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Empedocles (The X-Files) Quotes

Empedocles (The X-Files) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Empedocles ended in 1970.

Empedocles (The X-Files) Quotes

  • (Scully) "Mulder, you never fail to surprise me. I just wish I felt like eating it right now."
  • (Mulder) "That's cool. We can just wait for the cheese to congeal and eat it later. You miss your regular pizza man, don't you?"
  • (Scully) "Yes. That's okay. He's coming by later."
  • (Mulder) "I bet you forgot about that, didn't you?"
  • (Scully) "No, I didn't, actually. I thought about it a lot, while I was lying in my hospital bed, wondering what on earth you could have given me."
  • (Mulder) "And?"
  • (Scully) "Oh, my God. Oh, Mulder."
  • (Mulder) "Is it what you imagined?"
  • (Scully) "Not even close."
  • (Mulder) "Oh, my, that's the wrong doll, actually."
  • (Scully) "But then that's the other gift that you gave me, Mulder. Courage -- to believe. And I hope that's a gift I can pass on."
  • (Mulder) "When I first came to work with the FBI I worked in violent crimes. I saw the worst of humanity; I saw monsters, and I wondered how they became that way; how these men became so evil. And there are psychological explanations: victims of their environment, victims of their parents, but the scientific explanations were never truly satisfied. And I began to think about evil like a disease, how it goes from man to man or age to age. Most of us walk around thinking that we're incapable of any acts of evil, and we are. We can stifle that momentary urge to kill or to hurt, we have some kind of immunity to it. But I think it's possible that there's an occurrence in somebody's life, a tragedy or a loss, that leaves them vulnerable; hurts their immunity to evil. And all of a sudden, at that point in their lives when they're weakened, they're open to evil -- and they can become evil."
  • (Scully) "What are you doing, Agent Doggett?"
  • (John Doggett) "I was, um -- I just came by to see how you're doing."
  • (Scully) "Thank you."
  • (John Doggett) "They say you're stabilized but we've been worried about you."
  • (Scully) "Who's "we"?"
  • (John Doggett) "You know -- me and Agent Mulder --"
  • (Scully) "What's wrong, Agent Doggett? You don't seem too good yourself."
  • (John Doggett) "You worked with Agent Mulder for how long? A long time."
  • (Scully) "Mhm."
  • (John Doggett) "You never believed in any of this stuff. This paranormal or whatever you call it. So, what changed your mind?"
  • (Scully) "I realized it was me, that I was afraid. Afraid to believe."
  • (Scully) "Why do you ask?"
  • (Scully) "Agent Doggett, why do you ask?"
  • (John Doggett) "Some other time."
  • (Mulder) "You can't help a man who can't help himself."

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