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Let's Make Love Quotes

Let's Make Love is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Let's Make Love ended its run in 1970.

It features Jerry Wald as producer, Lionel Newman in charge of musical score, and Daniel L. Fapp as head of cinematography.

Let's Make Love is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Let's Make Love is 119 minutes long. Let's Make Love is distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation.

The cast includes: Yves Montand as Jean-Marc Clement, Tony Randall as Alexander Coffman, Marilyn Monroe as Amanda Dell, Frankie Vaughan as Tony Danton, and Joe Besser as Charlie Lamont.

Let's Make Love Quotes

Frankie Vaughan as Tony Danton

  • (Frankie Vaughan) "I got a father to support, a mother to support, a lazy loafin' good for nothin' brother to support."
  • (Frankie Vaughan) "Love is a many splintered thing."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "You meshugana."
  • (Frankie Vaughan) "They've each a trait that seems to state 'first-raters'"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Which separates them from the small per-tat-ers."

Marilyn Monroe as Amanda Dell

  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Listen. There used to be an actor. He played Abraham Lincoln for so many years; this is true; he grew his own beard. He went around in a shawl and you know what they used to say? 'He looks like Lincoln. He talks like Lincoln. But he won't be satisfied until he gets shot.'"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Charm him? I could murder him."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "My name is -- Lolita -- and uh -- I'm not supposed to -- play -- with boys."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "No. Don't turn TV on. Instead just turn me on. I light up like NEON. Just a tiny section of your affection in my direction will do. Ooh."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "I just adore his asking for more but my heart belongs to daddy."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "You're really French, aren't you?"
  • (Yves Montand) "Yes. Very much so."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Will they be surprised at night school."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "The least you could have done is tell me who you are."
  • (Yves Montand) "I did tell you."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "How did you expect me to believe it?"
  • (Yves Montand) "Because it was true."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "That's no excuse."

Joe Besser as Charlie Lamont

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Yves Montand as Jean-Marc Clement

  • (Yves Montand) "Show me what I can do with a woman."
  • (Unnamed) "After what I've read about you, I'm sure that you could show me."
  • (Yves Montand) "Time is money and I don't like to waste either."
  • (Yves Montand) "You don't have to worry about the bracelet, though. Just put Vaseline on your wrist every night. Don't skimp. A thick layer of Vaseline."
  • (Unnamed) "Vaseline? Why?"
  • (Yves Montand) "It will keep your wrist from peeling."
  • (Yves Montand) "And fourteen million Americans call you uncle?"
  • (Yves Montand) "I'm just thinking."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "About what?"
  • (Yves Montand) "About how happy you are."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Me? Happy?"
  • (Yves Montand) "Mmm Hmm. You seem able to forget yourself. That's the way you dance and you walk down the street that way too. You seem at home wherever you are. It must be a great feeling."
  • (Yves Montand) "Now don't tell me I am buying your approval -- I am."
  • (Yves Montand) "You don't hold your liquor very well."
  • (Tony Randall) "I'm not leaking out any place."

Tony Randall as Alexander Coffman

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