Christian) "I'd rather see you to yours."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Well, why would I argue with that."
  • (Barry Nelson) "That was quite an act."
  • (Linda Christian) "Not all of it."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Which part of it was true?"
  • (Linda Christian) "That Le Chiffre will kill you."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Valerie."
  • (Linda Christian) "He will kill you."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Well you've done your job well Valerie. I hope he pays you well."
  • (Linda Christian) "Jimmy I still love you. Le Chiffre will kill you."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Well you can tell your employer he's wasting his time"
  • (Barry Nelson) "Sixth floor I guess"
  • (Barry Nelson) "for the lady."
  • (Peter Lorre) "All right Mr Bond where's that money? Look Mr Bond, as you should know by now I -- I'm quite without mercy and if you continue to be that obstinate, I -- I'll have to torture; -; you'll be tortured to the edge of madness. Believe me. You have no hope whatsoever. You hear. None"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Nor has she."

Linda Christian as Valerie Mathis

  • (Peter Lorre) "Oh pardon me beautiful. I -- I didn't mean to neglect you. No. Who knows maybe -- maybe you can persuade him, huh?"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Basil. Hey Basil"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Take her in and ah, but if she screams, at her first scream, he's dead"
  • (Linda Christian) "Good evening Mr Bond. I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine."
  • (Linda Christian) "James Bond; Herr Ziffer."
  • (Barry Nelson) "I've always heard of you as Le Chiffre."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Well that's the same you see it's a nickname of mine. After the war I was a displaced person, just a number on a passport. Le Chiffre means a mere cipher. Seemed a suitable name."
  • (Barry Nelson) "May I say you are a very important cipher."
  • (Peter Lorre) "You flatter me sir. Ah -- we play tonight, huh? Good luck."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Thanks. To you."

Michael Pate as Clarence Leiter

  • (Michael Pate) "Have you ever seen Le Chiffre?"
  • (Barry Nelson) "No."
  • (Michael Pate) "Go on explaining the game."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Well you each get two cards; the banker and the dealer. Picture cards and tens count as nothing. The other cards carry their own face value."
  • (Michael Pate) "Le Chiffre is the toadlike creature playing at the table in there. He's the chief Soviet agent for this area controlled through Leningrad Section Three through Paris. And he's the most dangerous man they've ever had."
  • (Michael Pate) "You can look now."
  • (Michael Pate) "He's a fanatic. He's ruthless, incorruptible and everything he does is entirely legal. But he has a weak spot. And that's how you got into it."
  • (Michael Pate) "Well it looks like you're as lucky as they say."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Hey?"
  • (Michael Pate) "You're a legend old boy; Card Sense Jimmy Bond they call you. I knew you right away."
  • (Barry Nelson) "I didn't know I had that much of a reputation."
  • (Michael Pate) "Oh my dear fellow; look here; how about you give me the lowdown how to play; over a drink? Oh, I'm very sorry, my name's Clarence Leiter."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Clarence sure; What have I got to lose?"
  • (Michael Pate) "Do you ever lose old boy? Bar's over there; lead on."
  • (Michael Pate) "You know you're here to deal with Herr Ziffer, Le Chiffre, he's the same fellow."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Deal with -- you mean kill him?"
  • (Michael Pate) "You won't have to, he'll die anyway -- if you play your cards right."

Eugene Borden as Chef DePartre

  • (Eugene Borden) "The casino is full of apologies Mr. Bond. Such an act is beyond explanation. You had not begun to play, so it was not your winnings they were after."
  • (Barry Nelson) "Yeah, and it wasn't my autograph either."

Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre

  • (Peter Lorre) "I've always been able to protect myself. Now that they chose Mr Bond to take me on and your -- your Mr Bond is very lucky and -- Mr Bond has card sense and I don't like it. Tell me -- does he still love you Valerie?"
  • (Linda Christian) "Of course he doesn't, not now."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Because you see tomorrow -- tomorrow night I have to win. I have to have eighty million francs. And no one is going to stand in my way. You hear. No one."
  • (Peter Lorre) "All right. See this tool Mr Bond. It's very handy little tool. Serves all sorts of purposes. Oh. my little friend; you remember the one that had a gun that passed for a cane. Oh he was an expert with this. Huh. Unfortunately he's gone but I've learned a few of his tricks"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Now Mr Bond are you going to tell me where that check is?"
  • (Peter Lorre) "You won't, huh?"
  • (Peter Lorre) "All right. I think I know how to make you deal"
  • (Barry Nelson) "Aargh."
  • (Linda Christian) "Aargh."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Excruciating, huh?"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Look Mr Bond if you -- if you continue like this I -- I have to start on poor Valerie."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Very lucky of Mr Bond."
  • (Linda Christian) "Yes."
  • (Peter Lorre) "And very handsome. Tell me -- has he changed much since the days when you two were --"
  • (Linda Christian) "He looks just the same."
  • (Peter Lorre) "A-ha."
  • (Linda Christian) "You want me to talk with him now?"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Plenty of time. I'll tell you when."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Now Mr. Bond as you might have noticed we -- we are very serious people. Your good health is of no concern to us whatsoever."
  • (Peter Lorre) ". Answer that."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Pick him up."
  • (Peter Lorre) "And just in case you get ambitious Mr Bond, believe me."

Unknown actor as Zuroff

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Kurt Katch as Zoltan

  • (Kurt Katch) "My cane is in your back, but it is a gun, not a cane, and can blow this space in your spine without a sound. You will appear to have fainted. I shall be gone. Before I count ten, you will accompany me to the office and give me the money. If you call for help, I shall fire. One -- two -- three -- four -- five -- six --"

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