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Love in the Afternoon (1957 film) Quotes

Love in the Afternoon (1957 film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Love in the Afternoon ended its run in 1970.

It features Billy Wilder as producer, Henri Betti in charge of musical score, and William C. Mellor as head of cinematography.

Love in the Afternoon (1957 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Love in the Afternoon (1957 film) is 124 or 130 minutes long. Love in the Afternoon (1957 film) is distributed by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation.

The cast includes: Audrey Hepburn as Ariane Chavasse, Van Doude as Michel, Maurice Chevalier as Claude Chavasse, John McGiver as Monsieur X, and Gary Cooper as Frank Flannagan.

Love in the Afternoon (1957 film) Quotes

Gary Cooper as Frank Flannagan

  • (Gary Cooper) "What does he export and what does he import?"
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "Oh, he uh; he exports perfume and imports bananas. There's a fortune in it. Do you realize that for one bottle of perfume you get twelve bananas?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Twelve bananas for one bottle of; doesn't sound like such a hot deal to me."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "It's a tiny bottle of perfume and very large bananas."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Aren't you a little too young for that?"
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "I was about to ask you a similar question. Aren't you a little too old for that?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "That hurts. First you save a man's life, then you stab him. Is that kind?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Goodbye, thin girl."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "Goodbye, Mr. Flannagan."
  • (Gary Cooper) "You promised."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "You don't have to worry about me, Mr. Flannagan. There've been so many men before. There'll be so many after this. It's gonna be another one of those crazy years. While you're in Cannes, I'll be in Brussels with the banker. He wants to give me a Mercedes Benz, a blue one, it's my favorite color. And while you're in Athens, I'll be with the duke again in Scotland. But, I don't know whether I'll go yet, because another man's asked me to spend the summer with him in Deauville. He owns race horses. He's very rich. He's number twenty. I mean number twenty one, you're number twenty. So, you see Mr. Flannagan, I'll be perfectly all right. I'll -- I'll be all right -- I'll be all right."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Everything about you is perfect."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "I'm too thin. And my ears stick out, and my teeth are crooked and my neck's much too long."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Maybe so, but I love the way it all hangs together."

Audrey Hepburn as Ariane Chavasse

  • (Audrey Hepburn) "They're very odd people, you know. When they're young, they have their teeth straightened, their tonsils taken out and gallons of vitamins pumped into them. Something happens to their insides. They become immunized, mechanized, air-conditioned and hydromatic. I'm not even sure whether he has a heart."
  • (Van Doude) "What is he? A creature from outer space?"
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "No. He's an American."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "Papa, you are a cynic."
  • (Maurice Chevalier) "I guess I am."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "You enjoy your work."
  • (Maurice Chevalier) "I guess I do."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "You'd enjoyed it even if you weren't paid for it."
  • (Maurice Chevalier) "I wouldn't go that far."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "I'm against violence. In my opinion, there's too much shooting in the world, and not enough love."
  • (Gary Cooper) "How's that, again?"
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "I mean, if people loved each other more, they'd shoot each other less."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "Working on a new case?"
  • (Maurice Chevalier) "A client from Brussels. His wife ran away to Paris with the chauffeur. I have to find them; the husband wants his car back."
  • (Audrey Hepburn) "I see nothing has changed --"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Of course not. Once you've got a winning combination, why mess around with it?"

John McGiver as Monsieur X

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Maurice Chevalier as Claude Chavasse

  • (Maurice Chevalier) "This is the city; Paris, France. It is just like any other big city; London, New York, Tokyo; except for two little things. In Paris, people eat better. And in Paris, people make love; well, perhaps not better, but certainly more often. They do it any time, any place. On the left bank, on the right bank, and in between. They do it by day, and they do it by night. The butcher, the baker, and the friendly undertaker. They do it in motion, they do it sitting absolutely still. Poodles do it. Tourists do it. Generals do it. Once in a while even existentialists do it. There is young love, and old love. Married love, and innocent love. That is where I come in. My name is Claude Chavasse. I am what you would call a private eye."
  • (Maurice Chevalier) "On Monday, August 24th of this year, the case of Frank Flannagan and Ariane Chavasse came up before the superior judge in Cannes. They are now married, serving a life sentence in New York, state of New York, USA."

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