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Rocco and His Brothers Quotes

Rocco and His Brothers is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Rocco and His Brothers ended its run in 1970.

It features Goffredo Lombardo as producer, Nino Rota in charge of musical score, and Giuseppe Rotunno as head of cinematography.

Rocco and His Brothers is recorded in Italian language and originally aired in Cinema of Italy. Each episode of Rocco and His Brothers is 177 minutes long. Rocco and His Brothers is distributed by Astor Pictures Corporation.

The cast includes: Alain Delon as Rocco Parondi, Annie Girardot as Nadia, Spiros Focás as Vincenzo Parondi, Max Cartier as Ciro Parondi, Claudia Cardinale as Ginetta, Katina Paxinou as Rosaria Parondi, Roger Hanin as Morini, Renato Salvatori as Simone Parondi, Paolo Stoppa as Cerri, Renato Salvatori as Ivo, and Rocco Vidolazzi as Luca Parondi.

Rocco and His Brothers Quotes

Annie Girardot as Nadia

  • (Annie Girardot) "You helped me to understand the life I led was horrible. I learned to love you. And now, because of the brutality of a louse, who humiliated me in front of you to bring us to his level, all of the sudden nothing is the same. What was beautiful and right has become wrong."
  • (Annie Girardot) "I don't want to die."
  • (Annie Girardot) "What can I do?"
  • (Alain Delon) "Have faith and have no fear. Great faith."
  • (Annie Girardot) "Faith in what?"
  • (Alain Delon) "I don't know; in everything."
  • (Annie Girardot) "In you?"
  • (Alain Delon) "Yes. In me too."
  • (Annie Girardot) "If I'm not mistaken, you box like I put out. No? For money."
  • (Renato Salvatori) "No, I box with passion."
  • (Annie Girardot) "With feeling? Yeah, well, I work with passion too."
  • (Annie Girardot) "Time flies when every day's the same. Wouldn't seem so, but it's true."
  • (Annie Girardot) "The whole world's a one-way street."
  • (Annie Girardot) "Burly boys like you can get anything you like if you try hard enough."

Alain Delon as Rocco Parondi

  • (Alain Delon) "There's no hope now."
  • (Alain Delon) "I'd like to make a toast to the day, which is still far away, when I can go home. And if I won't be able to, I hope one of us will be able to return to our land. Maybe you, Luca."
  • (Rocco Vidolazzi) "I'd go back with you."
  • (Alain Delon) "Remember, Luca, ours is the land of olive trees, of moon sickness, and of rainbows. Do you remember, Vincenzo? Before starting to build, the head mask throws a brick at the shadow of the first person who happened by."
  • (Rocco Vidolazzi) "Why?"
  • (Alain Delon) "As a token of sacrifice, so that the house may be built solidly."
  • (Alain Delon) "I'm lost in the city. I was neither born nor raised in one. Not only me, but my brothers and my friends. Some get used to city life and enjoy the city the way city folk do. Not me."
  • (Alain Delon) "This is for you, but get out of Milan for a while."
  • (Alain Delon) "You have no job to lose anyway. Besides, any place is the same to you. But stay out of this house."
  • (Renato Salvatori) "Did the "Court of Brothers" decide that?"
  • (Alain Delon) "I don't believe in earthly justice. It's not our job to judge him, but to help him. Let's help him."
  • (Alain Delon) "Don't curse. It serves no purpose. We're no longer in God's grace. We're our own enemies. We've all become enemies. Why curse? We have erred and must pay for our faults."
  • (Alain Delon) "If only we had never left home. But it is our destiny, yours and mine and Simone's."
  • (Max Cartier) "Imagine all the misery had we remained there."
  • (Alain Delon) "But we'd still be close."

