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Lord Jim (1965 film) Quotes

Lord Jim (1965 film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Lord Jim ended in 1970.

It features Richard Brooks as producer, Bronisław Kaper in charge of musical score, and Freddie Young as head of cinematography.

Lord Jim (1965 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Lord Jim (1965 film) is 154 minutes long. Lord Jim (1965 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

Lord Jim (1965 film) Quotes

  • (Lord Jim) "I've been a so-called coward and a so-called hero and there's not the thickness of a sheet of paper between them. Maybe cowards and heroes are just ordinary men who, for a split second, do something out of the ordinary. That's all."
  • (The General) "I like men of business. We have a common language: Money. You bring the ammunitions --"
  • (The General) "I buy."
  • (Lord Jim) "They're gone. Blown up. Exploded."
  • (The General) "One explosion."
  • (The General) "You bring nine separate barrels of powder. So there should be many separate explosions. Correct?"
  • (Lord Jim) "Correct."
  • (Gentleman Brown) "Now, where is this gold kept, is it guarded, if so, how, and by whom?"
  • (Cornelius) "How do I know I can trust you?"
  • (Gentleman Brown) "You don't know."
  • (Cornelius) "What do you think?"
  • (Schomberg) "I'm a silent partner."
  • (Cornelius) "Then I suppose we'll have to take each other's word as gentlemen?"
  • (Gentleman Brown) "I suppose."
  • (Gentleman Brown) "Drunk, you're useless -- unreliable."
  • (Schomberg) "Sober he's the same."
  • (Marlow) "Joseph Conrad wrote, "If you want to know the age of the Earth, look upon the sea in a storm." But what storm could fully reveal the heart of a man?"
  • (Cornelius) "Oh, I feel a gripping pain here, probably something I ate."
  • (The General) "Probably a precious stone perhaps. Like all thingsgreat and small, it will pass, and when it does, give it back."
  • (Gentleman Brown) "I think his majesty had pretentions to heroism, a form of mental disease induced by vanity."
  • (The General) "Have you ever considered what makes pain unbearable? One thing. The brain."
  • (The General) "Put the brain to sleep, and the flesh can be burned, torn, twisted, chopped, without pain."
  • (The General) "Awaken the brain, anticipate pain, and every touch, sight, sound, becomes exaggerated. The body betrays the mind. Finally, the pain becomes unbearable."
  • (Gentleman Brown) "You have a natural talent for disaster. Try and improve yourself into an ordinary failure by keeping your mouth shut."
  • (The General) "Ah, the sign of the true believer. You wear the Jesus medal, yet you beseech Buddha. Last week it was Mohammed. Before that, Confucius."
  • (Stein) "I do not trust a man who does not respect money."
  • (Schomberg) "The Captain of this ship is -- do you know Gentleman Brown?"
  • (Cornelius) "For this sort of work, we don't need any gentlemen."
  • (Schomberg) "This "Gentleman" Captain Brown has given more business to Death than the bubonic plague. From Java to Fiji, he's wanted for piracy, slavery, mutiny, rape, murder, and some things that aren't even mentioned in the Bible."
  • (Brierly) "Could you do what he did?"
  • (The French Officer) "Who knows? Under certain conditions, fear will come to any man. It's always there, waiting for us --"
  • (Marlow) "One hope kept Jim going; a hope common to most men. Rich or poor, strong or weak, who among us has not begged God for a second chance?"
  • (Cornelius) "What do you think of before a battle? Death? Killing? God? A woman."
  • (The General) "I think only of what the enemy is thinking."

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