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Kid Galahad Quotes

Kid Galahad is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Kid Galahad stopped airing in 1970.

It features David Weisbart as producer, Jeff Alexander in charge of musical score, and Burnett Guffey as head of cinematography.

Kid Galahad is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Charles Bronson as Lew Nyack, Lola Albright as Dolly Fletcher, Gig Young as Willy Grogan, Elvis Presley as Walter Gulick, Robert Emhardt as Maynard, Joan Blackman as Rose Grogan, David Lewis as Otto Danzig, Ned Glass as Max Lieberman, and Liam Redmond as Father Higgins.

Kid Galahad Quotes

Lola Albright as Dolly Fletcher

  • (Lola Albright) "He should be arrested."
  • (Joan Blackman) "Who?"
  • (Lola Albright) "Your brother, naturally. He's responsible for this."
  • (Lola Albright) "You think I did all right?"
  • (Robert Emhardt) "You cooked this great. It cuts real fine."
  • (Gig Young) "Let's get one thing settled, Lew. Exactly what time was it when you saw Rose leave the picnic?"
  • (Charles Bronson) "I told you before, 6:30, quarter to 7, 10 to 7; I didn't make a note of it."
  • (Lola Albright) "What's all the commotion about? She was with Galahad, wasn't she?"
  • (Gig Young) "I know who she was with. And I'll tell you something else I know: It's 20 minutes to 9."
  • (Lola Albright) "Could she be safer with the F.B.I.?"
  • (Gig Young) "Which way were they going?"
  • (Charles Bronson) "I told you that before too, back towards the village."
  • (Gig Young) "You sure?"
  • (Charles Bronson) "Man, how could anybody not recognize that jalopy? It's the same color as a bloody nose."
  • (Gig Young) "Very funny. How would you like one?"
  • (Lola Albright) "Little father."

Elvis Presley as Walter Gulick

  • (Elvis Presley) "Sorry, Mr. Grogan. It wouldn't have happened but he don't know how to behave himself with a lady."
  • (Lola Albright) "Thanks, Galahad."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You've got a dirty mind."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Don't push me, Willy. I'm a grease monkey that won't slide so easily."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I got in a crap game with my separation pay and it got separated from me."

Joan Blackman as Rose Grogan

  • (Joan Blackman) "Are you a fighter?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Not really. A lot of people have different ideas about it though."
  • (Joan Blackman) "I see."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Do you belong up here?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Uh, I mean uh, I've never seen you around before."
  • (Joan Blackman) "I'm Willy's sister."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You are?"
  • (Joan Blackman) "What's funny?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Nothing. Nothing at all."
  • (Charles Bronson) "GALAHAD. HEY GALAHAD."
  • (Joan Blackman) "Who's Galahad?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "That's me. Excuse me. Nice to have met you."
  • (Joan Blackman) "Thank you."

Ned Glass as Max Lieberman

  • (Ned Glass) "Plenty of food, men. Plenty of food. You think you've eaten lobster before, Maynard, just wait till you taste this. Well, Maynard?"
  • (Robert Emhardt) "I ain't saying this lobster is for the birds, but I'd rather be eating my own corned beef."
  • (Liam Redmond) "Lobster? I think I'd like some of that, is it good?"
  • (Robert Emhardt) "Fine, Father."

Gig Young as Willy Grogan

  • (Gig Young) "Hey. Why did she have to go off in that beet-juice jalopy with him?"
  • (Lola Albright) "You're asking me?"
  • (Gig Young) "She could've gone with Maynard and Lew, couldn't she?"
  • (Lola Albright) "Oh, Willy, when you're 21 and you look like Rose, you don't have to ride with Lew and Maynard."
  • (Gig Young) "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • (Lola Albright) "You want diagrams?"
  • (Gig Young) "Now, look, Dolly --"
  • (Lola Albright) "That's just what I'm going to do -- look at Maynard's corned beef. I promised I'd put a low flame under it."
  • (Gig Young) "Galahad was what they call a knight of the round table, Howie. He was also something of a square. I can't state this as a positive fact, but he probably died very young."

Charles Bronson as Lew Nyack

  • (Charles Bronson) "Kid, listen to me. He's bound to start throwing left hooks sooner or later. Now when he does, straighten him out with a left, then cross him with your right. You hear?"
  • (Charles Bronson) "What did you think when you read all that phony publicity about yourself?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "You mean about the 17 knockouts?"
  • (Charles Bronson) "Yeah."
  • (Elvis Presley) "At first I kinda felt sorry for Willy."
  • (Charles Bronson) "Sorry for him?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "He's not a bad guy, Lew. Maybe he's got reason for being a liar. It'd be nice if we can help him out."
  • (Charles Bronson) "Help HIM out? Well how about YOU?"
  • (Charles Bronson) "Look at that. Suppose you step out there in that ring and Ezzard Bailey separates you from what little brains you got left? Huh?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Yeah, I've been thinking about that too."
  • (Charles Bronson) "Hey Walter. In case you want to duck once in a while, it ain't against the rules."
  • (Lola Albright) "This sort of thing is legal?"
  • (Gig Young) "You don't need a license to be stupid. I'll lay you 3-to-1 the kid don't last a round."

Robert Emhardt as Maynard

  • (Robert Emhardt) "What's the matter?"
  • (Lola Albright) "Nothing. It's love in bloom."
  • (Robert Emhardt) "Goodbye. I've watched it bloom before."
  • (Gig Young) "Look, Dolly -- this may seem funny to you but -- the kid doesn't know about us."
  • (Lola Albright) "I gathered that much. I can even quote you. "Rose, this is Miss What's-her-name. She just happened to drop by this morning." Were you so scared, you couldn't even remember my name?"
  • (Gig Young) "Dolly --"
  • (Lola Albright) "What is there to know about us anyway? Am I a lady barber or something? They've got sex in the Bronx, too, so what's the mystery?"
  • (Gig Young) "I'm only trying to tell you, she's only a baby -- a protected baby."
  • (Lola Albright) "Oh come off it. Babies aren't built like that. And besides -- if you're such a blue-nosed puritan about your sister -- then; - just forget it."
  • (Gig Young) "I just didn't know she was coming up here, understand? I-I-I just wasn't prepared."
  • (Lola Albright) "I know. You're not prepared for a lot of things. I'm beginning to get the idea."

David Lewis as Otto Danzig

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