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Drowning Mona Quotes

Drowning Mona is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Drowning Mona ended its run in 1970.

It features Al Corley as producer, Michael Tavera in charge of musical score, and Bruce Douglas Johnson as head of cinematography.

Drowning Mona is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Drowning Mona is 96 minutes long. Drowning Mona is distributed by Destination Films.

The cast includes: Jamie Lee Curtis as Rona, Bette Midler as Mona Dearly, Danny DeVito as Chief Wyatt Rash, William Fichtner as Phil Dearly, Marcus Thomas as Jeff Dearly, Paul Ben-Victor as Deputy Tony Carlucci, Paul Schulze as Deputy Jimmy D, Casey Affleck as Bobby Kalzone, Neve Campbell as Ellen, Danny DeVito as Wyatt Rash, Will Ferrell as Cubby, Bette Midler as Mona, Peter Dobson as Feege, Neve Campbell as Ellie, and Paul Schulze as Deputy Jimmy D..

Drowning Mona Quotes

Neve Campbell as Ellen

  • (Neve Campbell) "You're supposed to have that thing in your head that says, "BAD f***ING IDEA, BOBBY.""
  • (Casey Affleck) "I do have it. It just didn't work."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Yeah, but you're not even supposed to get that far, you're supposed to have that thing in your head that goes off and says, 'bad f***ING idea, Bobby.'"
  • (Casey Affleck) "I have that thing. I have that thing. It just didn't go off."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Yeah, well, I'm pregnant."
  • (Casey Affleck) "What? You're pregnant? That's great."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Uh huh. I thought so too, till a moment ago. I can't believe you killed someone."
  • (Casey Affleck) "Where you going?"
  • (Neve Campbell) "Home."
  • (Casey Affleck) "We need milk."

Casey Affleck as Bobby Kalzone

  • (Casey Affleck) "It's been different since Jeff killed Peaches."
  • (Danny DeVito) "Jeff killed Peaches? I thought it was the other way around."
  • (Casey Affleck) "Peaches killed Jeff?"
  • (Casey Affleck) "Mona Dearly's dead."
  • (Neve Campbell) "What?"
  • (Casey Affleck) "She's dead- It was just a- car accident."
  • (Neve Campbell) "You gotta be kiddin' me. Well- We gotta celebrate."
  • (Casey Affleck) "Jesus, God, Ellie she's a human being. Have a little respect."
  • (Neve Campbell) "I don't gotta have respect for no one in that family. Think how they treated you."
  • (Casey Affleck) "How did they treat me?"
  • (Neve Campbell) "Badly, they're a houseful of freaks."
  • (Casey Affleck) "Dude, she's like 13."
  • (Unnamed) "Finally."

Danny DeVito as Chief Wyatt Rash

  • (Danny DeVito) "Along those lines."
  • (Danny DeVito) "My mother always used to say, "When life hands you potatoes, make potato salad.""
  • (Bette Midler) "Yeah? Well life handed me a pile of s***. What am I supposed to do with that?"
  • (William Fichtner) "Make s*** salad?"
  • (Danny DeVito) "Tell me something Cubby, you notice anything odd lately?"

Bette Midler as Mona

  • (Bette Midler) "Why'de you pull us over Feege?"
  • (Peter Dobson) "Oh let me think about that Mona, you're riding on rims and you pulled an 1107 on an officer of the law. What the hell is the matter with you son? (to Jeph)"
  • (Bette Midler) "What did you hurt him for?"
  • (Peter Dobson) "He's drunk."
  • (Bette Midler) "No he aint. Its OK baby. (to Jeph.) You're gonna pay for this Feege. You just lost your lawn service pal."
  • (Bette Midler) "Don't call yourselves BJ Landscaping. You don't want people to go around calling you "Blow Job Landscaping.""

Marcus Thomas as Jeff Dearly

  • (Marcus Thomas) "Look, I heard you the first time, Bobby. I ain't mute."
  • (Marcus Thomas) "Where's my car?"
  • (Paul Schulze) "Well Jeff, it's a little bit more serious than you're car."
  • (Marcus Thomas) "Would someone mind tellin me what the hell's goin on?"
  • (Paul Ben-Victor) "Your mother drove her car into the lake Jeff, I'm afraid she's dead."
  • (Marcus Thomas) "What was she doing in my car?"
  • (Marcus Thomas) "I want half. And don't give me none of that "fifty-percent" s***."

Will Ferrell as Cubby

  • (Will Ferrell) "You mean other than the fact that no one seems to care about this woman's death?"
  • (Will Ferrell) "Hell Wyatt, I've seen people more upset over losing change in a candy machine."

Paul Ben-Victor as Deputy Tony Carlucci

  • (Paul Ben-Victor) "(to Phil Dearly, after informing him of his wife's death) So, uh -- you want to tell Jeff about his mom, or do you think we should do it, or --"
  • (William Fichtner) "Yeah. Uh --"
  • (Paul Schulze) "I mean, we'd be more than happy to do it, Phil, you know, it's just that, coming from you it may cushion the blow."
  • (Paul Ben-Victor) "Being that, you know, he's your son and all."
  • (William Fichtner) "Well, in that case, it might be best if one of you did it."

Jamie Lee Curtis as Rona

  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Good luck doesn't happen to people like us. Good luck happens to Madonna."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Some shame bout that Mona Dearly. I mean, so young."

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