Max Cartier as Ciro Parondi

  • (Max Cartier) "Brothers or not, we're seeds taken from the same sack meant to bear fruit. A seed gone bad must be weeded out. Just like when we cleaned lentils."
  • (Max Cartier) "Rest now. We'll settle everything tomorrow."
  • (Katina Paxinou) "Tomorrow? Tomorrow? There is no tomorrow."
  • (Max Cartier) "Are you okay, Rocco?"
  • (Alain Delon) "Winning came easy, Ciro, because I wasn't fighting him, I was fighting someone who aroused hatred in me, this hatred that's been lurking inside without my knowing. It's a bad feeling. You can't imagine how bad."
  • (Max Cartier) "How's that possible, Rocco? There's nothing bad in you. Come on, Rocco, cheer up. You're a champ. A real champion."

Rocco Vidolazzi as Luca Parondi

  • (Rocco Vidolazzi) "I was a kid when we moved here. It was Simone, not Vincenzo, who made me understand that in our hometown we were beasts of burden, confined to work in blind obedience. He said nobody should be a slave and we must never neglect our responsibilities."
  • (Rocco Vidolazzi) "Rocco's a saint, but what can he do in this world? He won't defend himself. He's so forgiving. But one mustn't always forgive."
  • (Rocco Vidolazzi) "If Rocco goes back to our town, I want to go with him."
  • (Max Cartier) "I doubt he'll see our hometown again. You might, some day. But what do you think you'll find there? Things will change there too. Even there, they realize that things must change. Many have little faith in a changed world, but I do."

Renato Salvatori as Ivo

  • (Renato Salvatori) "Is your brother still pining for the motorized whore? Or does he aim higher now?"
  • (Unnamed) "Are you out of your mind? Answer me. Stop laughing. You came here asking for special favors and then even had the gall to steal from us and act nonchalant about it. Thief."
  • (Renato Salvatori) "I wasn't really stealing."
  • (Unnamed) "That's hard to believe. You take advantage of people's kindness and generosity. I'm so gullible, ready to believe everyone and everything. It's a struggle for a woman who runs a company and must be careful about everything."
  • (Unnamed) "What do you want?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, don't;"

Spiros Focás as Vincenzo Parondi

  • (Unnamed) "So what's the big deal? Milan is full of housing. Apartment buildings are shooting up like mushrooms."
  • (Spiros Focás) "What about rent?"
  • (Unnamed) "Listen to me, do what all you southerners do. Know what I mean?"
  • (Spiros Focás) "My whole family arrived unexpectedly like an earthquake and then argued with my future in-laws. I had to give up my room and my fiancée, what a mess."
  • (Unnamed) "For you, a room and a fiancée are the same thing."

Roger Hanin as Morini

  • (Roger Hanin) "Purple, the color of champions and showgirls."
  • (Roger Hanin) "Got the jitters? It happens when you realize that punches ruin your profile."

Paolo Stoppa as Cerri

  • (Paolo Stoppa) "I want real boxers, pros. Not southern hicks. The Milanese are right. Dirt-pushers. You're all worthless. I don't want anything to do with you."

Katina Paxinou as Rosaria Parondi

  • (Katina Paxinou) "Ciro, my dear son, tell me: is it my fault these tragedies are happening? I brought my strong, handsome sons here to better themselves and not toil a thankless land like their father who died a thousand times."
  • (Max Cartier) "You did well."
  • (Katina Paxinou) "Your father couldn't bring himself to leave the land. But during the 25 years we spent together I thought of nothing but leaving, leaving, leaving, leaving. I wanted it for Vincenzo, Simone, Rocco and for you. Nothing seemed beautiful there. That world was so small. Here I feel as if I could touch the sky. People on the street called me "Signora", imagine. Me, "Signora", here in this big city. Thanks to my wonderful boys. But now, everything's gone wrong."
  • (Katina Paxinou) "What were you thinking bringing her in? We don't know her, she could even be a whore."
  • (Spiros Focás) "She's beautiful."
  • (Katina Paxinou) "Beautiful? She's a bland girl with goose bumps. Learn how to look at women, use your eyes."
  • (Alain Delon) "She had goose bumps because she was cold."
  • (Katina Paxinou) "No, she's got that milk-and-water northern skin."
  • (Katina Paxinou) "The day I will be truly happy is when all my five sons sit at this table, like the five fingers of my hand."

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