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Gulliver's Travels (miniseries) Quotes

Gulliver's Travels is a TV show that debuted in 2019 on NBC. Gulliver's Travels ended its run in 1970.

Gulliver's Travels was on for 2 episodes. It features Duncan Kenworthy as producer, Isabelle Huppert doing voices, and Trevor Jones (composer) as composer. Gulliver's Travels is executive produced by Robert Halmi Sr..

Gulliver's Travels is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Gulliver's Travels is 186 minutes long.

The cast includes: Ted Danson as Lemuel Gulliver, Karyn Parsons as Lady-in-Waiting, Annette Badland as Farmer Grultrud, Nicholas Lyndhurst as Clustril, John Standing as Adm. Bolgolam, Edward Woodward as Drunlo, James Fox as Dr. Bates, Isabelle Huppert as Mistress, Mary Steenburgen as Mary Gulliver, and Kristin Scott Thomas as Immortal Gatekeeper.

Gulliver's Travels Quotes

Ted Danson as Lemuel Gulliver

  • (Ted Danson) "The bestial Yahoos fight for no reason all. While we on the order hand fight for very good reasons, such as, well, our enemies are weaker than us or we desire all their land."
  • (Ted Danson) "Why shouldn't we see each other as we really are?"
  • (James Fox) "Because as any Christian knows, it would be immodest."
  • (Ted Danson) "Meaning that these people would be incapable of modest behaviour if they were naked?"
  • (Ted Danson) "All the yahoo vices I can begin to accustom myself to once more. Except for pride. That I cannot tolerate. I see myself for what I truly am. I have lost eight years of my life -- And yet, and yet, the moments I have had, the marvels I have witnessed, the wonderful truths I have seen. You see, when night falls and you close your eyes to sleep and dream, I have seen the things that you can only dream about. I have been there. I was lost at sea for a long time. But I have been there. Oh yes. All the way and back."
  • (Ted Danson) "But unless thousands are starving, how can there be structure to society?"
  • (Ted Danson) "I am just a poor Englishman."
  • (Ted Danson) "That's easy, we just borrow more from ourselves."
  • (Queen of Brobdingnag) "The history of you country seems to consist of nothing more than a squalid string of conspiracies, rebellions, revolutions, murders and massacres. Every judgment seems to be motivated by greed, by malice, hypocrisy, hatred, envy, lust and madness."
  • (Ted Danson) "Perhaps I explained badly."
  • (Queen of Brobdingnag) "You have proved that ignorance, idleness and vice are the only qualifications for public office and that your laws are made by those whose only interest is in perverting them. I can only conclude that your people are the most pernicious race of odious little vermin that ever nature suffered to crawl upon the face of the Earth."
  • (Ted Danson) "I want you to have this."
  • (Nicholas Lyndhurst) "Oh, marvellous. What do I want with your ring, eh? I can't wear it, can I?"
  • (Ted Danson) "It's gold."
  • (Nicholas Lyndhurst) "You always were good to me. You were always my friend. Dad. We're rich."
  • (Edward Woodward) "Never mind that, son, never mind that. I think I've found -- the other boot."
  • (Ted Danson) "As I studied history, I realized how many inconsequential men were raised to great office and how many momentous events were due to mere accident."

Karyn Parsons as Lady-in-Waiting

  • (Karyn Parsons) "I was wondering if the little gentleman might be for sale."
  • (Annette Badland) "No disrespect, my lady, but no amount of money is going to part the two of us."
  • (Karyn Parsons) "I have here five-hundred pieces of gold."
  • (Annette Badland) "Do you want to take him tonight?"

Mary Steenburgen as Mary Gulliver

  • (Mary Steenburgen) "Who here has been harmed by him?"
  • (Mary Steenburgen) "You're a Doctor. Why are you taking something when you don't know what it is?"
  • (Ted Danson) "I do know what it is. Laudanum."
  • (Mary Steenburgen) "I think he has much to teach us if we would only list --"
  • (Mary Steenburgen) "He's purged himself."
  • (Mary Steenburgen) "You asked me if I believed him. I believe in him."

Isabelle Huppert as Mistress

  • (Isabelle Huppert) "You are more Hwynhm than Yahoo."

Nicholas Lyndhurst as Clustril

  • (Nicholas Lyndhurst) "Bring towels and a bucket."
  • (Nicholas Lyndhurst) "It seems his lips were a bit -- wet."

James Fox as Dr. Bates

  • (James Fox) "What presumption. To show people what they are."

John Standing as Adm. Bolgolam

  • (John Standing) "This is an outrage. He made water in the royal grounds. It's a treasonable offence."
  • (Emperor of Lilliput) "But he saved the Empress' life."
  • (Gen. Limtoc) "At what cost? Our stepmother may never go out in public again, convinced that she's the laughing stock of Lilliput."
  • (Emperor of Lilliput) "But she's not that --"
  • (Emperor of Lilliput) "Is she?"

Kristin Scott Thomas as Immortal Gatekeeper

  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Welcome to the immortal world."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "This is the source of the life everlasting. Drink from this water and you will never fear death. Never."
  • (Ted Danson) "But I have to get home. There's a ship in the harbor. I only have minutes before it sails."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Minutes? What are minutes? You have no need for such petty considerations here."
  • (Ted Danson) "I was offered immortality -- man's dream. With the fear of death removed, I could learn the truths of existence. I could get riches in wisdom. I could read every book ever written. Study the movements of the planets and the stars. I could watch the rise and falls of republics and kings and from the great depths of my knowledge, offer advice to all. I could do anything."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Drink. Taste immortality."
  • (Ted Danson) "Why is your hand shaking so badly?"
  • (Ted Danson) "What's wrong with her?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Nothing."
  • (Ted Danson) "What's wrong with everyone?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Drink the water. You will defy nature."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "You will outlive the stars themselves. You'll be like a god."
  • (Ted Danson) "You can't see me, can you?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "I'm alive. The water keeps us alive."
  • (Ted Danson) "You're blind."
  • (Ted Danson) "You're all blind."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "No, some of us can still make out shape and movement. We'll never die, that's what matters. We'll never die."
  • (Unnamed) "Never die. Never die."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "That's all that matters -- cheating death."
  • (Ted Danson) "No -- no."

Edward Woodward as Drunlo

  • (Edward Woodward) "Don't despair, son. you remember when we were walking down here, it was the middle of winter, never thought we'd find anything. And then -- we found a treasure."
  • (Nicholas Lyndhurst) "We found one boot. With a hole in it."
  • (Edward Woodward) "Well, you never know. Today we might look down and find the matching boot."
  • (Nicholas Lyndhurst) "That was five years ago, Dad."

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