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Jake Speed Quotes

Jake Speed is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Jake Speed completed its run in 1970.

It features Wayne Crawford as producer, Mark Snow in charge of musical score, and Bryan Loftus as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Jake Speed is 100 minutes long. Jake Speed is distributed by New World Pictures.

The cast includes: Leon Ames as Pop, Donna Pescow as Wendy, Karen Kopins as Margaret Winston, Dennis Christopher as Desmond Floyd, Wayne Crawford as Jake Speed, John Hurt as Sid, and Roy London as Maurice.

Jake Speed Quotes

Wayne Crawford as Jake Speed

  • (Wayne Crawford) "Don't worry. When you're right, nothing can happen to you."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "Evil may triumph, Sid, but it'll never conquer."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "If you want something bad enough, you get it."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "Why do you think bad things happen? So you have something good to look forward to. If everything was same-o, same-o, you'd die of boredom."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "Sometimes you do things the hard way."
  • (Karen Kopins) "Why?"
  • (Wayne Crawford) "Reads better."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "If all this were about money, I'd be working for the wrong side most of the time."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "We were gonna fight our way through enemy territory. Scale the highest mountain in this god****ed place. Traverse a bridge that was about to collapse. And then if we were lucky, I mean really lucky, we were gonna fight our way through two thousand extremely poisonous snakes."
  • (Karen Kopins) "There are thousands of snakes around here?"
  • (Wayne Crawford) "There's gotta be if you look hard enough."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "I'm the last of the original nice guys."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "Heroes don't die."

Donna Pescow as Wendy

  • (Donna Pescow) "Maybe it's a blessing. At least your grandfather believes in somebody. Speedy Jake. Remero. Whatever. Who are our heroes?"
  • (Karen Kopins) "Nobody."
  • (Donna Pescow) "Isn't that the guy your grandfather was talking about, the guy from the comic books?"
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Paperback novels."
  • (Donna Pescow) "Even weirdos can read."

Karen Kopins as Margaret Winston

  • (Karen Kopins) "I didn't know you had that."
  • (Wayne Crawford) "That's why they call it a concealed weapon."
  • (Karen Kopins) "What if you sold me to the wrong Gus?"
  • (Wayne Crawford) "That would make a piss-poor story, wouldn't it?"
  • (Karen Kopins) "Who is Reno Mellon?"
  • (Wayne Crawford) "We made it up."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "It's Jake's favorite town and my favorite breakfast food."
  • (Karen Kopins) "If you're such a big deal, why haven't they ever made a movie?"
  • (Wayne Crawford) "Ever try to deal with those people?"
  • (Karen Kopins) "Has it ever occurred to you that there might be an easier way?"
  • (Wayne Crawford) "Yeah, so where's the entertainment value in that?"

John Hurt as Sid

  • (John Hurt) "Make sure Ali Baba gets his babes. I've got a reputation to protect."
  • (John Hurt) "I'm the bad guy, Jake. I do anything I want."
  • (John Hurt) "Being the good guy's so predictable. You do everything right."
  • (John Hurt) "I take great pride into 'aving never lived up to anything."

Roy London as Maurice

  • (Roy London) "This'll rot your caviar."

Leon Ames as Pop

  • (Leon Ames) "They defeat evil where it exists, pinhead."

Dennis Christopher as Desmond Floyd

  • (Dennis Christopher) "Why doesn't she believe in us? We believe. That's why we win."

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