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Shadowboxing (Heroes) Quotes

Shadowboxing (Heroes) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Shadowboxing completed its run in 1970.

Shadowboxing (Heroes) Quotes

  • (Samuel Sullivan) "In the wrong hands, this compass could mean trouble for my family. We just need to stay hidden."
  • (Noah Bennet) "From who?"
  • (Samuel Sullivan) "Well, for starters, you. No offense, sir, but you have a reputation for scorching earth to get to people like me."
  • (Samuel Sullivan) "It's a slanted perspective to see the extraordinary through ordinary eyes. Fear is easier than understanding."
  • (Claire Bennet) "So how do you deal with it?"
  • (Samuel Sullivan) "By not having to deal with it."
  • (Sylar) "What the hell are you doing?"
  • (Matt Parkman) "I'm crossing that line. You told me that I'm not man enough to take a life? Well, you know what, you're wrong. 'cause I'm gonna take yours."
  • (Sylar) "You're an idiot. You'll die with me."
  • (Matt Parkman) "Yeah --"
  • (Matt Parkman) "I know."
  • (Claire Bennet) "That was fast."
  • (Noah Bennet) "My daughter calls, I drop everything."
  • (Samuel Sullivan) "A family is more than blood. It's about trust, about love. About those who embrace you; the real you. Unconditionally."
  • (Matt Parkman) "You just killed him."
  • (Sylar) "No, I didn't. You did."
  • (Noah Bennet) "I'm sorry I pushed you."
  • (Claire Bennet) "It's OK, I don't bruise easy."
  • (Lydia) "Sounds to me like the Claire Bennet recruitment is a -- lost cause."
  • (Samuel Sullivan) "Well, you know me. I'm the patron saint of lost causes."
  • (Sylar) "Sucks, doesn't it? Being in the passenger seat of your own life?"
  • (Matt Parkman) "You might be able to control my body, but I will never ever let you control my ability. Do you hear me? Sucks, doesn't it?"
  • (Matt Parkman) "He was helping you."
  • (Sylar) "Exactly. In his death, he has helped me prove a point about the line."
  • (Matt Parkman) "What line?"
  • (Sylar) "The one I can cross, and you can't. The one that says I can do anything I want, like killing people in cold blood."
  • (Matt Parkman) "No, you can't just --"
  • (Sylar) "The world is my hostage, Matt. Anybody. Anytime."

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