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Planet Terror Quotes

Planet Terror is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Planet Terror stopped airing in 1970.

It features Elizabeth Avellán, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino as producer, Robert Rodriguez in charge of musical score, and Robert Rodriguez as head of cinematography.

Planet Terror is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Planet Terror is 105 minutes long. Planet Terror is distributed by Dimension Films.

The cast includes: Rebel Rodriguez as Tony Block, Marley Shelton as Dr. Dakota Block, Skip Reissig as Skip, Naveen Andrews as Abby, Bruce Willis as Lt. Muldoon, Freddy Rodriguez as El Wray, Michael Biehn as Sheriff Hague, Jerili Romero as Earl McGraw, Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling, Jeff Fahey as J.T. Hague, Fergie as Tammy, Josh Brolin as Dr. William Block, Quentin Tarantino as Rapist #2, Felix Sabates as Dr. Felix, Julio Oscar Mechoso as Romy, Electra and Elise Avellan as Babysitter Twin #1, and Electra and Elise Avellan as Babysitter Twin #2.

Planet Terror Quotes

Michael Biehn as Sheriff Hague

  • (Michael Biehn) "Try not to shoot yourselves. Don't shoot each other. But especially -- don't shoot me."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Give him the gun. Give him all the guns."
  • (Michael Biehn) "I figured that one of my new deputies might end up shooting me -- but not you, Tolo."
  • (Michael Biehn) "You cook that meat at 250 degrees don't you?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "I don't remember. I set the heat with my hands."
  • (Michael Biehn) "You give me that recipe or I'll raise your rent higher than a Georgia pine."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Brother, ain't no Texan's ever gonna give you his BBQ recipe, that's a fact. He'll take it to his grave. I could be bleedin' like a stuck pig and I ain't gonna tell ya. I could be dyin' in your arms and I ain't gonna tell ya."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Heh heh heh."
  • (Michael Biehn) "We'll see about that."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Where the hell are you going?"
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "I'm going to get Cherry."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Fine, but we're taking my car."
  • (Michael Biehn) "I'm riding with you."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Dumbass."
  • (Michael Biehn) "I was thinking, we could build a new place right there where the old one was. You cook, I work the back."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "You don't make that rent so God-Damn high."
  • (Michael Biehn) "We share the recipe, we share the rent."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Start at 250 degrees."
  • (Michael Biehn) "I knew it. For how long?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "12 pounds?"
  • (Michael Biehn) "Sure."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "12 pounds, 12 hours."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Wrapped in tin foil, right?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "I don't use no god**** foil."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Damn. Tomatoes? Fresh?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Canned."
  • (Michael Biehn) "No s***?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Yeah."
  • (Michael Biehn) "You score me some?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Oh Yeah, cause we're brothers."
  • (Michael Biehn) "Thank you for this."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "You just remember, you got to take this recipe to your grave."
  • (Michael Biehn) "I think I can -- god**** guarantee that."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Heh heh heh heh heh heh."

Freddy Rodriguez as El Wray

  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "So what are you going to do now?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "I'm going to be a stand-up comedian."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "You're not funny."
  • (Rose McGowan) "That's what I keep trying to tell everybody but they all say I'm hilarious."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "But you're not."
  • (Rose McGowan) "There's a difference between being frank -- and being dick."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "That's my jacket. I looked for it for two weeks."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "I never miss."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "I like the way you say 'f***'."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Good. f*** you."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "Go. Leave me."
  • (Rose McGowan) "I am not leaving you here like this. Motherf***ers around here eat road kill."
  • (Rose McGowan) "See? I'm funny. I made you laugh."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "Go to the ocean. Put your backs to it and protect yourselves there."
  • (Rose McGowan) "I'm not leaving you, Wray. Two against the world."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "It will be. I promise."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "I never miss."

Quentin Tarantino as Rapist #2

  • (The Rapist) "I bet you thought that was pretty funny? You gave me some wood, now I'm gonna give you --"
  • (The Rapist) "-- some f***ing wood."
  • (Quentin Tarantino) "Gas. You need gas. Put your mask back on."
  • (The Rapist) "No, no, f*** the gas. I'm just gonna have to make this quick."
  • (The Rapist) "I'm gettin' my dick wet."
  • (Quentin Tarantino) "She's only got one leg."
  • (The Rapist) "Easier access."
  • (Quentin Tarantino) "Oh -- that is a good point."

Bruce Willis as Lt. Muldoon

  • (Bruce Willis) "Where's -- the -- s***?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "Looks like I've got you by the balls --"
  • (Bruce Willis) "You want the story? I'll spin it for you quick."

Naveen Andrews as Abby

  • (Naveen Andrews) "You killed Bin Laden?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "I put two in his heart, one in his computer."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "So that was you."

Marley Shelton as Dr. Dakota Block

  • (Marley Shelton) "Tony, if anyone comes up to the car, I want you to shoot them. Just like in your video games: shoot them in the head."
  • (Rebel Rodriguez) "What if it's dad?"
  • (Marley Shelton) "Especially if it's your dad."
  • (Marley Shelton) "Goodbye, Bill."
  • (Josh Brolin) "Don't you mean "see you later"?"
  • (Marley Shelton) "Of course."
  • (Marley Shelton) "No more dead bodies for Daddy tonight."

