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I Capture the Castle (film) Quotes

I Capture the Castle (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . I Capture the Castle completed its run in 1970.

It features David Parfitt as producer, Dario Marianelli in charge of musical score, and Richard Greatrex as head of cinematography.

I Capture the Castle (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of I Capture the Castle (film) is 117 minutes long. I Capture the Castle (film) is distributed by Momentum Pictures (UK).

The cast includes: Marc Blucas as Neil Cotton, Romola Garai as Cassandra, Henry Thomas as Simon, Rose Byrne as Rose, Joe Sowerbutts as Thomas, Bill Nighy as James Mortmain, Tara Fitzgerald as Topaz Mortmain, and Henry Cavill as Stephen Colley.

I Capture the Castle (film) Quotes

Rose Byrne as Rose

  • (Rose Byrne) "I'd marry a chimpanzee if he had money."
  • (Rose Byrne) "You can't leave now. What am I going to tell people?"
  • (Romola Garai) "You're already living a lie, Rose. Tell them what the bloody hell you like. And then go home and count your peach coloured towels."
  • (Rose Byrne) "Well, I shall not forthcome again."

Romola Garai as Cassandra

  • (Romola Garai) "I said I would never fall in love; I said love was a murderous thing; And it is, and I'm floating on air."
  • (Romola Garai) "Father. 'Jacob Wrestling' was a wonderful, groundbreaking book. There was never going to be a sequel overnight."
  • (Bill Nighy) "Meaning?"
  • (Romola Garai) "Meaning, it will come."
  • (Bill Nighy) "How old are you?"
  • (Romola Garai) "Seventeen."
  • (Bill Nighy) "And you still believe in fairy tales."
  • (Romola Garai) "This is a crisis Simon, not a treat."
  • (Romola Garai) "But dreams are like a drug: the magic doesn't last and then the pain is worse than knives."
  • (Romola Garai) "Can you smell bluebells?"
  • (Rose Byrne) "I can smell heaven."
  • (Romola Garai) "No towel in the world is worth marrying a bearded man you hate."
  • (Romola Garai) "There is only one page left to write on. I will fill it with words of only one syllable. I love. I have loved. I will love."
  • (Romola Garai) "I write this sitting in the kitchen sink."
  • (Romola Garai) "I have put my own father back in prison."
  • (Romola Garai) "I look a lot prettier when I'm not standing next to Rose."
  • (Romola Garai) "You don't love him, do you?"
  • (Rose Byrne) "No. I don't think I do. Shame really."
  • (Romola Garai) "Well -- do you want me to tell him?"
  • (Rose Byrne) "Tell him what? I'm still going to marry him."
  • (Romola Garai) "That's a wicked, wicked thing to do."
  • (Romola Garai) "Is that all you think you're worth?"
  • (Tara Fitzgerald) "It's what I have to make my mark."
  • (Romola Garai) "You've made your mark with us. Thomas. And Rose. And me."
  • (Tara Fitzgerald) "But I'm not your mother."
  • (Romola Garai) "I don't want to go through life like my mother, afraid that I'm not really loved, even if it meant I could go through life with you."
  • (Romola Garai) "Still, better all that hurt than to have known no pain; learnt nothing."

Joe Sowerbutts as Thomas

  • (Joe Sowerbutts) "Don't worry. Rose is dabbling in the occult."
  • (Tara Fitzgerald) "Oh. Well, full marks for enterprise."
  • (Joe Sowerbutts) "Don't worry, Topaz. Rose is dabbling in the occult."
  • (Tara Fitzgerald) "Oh. Well, full marks for enterprise."

Tara Fitzgerald as Topaz Mortmain

  • (Tara Fitzgerald) "He's been in London with her; Elspeth. They've had an assignation. At the British Museum."
  • (Bill Nighy) "Elspeth is my patroness. We were doing some research."
  • (Tara Fitzgerald) "People use that place for nothing BUT assignations. I used to meet you there myself when I was married to Edwardo -- in the mummy room."

Henry Thomas as Simon

  • (Henry Thomas) "You always were wise beyond your years."
  • (Romola Garai) "No I wasn't. I used to be consciously naive."

Henry Cavill as Stephen Colley

  • (Henry Cavill) "She takes care of me, you know. With clothes and that. Besides, I don't mind the other part of it. It's like acting in a movie."
  • (Romola Garai) "Only how do you know when you're acting and when you're not?"

Marc Blucas as Neil Cotton

  • (Marc Blucas) "Why are you all dressed in green?"

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