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Sleepy Hollow (film) Quotes

Sleepy Hollow (film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Sleepy Hollow ended in 1970.

It features Danny Elfman in charge of musical score, and Emmanuel Lubezki as head of cinematography.

Sleepy Hollow (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Sleepy Hollow (film) is 105 minutes long. Sleepy Hollow (film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures, and Pathé.

The cast includes: Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, Casper Van Dien as Brom Van Brunt, Miranda Richardson as Lady Van Tassel, Miranda Richardson as Baltus Van Tassel, Richard Griffiths as Samuel Philipse, Ian McDiarmid as Dr. Thomas Lancaster, Christopher Walken/Ray Park as Hessian Horseman, Jeffrey Jones as Reverend Steenwyck, and Michael Gough as Notary James Hardenbrook.

Sleepy Hollow (film) Quotes

Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane

  • (Johnny Depp) "Kill it. No, no. Stun it."
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "I have shed my tears for Brom -- and yet my heart is not broken. Do you think me wicked?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "No -- but perhaps there is a little bit of witch in you, Katrina."
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "Why do you say that?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Because you have bewitched me."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I see."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Giddy-up -- no, no this way -- good horsey."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Yes I think you loved me that day when you followed me into the Western Woods -- to have braved such peril."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Excuse me, miss, I am not used to --"
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "Female company?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "The stride is gigantic. The attacker rode Masbath down, turned his horse, and came back. Came back to claim the head."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Yes. There's a chemical reaction. It shows there was a powerful, singular thrust to the neck."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Now."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Interesting."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "What is it?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "The wound was cauterized in the very instant, as though the blade itself were red-hot. And yet, no blistering, no scorched flesh."
  • (Richard Griffiths) "The Devil's fire."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Katrina -- you took the evidence and burned it."
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "So you would not have it to accuse my father."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I accuse no one."
  • (New Yorker) "Ichabod Crane, is that you?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "None other -- Not only me -- I have found something, which was lately a man."
  • (Johnny Depp) "It was a headless horseman."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "You must not excite yourself."
  • (Johnny Depp) "But it was a headless horseman."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "Of course it was. That's why you're here."
  • (Johnny Depp) "No, you must believe me. It was a horseman, a dead one. Headless."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "I know, I know."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You don't know because you were not there. It's all true."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "Of course it is. I told you. Everyone told you."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I -- saw him."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You have moved the body."
  • (Ian McDiarmid) "I did."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You must never move the body."
  • (Ian McDiarmid) "Why not?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Because --"
  • (Johnny Depp) "It was your mother's?"
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "Keep it close to your heart. It's sure protection against harm."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Are you so certain of everything?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Once more, the neck wound cauterized. The sword thrust to the stomach -- the same. But, to what purpose?"
  • (Ian McDiarmid) "To what is your purpose is the question."
  • (Ian McDiarmid) "What manner of instruments are these?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Some of my own design."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Katrina, I might have killed you. Why have you come?"
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "Because no one else would go with you."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I am now twice the man, and it is your white magic."
  • (Young Masbath) "A strange sort of witch, with a kind and loving heart. How can you think so?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I have good reason."
  • (Young Masbath) "Then you are bewitched by reason."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I am beaten down by it."
  • (Johnny Depp) "The millennium is almost upon us. In a few months, we will be living in the nineteenth century. But our courts continue to rely on medieval devices of torture."
  • (High Constable) "Stand down."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I stand up for sense and justice."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Ah, just in time for a new century. You'll soon find your bearings, young Masbeth. The Bronx is up, the Battery is down, and home is this way."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I should like to say that I make no assumptions about your occupation nor your ways, Witch -- which -- which -- which are nothing to me, whatever you are."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Doctor Lancaster, Reverend Steenwyck, Notary Hardenbrook, and Magistrates Philipse, who tried to cut and run, and lost his head. Four frightned men, arguing on the very night Magistrate Philipse was killed. There's a conspiracy here. The doctor, the reverend, the notary, and the magistrate. What is the secret that unites them? Magistrate Philipse knew there were five bodies to four graves, knew the widow was pregnant, but would not tell me the name of the father. What does this point to? We must proceed by a process of elimination. I shall make a list of every man and woman in Sleepy Hollow, starting with their chief citizen, Baltus Van Tassel. I feel we're getting very close."
  • (Young Masbath) "Yes. I suppose Baltus is the chief citizen, now that old Van Garrett is dead."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Yes. The Van Garretts. I had almost forgotten them."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Come with me."
  • (Young Masbath) "Where are we going?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "To Notary Hardenbrook's."
  • (Young Masbath) "Have you thought of something?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Yes. I have."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Katrina, why are you in my room?"
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "Because it is yours."
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "Will you take nothing from Sleepy Hollow that was worth the coming here?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "No. No, not nothing."
  • (Johnny Depp) "A kiss, from a lovely young woman, before she saw my face or knew my name."
  • (Katrina Anne Van Tassel) "Yes, without sense or reason."
  • (Johnny Depp) "It was an evil spirit possessed you. I pray God it is satisfied now, and you find peace. The evil eye has done it's work; my life is over, spared for a lifetime of horrors in my sleep, waking each day to grief. Goodbye, Katrina."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue."

Miranda Richardson as Baltus Van Tassel

  • (Miranda Richardson) "There is a conspiracy here, and I will seek it out."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "Dear stepdaughter -- You look as if you'd seen a ghost."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "Still alive?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Run, Katrina."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "Yes, do run, and jump, and skip."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "Watch your heads."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "If you are wise, you will leave this place."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "You're just in time to have your head cut off."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "The Horseman comes, and tonight he comes for you."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "The easiest part was the first. To enter your house as your mother's sick-nurse and put her body into the grave and my own into the marriage bed."
  • (Miranda Richardson) "The horseman was a Hessian mercenary sent to the shores by German princes to keep Americans under the yoke of England. But unlike his compatriots, who came for money, the horseman came for love of carnage."

Casper Van Dien as Brom Van Brunt

  • (Casper Van Dien) "We haven't heard your name yet, friend."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I have not said it."

Jeffrey Jones as Reverend Steenwyck

  • (Jeffrey Jones) "Their heads weren't found severed. Their heads were not found at all."
  • (Johnny Depp) "The heads are -- gone?"
  • (Michael Gough) "Taken. Taken by the Headless Horseman. Taken back to hell."

Christopher Walken/Ray Park as Hessian Horseman

  • (Christopher Walken/Ray Park) "YAHHH."

Ian McDiarmid as Dr. Thomas Lancaster

  • (Ian McDiarmid) "This is most irregular, Constable."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I should hope so, Doctor, but in this case necessary. I shall need to operate."
  • (Ian McDiarmid) "Operate? She's dead."
  • (Ian McDiarmid) "Enough have died already. It is time we confess our sins."

Richard Griffiths as Samuel Philipse

  • (Richard Griffiths) "Five victims in four graves."

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