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Less Than Zero (film) Quotes

Less Than Zero (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Less Than Zero ended in 1970.

It features Jon Avnet as producer, Thomas Newman in charge of musical score, and Edward Lachman as head of cinematography.

Less Than Zero (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Less Than Zero (film) is 98 minutes long. Less Than Zero (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Jami Gertz as Blair, Andrew McCarthy as Clay, Robert Downey Jr. as Julian, James Spader as Rip, and Nicholas Pryor as Benjamin Wells.

Less Than Zero (film) Quotes

Andrew McCarthy as Clay

  • (Andrew McCarthy) "You OK?"
  • (Jami Gertz) "It's the cocaine -- too much speed or something."
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "That's a relief."
  • (Jami Gertz) "What?"
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "Well, you're f***ed up, you look like s***, but hey no problem, all you need is a better cut of cocaine."
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "Are you happy, Blair? You don't look happy."
  • (Jami Gertz) "But do I look good?"
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "Just leave with me. There's no reason for you to stay. Not here, not in LA."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Jesus. Do I look like I'm ready for homework?"
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "Do you know that you girls have televisions between your legs?"

Robert Downey Jr. as Julian

  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "I'm real tired, I'm gonna go to bed for, a while."
  • (Nicholas Pryor) "Not here."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "How about, here?"
  • (Nicholas Pryor) "We talked about, this."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "When? I forgot. Refresh, my memory."
  • (Nicholas Pryor) "You can't, stay here. Live your life, anywhere you want but, not here."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Just give me a second, you're the father, and I'm the son. I'm your son, I'm sleepy."
  • (Unnamed) "Dad?"
  • (Nicholas Pryor) "Get out, I'll call the police."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "f*** you."
  • (Unnamed) "Get out, of the house."
  • (Nicholas Pryor) "Seth, no. leave him alone."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "It's always, a pleasure"
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Still pissed?"
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "No."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Liar."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "I mean, come on. Can't you tell when I'm telling the truth?"
  • (Nicholas Pryor) "No. Trust was the first thing you ruined."

James Spader as Rip

  • (James Spader) "Everyone is accountable."
  • (James Spader) "Well, don't slack off, man. Don't be a bum."
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "Like you?"
  • (James Spader) "Just like me."
  • (James Spader) "Got a minute, sweetheart?"
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Surely."
  • (James Spader) "We gots to talk business, friend."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Oh, no, all you need to do is relax. I'm gonna pay you back; all you have to do is trust me."
  • (James Spader) "I don't wanna trust you, Julian, I just want my 50 K, all right?"
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Patience is next to Godliness, Rip, didn't I ever tell you that? Actually, it's the flip side of cleanliness, but it's still pretty f***ing important if you ask me."
  • (James Spader) "Then what the hell are we talking about, Julian?"
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "We're talking about you giving me a G on spec."
  • (James Spader) "No. No. No way."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Listen, listen --"
  • (James Spader) "You're crazy. Forget about it."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Come on. There's these girls -- falling all over me -- for some blow. Come on."
  • (James Spader) "This is the last time."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "As soon as the club deal goes through, I'm recashing you every penny."
  • (James Spader) "I hope so."
  • (Robert Downey Jr.) "Well, don't hope -- trust."

Jami Gertz as Blair

  • (Jami Gertz) "Did you talk to Julian yet?"
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "No."
  • (Jami Gertz) "Clay, I asked you to talk to him."
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "Okay, I'll call Betty Ford, you want me to get him a room, fine."
  • (Jami Gertz) "No, just talk to him, I mean, he's your friend, too."
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "It's funny. When you called me, I thought I was coming home to see you."

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