Felix Sabates as Dr. Felix

  • (Felix Sabates) "Viral infections. They came pouring in. Some are rapidly developing coliform leisions -- highly contagious. What do you think?"
  • (Josh Brolin) "Self preservation comes to mind."

Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling

  • (Rose McGowan) "Look, you were being an unbelievable dick. I was walking out on you. I was cold, I took your f***ing jacket. So, if you're go on one of your psycho, obsessive, controlling rants about a f***ing jacket, then f***ing take it 'cause I'd rather f***ing freeze than f***ing hear about it one more time."
  • (Rose McGowan) "I'm Cherry."
  • (Marley Shelton) "You sure are."
  • (The Rapist) "You're a dancer?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "I was earlier tonight."
  • (The Rapist) "Well, I'm pulling you out of retirement."
  • (Rose McGowan) "You're a doctor?"
  • (Marley Shelton) "Hmm. I was earlier tonight."
  • (Rose McGowan) "I always wanted to be a doctor, instead, I can do this."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Useless talent number 66. I'm very pliable."
  • (Marley Shelton) "You know, my girlfriend had a theory. She said at some point in your life, you find a use for every useless talent you ever had. It's like connecting the dots."
  • (Rose McGowan) "I'm not that optimistic. I feel like I'm sinking down a drain and I can't get out."
  • (Marley Shelton) "She'd say, "when you're stuck in that spiral, you reach up"."
  • (Rose McGowan) "What if there's nothing up there?"
  • (Marley Shelton) "Just reach up."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Where'd you learn to do THAT?"
  • (Marley Shelton) "Useless Talent #37."
  • (Rose McGowan) "It's beautiful. She's beautiful. I wish you could see us, us two. It's like you said it would be. Two against the world, baby. Two against the world."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Name's Cherry Darling --"
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "Sounds like a stripper name."
  • (Rose McGowan) "No, it sounds like a go-go dancer name. There's a difference."
  • (Rose McGowan) "I don't suppose anyone else here is a bio-chemical engineer?"
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "I'll take that as a "no.""
  • (Rose McGowan) "My leg's stuck. Pull over."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "It's just wood."
  • (Rose McGowan) "It's splintering."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "Would you just leave it alone?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "Why do you have to be so mean?"
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "Just, just do me a favor, alright? Stay strong."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Stay?"
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "Yeah, baby. Stay."
  • (Rose McGowan) "You could carry me, Wray."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "You never wanted that before. Why start now?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "I was going to be a stand-up comedian."

Jeff Fahey as J.T. Hague

  • (Jeff Fahey) "That boy's got the devil in him."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Hey, hey. You want some barbeque? Best in Texas."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Oh, no thanks."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "What's the matter? You don't eat meat?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "Oh, I eat meat. I also eat lots of s***."
  • (Rose McGowan) "See that?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "What's that?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "s***-eating grin."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "You ought to be a comedian."
  • (Rose McGowan) "What do you think of the leg?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Sure is funny."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Now THAT'S a rump roast."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Best in Texas."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Grab the slaw. Can't have a barbeque without the slaw."
  • (Electra and Elise Avellan) "We need guns."
  • (Electra and Elise Avellan) "f***ing cool."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "You're the second person to show up tonight."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "Who's the first?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Right there. Must be passin' through. Seems only strangers eat here."
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "I still eat here, J.T."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Oh, yeah, you sure do. By the way, don't choke on all that food you're eatin'."

Rebel Rodriguez as Tony Block

  • (Rebel Rodriguez) "Hey mom, another tooth fell out."
  • (Rebel Rodriguez) "Your tooth fell out too --"
  • (Rebel Rodriguez) "-- we're toothless buddies."
  • (Marley Shelton) "We sure are, sweetie --"
  • (Rebel Rodriguez) "I'm gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge."
  • (Rebel Rodriguez) "I'm gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge."

Skip Reissig as Skip

  • (Skip Reissig) "It's go go, not cry cry."
  • (Skip Reissig) "Real pretty tonight, Holly."
  • (Skip Reissig) "Goddammit, girls; if you're gonna do that s***, do it onstage."
  • (Skip Reissig) "Smokin' hot. Whew."

Jerili Romero as Earl McGraw

  • (Jerili Romero) "You don't smoke, do you, Wray?"
  • (Freddy Rodriguez) "Nope."
  • (Jerili Romero) "That's -- probably good."
  • (Jerili Romero) "God, dammit. Ramona, you've been fartin' like a god****ed pack mule."
  • (Jerili Romero) "Never did like that son of a bitch. About as useless as a pecker on a pope."

Julio Oscar Mechoso as Romy

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Electra and Elise Avellan as Babysitter Twin #2

  • (Electra and Elise Avellan) "Conio chica, you said 10 pm. We can't be watching your kid all god**** night."
  • (Electra and Elise Avellan) "That's right."
  • (Electra and Elise Avellan) "Your friend never showed up, and we've got s*** to do."
  • (Marley Shelton) "Then start doing it."

Fergie as Tammy

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