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Maximum Overdrive Quotes

Maximum Overdrive is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Maximum Overdrive ended its run in 1970.

It features Martha Schumacher as producer, AC/DC; Basil Poledouris in charge of musical score, and Armando Nannuzzi as head of cinematography.

Maximum Overdrive is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Maximum Overdrive is 97 minutes long. Maximum Overdrive is distributed by De Laurentiis Entertainment Group.

The cast includes: Yeardley Smith as Connie, Emilio Estevez as Bill Robinson, Patrick Miller as Joe, Pat Hingle as Hendershot, Ellen McElduff as Wanda June, John Short as Curtis, Laura Harrington as Brett, Christopher Murney as Camp Loman, J. C. Quinn as Duncan, and Holter Graham as Deke.

Maximum Overdrive Quotes

Yeardley Smith as Connie

  • (Yeardley Smith) "Curtis? Are you dead?"

Laura Harrington as Brett

  • (Laura Harrington) "If you don't get your hand off my leg, you're going to be wiping your ass with a hook next time you take a dump."
  • (Christopher Murney) "I never heard no talk like that when I was a boy."
  • (Laura Harrington) "Maybe tomorrow it will be our world again."
  • (Emilio Estevez) "I don't know. Was it ever?"
  • (Laura Harrington) "Eat my shorts."
  • (Laura Harrington) "I'm scared."
  • (Laura Harrington) "Holy s***. You think he stole all this?"
  • (Emilio Estevez) "No, I think he bought it. That's what a guy like him does."
  • (Laura Harrington) "Buys things?"
  • (Emilio Estevez) "Buy cheap and sell dear. It's the American way."

Christopher Murney as Camp Loman

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Emilio Estevez as Bill Robinson

  • (Emilio Estevez) "Adios, motherf***er."
  • (Emilio Estevez) "Jesus is coming and he is pissed."
  • (Emilio Estevez) "You really going after Deke, man?"
  • (J. C. Quinn) "Yeah."
  • (Emilio Estevez) "Look here, how many fingers you see, huh? Eight? Twelve?"
  • (J. C. Quinn) "Okay, so I got a little double vision, but it's clearin' up Bill. I gotta find my boy. I gotta. Anything could be goin' on out there. Chrissakes."
  • (Pat Hingle) "You leave here without punching out -- and you ain't never gonna have to punch out again, Bubba."
  • (J. C. Quinn) "Good. You leave me alone you fat f***."
  • (Pat Hingle) "Why you --"
  • (Emilio Estevez) "Don't. Leave him alone."
  • (Pat Hingle) "Or what?"
  • (Emilio Estevez) "Or I'll knock your teeth in -- Bubba."
  • (Emilio Estevez) "It isn't the comet. It's a broom. Imagine you're a race of aliens, right? And, you're looking for a new place to live. Say you're looking for a planet like you and I looking for a new place to live. A new house. So here's Earth. Only it's like this big old house. And, it's kind of polluted, dirty, and smoky. Grease on the walls, soot in the chimney. So, they send in their interstellar housecleaners. Send in their broom. Sweep us all up. That's what this it is, it's a broom. Using our own machines to sweep us right off."

Patrick Miller as Joe

  • (Patrick Miller) "What do you think happened here?"
  • (Pat Hingle) "f***ed if I know, Bubba. f***ed if I know."

Holter Graham as Deke

  • (Holter Graham) "Bill, where's my dad?"
  • (Pat Hingle) "Oh, your dad got scrubbed by one of 'em big boys out there earlier today. Tough break, kid."
  • (Laura Harrington) "You unbelievable s***head."
  • (Pat Hingle) "What? What'd I do?"

Pat Hingle as Hendershot

  • (Pat Hingle) "I don't give a ladybug."
  • (Pat Hingle) "Mosta them god damn things got no right t'be runnin'. They s'posed to be depoted."

Ellen McElduff as Wanda June

  • (Ellen McElduff) "You can't. WE MADE YOU."

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