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March or Die (film) Quotes

March or Die (film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . March or Die ended in 1970.

It features Jerry Bruckheimer as producer, Maurice Jarre in charge of musical score, and John Alcott as head of cinematography.

March or Die (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of March or Die (film) is 104 minutes long. March or Die (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Terence Hill as Marco Segrain, Ian Holm as El Krim, Gene Hackman as Maj. William Sherman Foster, Jean Champion as Minister, Paul Antrim as Mollard, Catherine Deneuve as Simone Picard, Marcel Bozzuffi as Lt. Fontaine, Jack O'Halloran as Ivan, and Rufus as Sgt. Triand.

March or Die (film) Quotes

Rufus as Sgt. Triand

  • (Rufus) "Please, sir, the orders? -- The men are waiting for your orders."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Are the men in their trenches?"
  • (Rufus) "There are no trenches, sir."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Why haven't the trenches been dug?"
  • (Rufus) "The men were building a wall for protection, sir."
  • (Gene Hackman) "For protection? For protection from WHAT? -- These are dead men. They wanted to die. That's why we joined the Legion; not to live, but to die. And we shall -- all die. And for what? So that some fat, overstuffed Frenchman can belch his lunch on the sight of gold in the Louvre."

Jean Champion as Minister

  • (Jean Champion) "We can certainly risk a few Legionnaires for France. After all, they are mostly foreigners."
  • (Unnamed) "Your Excellency, I have devoted my life to enhancing France's prestige as the cultural center of the world; not only for our pleasure and education, but also for the vast sums of money these treasures create."
  • (Jean Champion) "Monsieur Marneau, exactly what was there at Erfoud?"
  • (Unnamed) "A city, which has been covered by the desert sands for almost three thousand years. Where the Berber "Joan of Arc" is buried. They call her "The Angel of the Desert." And legend has it, that entombed with her is an incalculable fortune in gold and jewels, which is most certainly worth far more than what France just spent to win the war."

Ian Holm as El Krim

  • (Ian Holm) "One of my men got restless."
  • (Gene Hackman) "One of my men got restless."
  • (Ian Holm) "I am sorry, old friend. But it was the only way. And now our tribes are together: Bedouin, Berber, Rif -- We will resist ALL foreigners, until we prevail."
  • (Ian Holm) "I let you live so that what happened today could be known, to the entire world."

Gene Hackman as Maj. William Sherman Foster

  • (Gene Hackman) "On a march a man dies where he falls. We don't go back for stragglers."
  • (Terence Hill) "I'll remember that, sir."
  • (Gene Hackman) "I see you've learned to enjoy watching men suffer."
  • (Unnamed) "Major Foster is a hero of the War."
  • (Gene Hackman) "I'm afraid there are no heroes in war; only survivors."
  • (Paul Antrim) "Come now, Major. You needn't be modest with us."
  • (Gene Hackman) ""Modest"? I took 8,000 men with me. I came back with 200. I think I've earned my modesty."
  • (Gene Hackman) "I have orders to continue the excavation at Erfoud."
  • (Ian Holm) "And I have orders from higher authority to stop you -- from Allah. I marvel at the audacity of the French. They think they have the right to divide up other lands, peoples. You can bring 10,000 trains of Legionnaires; you still will not take anything from our homeland."
  • (Ian Holm) "The desert welcomes you, Foster."
  • (Unnamed) "You are going to excavate in Morocco, is that correct?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yes."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Grave-robbing, actually. That's what I call it where I'm from."
  • (Gene Hackman) "We are in the grave business, aren't we? I mean, you dig them up, and I fill them in."
  • (Unnamed) "What you call "grave-robbing," Major, is the search for our classical heritage; that is, the secrets of our forefathers."
  • (Gene Hackman) "From the French; a gift to your people."
  • (Ian Holm) "How can you make gift of something that is already ours?"
  • (Unnamed) "Ah, an American in the Foreign Legion, eh?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Yes -- That's why they call it the "Foreign" Legion, Captain."
  • (Gene Hackman) "I was in Morocco for 12 years. Do you know what a trench is? I dug trenches all over Europe. I ate in them, and I slept in them -- I should have been a general in the U.S. Army. I was named after a general; - William Sherman -- The Legion is my army now. Not the vaunted army of America; those bastards threw me out. All I did was tell them what I thought of them."

Catherine Deneuve as Simone Picard

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Jack O'Halloran as Ivan

  • (Jack O'Halloran) "I should have been there."
  • (Terence Hill) "Where?"
  • (Jack O'Halloran) "I was special guard, for royal family. I am away. They take them. I walk Russia. I cannot find them. July, this year, they kill them. All of them -- ALL of them."

Terence Hill as Marco Segrain

  • (Terence Hill) "Some of will give up. Some of you will even try to run. I warn you, until now no one succeeded. When the Legion doesn't get you, the Arabs will. When the Arabs won't catch you, the desert will. And when the desert doesn't devour your measly corpses, then I will. I wouldn't know what's worse"

Marcel Bozzuffi as Lt. Fontaine

  • (Marcel Bozzuffi) "Leave that man alone. In the Legion, you march, or die --. Get his pack and rifle, and rejoin the column."

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