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Relativity (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

Relativity (Star Trek: Voyager) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Relativity ended in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Each episode of Relativity (Star Trek: Voyager) is 45 minutes (runtime) long.

Relativity (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

  • (Lieutenant Ducane) "Tempus fugit."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Captain, I believe your future self is suffering from temporal psychosis."
  • (Future Captain Braxton) "Well, of course I am, you pedantic drone."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Does this make any sense to you?"
  • (Tuvok) "Like most time paradoxes, it's implausible, but not necessarily illogical."
  • (Chakotay) "We're detecting temporal paradoxes throughout the ship."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Paradoxes?"
  • (Chakotay) "Internal chronometers show it's 0600 on deck 9 and 0605 on deck 13. Time's passing more quickly in some parts of the ship and slowing down in others."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Maybe that explains why this coffee tastes like it's three days old."
  • (The Doctor) "An injection a day keeps space sickness away."
  • (The Doctor) "You try to be funny after treating 37 cases of nausea."
  • (Captain Braxton) "Avoid; contact; with Janeway. That's an order."
  • (Neelix) "Doctor. Shall I whip you up a photonic snack?"
  • (Lieutenant Ducane) "I'm sorry, sir. I'm taking command of this vessel; and I'm relieving you of duty for crimes -- you're going to commit."
  • (Future Captain Braxton) "Long time no see."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Seven of Nine to Seven of Nine, what's your status?"
  • (Seven of Nine) "The Borg once traveled back in time to stop Zephram Cochrane from breaking the warp barrier. They succeeded, but that in turn led the Starship Enterprise to intervene. They assisted Cochrane with the flight the Borg were trying to prevent. Causal loop complete."
  • (Lieutenant Ducane) "So, in a way, the Federation owes its existence to the Borg."
  • (Seven of Nine) "You're welcome."
  • (Captain Braxton) "I gave up trying to keep my tenses straight years ago."
  • (Tuvok) "I'm detecting bio-mechanical implants. They have a Borg signature."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Janeway to the bridge, scan the vicinity for Borg ships."
  • (Chakotay) "Did you say Borg?"
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Do it."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Come here often?"
  • (Captain Janeway (2371)) "It's bigger than I expected."
  • (Admiral Patterson) "Schematics never fully prepare you for the real thing."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Before you say anything, let me remind you what happens to bearers of bad news."
  • (Chakotay) "Don't kill the messenger."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Go ahead, fire."
  • (The Doctor) "I did get a call from you. You just haven't made it yet."
  • (Captain Braxton) "We have a saying in our line of work: there's no time like the past."
  • (Captain Janeway (2371)) "Is this part of the tour?"
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "All right. Let's get started before my headache gets any worse."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "I get the feeling I'm about to be drafted."
  • (Tom Paris) "Too bad. Well, I guess I'll have to tell B'Elanna that you thought you couldn't beat her."
  • (Seven of Nine) "You're attempting to appeal to my vanity."
  • (Tom Paris) "Is it working?"
  • (Seven of Nine) "I will consider your request."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "See you in the 24th century."
  • (Seven of Nine) "I'll look forward to it; or should I say backward."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Don't get started."
  • (The Doctor) "Next time your human physiology fails you, don't consult the database; just call me."
  • (Seven of Nine) "You are the database."
  • (The Doctor) "With two legs and a splendid bedside manner."
  • (The Doctor) "Where is the medical emergency?"
  • (Neelix) "I hope you're not referring to this pot roast."
  • (The Doctor) "You called me a few minutes ago, you said Ensign Manis was ill."
  • (Neelix) "I did?"
  • (The Doctor) "Yes."
  • (Neelix) "Ensign Manis is right over there. He came in an hour ago, he looks perfectly norm --"

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