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Georgia Rule Quotes

Georgia Rule is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Georgia Rule stopped airing in 1970.

It features James G. Robinson as producer, John Debney in charge of musical score, and Karl Walter Lindenlaub as head of cinematography.

Georgia Rule is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Georgia Rule is 113 minutes long. Georgia Rule is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Lindsay Lohan as Rachel, Garrett Hedlund as Harlan, Jane Fonda as Georgia, Dermot Mulroney as Simon, Felicity Huffman as Lilly, Zachary Gordon as Ethan, Dylan McLaughlin as Sam, and Cary Elwes as Arnold.

Georgia Rule Quotes

Dermot Mulroney as Simon

  • (Dermot Mulroney) "I don't like to talk."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Perfect. I don't like to listen."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Do you need to call someone or are you a surprise?"
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "I would. My mother cut my phone service off. She's a gem."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Don't hit me with fish."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Hey."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "-- is for horses, better for cows, and pigs don't eat it 'cause they don't know how."

Dylan McLaughlin as Sam

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Jane Fonda as Georgia

  • (Jane Fonda) "Traveled all the way from San Francisco, Califonia smelling of smoke, but she doesn't smoke."
  • (Felicity Huffman) "Ok, mother, caught me."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Save the lies for something more important than cancer."
  • (Jane Fonda) "You lost your --"
  • (Felicity Huffman) "My mind?"
  • (Jane Fonda) "I'll go get the booze, you stay here."
  • (Jane Fonda) "It's a glass -- bedpan?"
  • (Felicity Huffman) "Crystal bowl. It's classy."
  • (Jane Fonda) "For a smart girl, you do stupid well."
  • (Jane Fonda) "You're going to eat this"
  • (Jane Fonda) "and drive or else I'm going to dismantle your car."
  • (Jane Fonda) "If Lilly didn't love you, I would kill you."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Come on, boys. Erect me."
  • (Zachary Gordon) "She has glutten pains shooting out her eyeballs."

Felicity Huffman as Lilly

  • (Felicity Huffman) "Oh, come on. There was a time you'd have dragged me by my hair out of here for drinking."
  • (Jane Fonda) "I'm too old. So's your hair."
  • (Felicity Huffman) "Dear Rachel, My mother always told me the hardest things to do in life are to trust, to have faith and to forgive so I want you to hear the strength in my voice when I say I forgive you because I love you, that's simple and that complicated to forgive is to move forward Georgia rule, Love Mom"
  • (Felicity Huffman) "I brought you a gift"
  • (Jane Fonda) "It's lovely."
  • (Felicity Huffman) "How do you know?"
  • (Jane Fonda) "The ribbon and the paper."
  • (Felicity Huffman) "You don't know where you're going."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Yes, I do."
  • (Felicity Huffman) "You don't know where you are."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Yes, I do. I'm in hell."

Garrett Hedlund as Harlan

  • (Garrett Hedlund) "You have to go with me to talk to June. I want to tell her in person."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Tell her what?"
  • (Garrett Hedlund) "That we have to get married."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "What?"
  • (Garrett Hedlund) "It's the only way God will forgive us."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Oh my God, Harlan, I gave you a blow job."
  • (Garrett Hedlund) "Um, thank you for breakfast, Miss Georgia. Rachel, I'll see you in the truck."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "No good deed goes unpunished."
  • (Garrett Hedlund) "You're a dangerous girl, aren't you?"
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "It depends on what you define as dangerous."
  • (Garrett Hedlund) "Safer to get thrown from a horse."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "But you don't have to brush me or feed me after riding me."

Cary Elwes as Arnold

  • (Cary Elwes) "How many lies have I told?"
  • (Jane Fonda) "Oh, please. You're a lawyer."

Lindsay Lohan as Rachel

  • (Lindsay Lohan) "We can all survive Simon, you just don't have to look so damn sad doing it."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Surprise. Saddling up your truck?"
  • (Garrett Hedlund) "Now I had it figured that you'd done away with Simon, buried his body and taken off for the city with his cash and car."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "And leave you alive?"
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "You tell Harlan Wilson that if he's looking for a little danger -- I'd love a ride."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "You don't have to brush me or feed me after riding me."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Hi, wanted to introduce myself. I'm Rachel Wilcox. Nice to meet you."
  • (Unnamed) "Grace Cunningham."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Hi, girls. How you doing?"
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Look I just drove over here to tell you that Harlan and I- we're just friends now. Nothing's going to happen again, I promise. Scout's honor. So you guys can go and do whatever it is you do- I dont' know- have your summer fun and tell June that we're apart, even if we're not apart 'cause nothing's gonna happen and whatever has happened has happened already- so that's the end of it."
  • (Unnamed) "Fine. Now why don't you just go home and leave us all alone?"
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Okay, see, I tried to be nice, but let me put this a different way because you're not really getting it right now. If you call me a name, if you throw something at me- ever again.- if I see you talking to Harlan, yelling at Harlan, having anything AT ALL to do with Harlan, I will find all of your boyfriends and I will f*** them stupid. Okay? Get it? Thanks guys."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Thanks for your time. Have a good summer."
  • (Unnamed) "I am gonna pray for her."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Try and jerk me around, Grandma."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Go f*** yourself."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "Oh my God. You're hard. Dude, it was a fight. You don't pull a boner in a battle."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "You don't look evil."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Make-up helps."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "This has nothing to do with him."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "This has everything to do with him. He tried to take away all the things that would let you love me without being in my bed, like a friend or a father. This has everything to do with him. This is about knowing the difference between right and wrong, between the truth and a lie. He took that from you. And if you can't tell the difference, then you can't trust anyone. And if you can't trust, you can't love."
  • (Lindsay Lohan) "What's it like to be so sure of yourself?"

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