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Sheriff Got Your Tongue? Quotes

Sheriff Got Your Tongue? is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Sheriff Got Your Tongue? completed its run in 1970.

Sheriff Got Your Tongue? Quotes

  • (Robin Hood) "Trust me. I have a plan. Well -- half a plan."
  • (1st Sheriff's Man) "Robin Wood."
  • (2nd Sheriff's Man) "Guy would like that."
  • (1st Sheriff's Man) "You should tell him."
  • (2nd Sheriff's Man) "You tell him."
  • (1st Sheriff's Man) "I'm not gonna tell him."
  • (2nd Sheriff's Man) "Why not?"
  • (1st Sheriff's Man) "He might not like it."
  • (Sheriff of Nottingham) "You do not play games with me."
  • (Much) "The Sheriff was cutting out tongues. Well, he could hardly stand by and watch people lose their tongues."
  • (Much) "We are also against the Sheriff."
  • (Roy) "What do you want, a medal?"
  • (Sheriff of Nottingham) "Listen. I hear a noise, do you hear a noise? I think it's a dead man, talking."
  • (Marian) "This is what we do: stand by the door, I'll scream, in he comes, you strike him and run. I've paid the man by the east gate. You will not be seen if you leave now before daywatch. Take these."
  • (Robin Hood) "I cannot go unseen."
  • (Marian) "You cannot go seen."
  • (Robin Hood) "I cannot let the sheriff win."
  • (Marian) "Have you not heard a single word I've said?"
  • (Robin Hood) "Trust me. I have a plan -- well, half a plan --"
  • (Robin Hood) "I love it when you look at me like this."
  • (Little John) "We go to Nottingham."
  • (Much) "Look, you've tied us up, we've tied you up, we could call it quits."
  • (Sheriff of Nottingham) "You made a mistake in Nottingham. Trying to be the peasants' hero."
  • (Robin Hood) "Well why don't you be the peasants' hero and show me how it's done."
  • (Marian) "You are an utter fool."
  • (Robin Hood) "You said that already."
  • (Marian) "Oh, you listened? I also told you confronting the Sheriff wouldn't work. You didn't listen to that."
  • (Robin Hood) "I did not have much choice."
  • (Marian) "Oh, everything's a choice. Everything we do. Grow up."
  • (Robin Hood) "I prevented unjust hangings. I protected people from my village"
  • (Marian) "That will make your death romantic."
  • (Robin Hood) "It would make it honorable."
  • (Marian) "Honorable? And what about the people you were so honorably protecting? Who will protect them when you're dead? Oh. What is it with men and glory? Glory above sense and above reason?"
  • (Robin Hood) "It is principle."
  • (Marian) "Principle is making a difference and you can't do that if you're dead. You could have stayed here in the first place instead of following your King to the Holy Land if you'd cared so much about your precious people. But you didn't. You chose war. You chose glory."
  • (Robin Hood) "What is this about?"
  • (Marian) "It is about you saying that you care about the people of Locksley when the truth is you ran off to battle thousands of miles away."
  • (Robin Hood) "Good scheme sheriff, very effective. Impressive logic. Now, I wonder, if I tell you where I am, can I claim the twenty pounds? That would be a pound or so for each family here. Eat a whole winter off that."

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