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En Ami Quotes

En Ami is a television program that first aired in 1970 . En Ami completed its run in 1970.

En Ami Quotes

  • (Scully) "You may be right -- but for a moment, I saw something else in him. A longing for something more than power. Maybe for something he could never have."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "Dana --"
  • (Scully) "Yes, I got it."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "Forgive me. Here -- take it. This is for you."
  • (Scully) "I've gotta go."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "Go --"
  • (Scully) "You're going to smoke."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "It's time I quit."
  • (Scully) "Just like that."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "No sacrifice is purely altruistic. We give expecting to receive."
  • (Scully) "What exactly is it you expect to receive?"
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "Your trust. You question my sincerity. You think I'm heartless. Would it soften your opinion of me if I confessed that I've always had a particular affection for you?"
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "I assure you my intentions are honorable. I have affection for Mulder too. My affection for you is special. I held your life in my hands. Your cancer was terminal. I had a cure. Can you imagine what that's like; to have the power to extinguish a life or to save it and let it flourish? Now, to give you that power, so you can do the same."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "You've been at the wheel too long. Would you like me to drive?"
  • (Scully) "I might if you let me know where we're going."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "Knowing that, you'd feel comfortable? You'd trust me? How long did it take Mulder to win your trust?"
  • (Scully) "I've always trusted Mulder."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "You're not being honest with yourself. Think back. There was a time when you feared for your future, for your career when you were first partnered with this man. I told you, I've studied you for years -- and if you would permit me, I'd like to make an observation. You're drawn to powerful men but you fear their power. You keep your guard up, a wall around your heart. How else do you explain that fearless devotion to a man obsessed, and, yet, a life alone? You'd die for Mulder but you won't allow yourself to love him."
  • (Scully) "Wow. I'm learning a whole other side to you. You're not just a cold-blooded killer, you're a pop psychologist as well."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "I've been a destroyer all my life. Before I die, I'd like to prove that I'm capable of something more. Turn here, on the left."
  • (Scully) "Where are we going?"
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "To show you what I'm capable of."
  • (Walter Skinner) "That's my private line."
  • (Walter Skinner) "Skinner?"
  • (Scully) "Sir?"
  • (Walter Skinner) "Agent Scully, where are you?"
  • (Scully) "I'm on the road. Um, I'm sorry to call you on this line."
  • (Walter Skinner) "No, it's all right. It's just we've been worried about you."
  • (Scully) "Everything's okay. I just wanted you to express that to Mulder."
  • (Walter Skinner) "Well, he's standing right here. Why don't you do that yourself?"
  • (Scully) "No sir, that's all right. Can you tell him that I'll call him later? Just -- just tell him that I'm fine."
  • (Walter Skinner) "She says she's fine."
  • (Fox Mulder) "She's in trouble."
  • (Fox Mulder) "Sir, I need your attention."
  • (Walter Skinner) "Is my assistant?"
  • (Fox Mulder) "No. She's away from her desk. I wouldn't just bust in here, but as I said it's a breaking situation"
  • (Walter Skinner) "What the hell's going on here?"
  • (Fox Mulder) "That's my question exactly. I believe you've all met."
  • (Richard 'Ringo' Langly) "Is this place secure?"
  • (Walter Skinner) "Is it secure?"
  • (Melvin Frohike) "Don't get testy, G-man."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "It's the cure for all human disease."
  • (Scully) "How?"
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "It's from that final frontier. It's largely extraterrestrial."
  • (Scully) "Then you would be cured --"
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "That which makes miracles can also make great evil. There are those who would use this power for their own purposes: To choose who will live and who will die. Theoretically, I can be cured -- Everything I've told you about wanting to make right?"
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "I'm a lonely man, Dana."
  • (The Cigarette Smoking Man) "How do you take your coffee?"
  • (Scully) "Unadulterated, thank you."

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