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Summer Rental Quotes

Summer Rental is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Summer Rental stopped airing in 1970.

It features George Shapiro as producer, Alan Silvestri in charge of musical score, and Ric Waite as head of cinematography.

Summer Rental is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Summer Rental is 87 minutes long. Summer Rental is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Rip Torn as Scully, John Candy as Jack Chester, John Candy as Jack, Richard Crenna as Al, Francis X. McCarthy as Hal, Kerri Green as Jennifer Chester, Karen Austin as Sandy Chester, Dick Anthony Williams as Dan Gardner, Aubrey Jene as Laurie Chester, and Lois Hamilton as Vicki.

Summer Rental Quotes

Rip Torn as Scully

  • (Rip Torn) "Hey mate. Good to see you. What can I get ya?"
  • (John Candy) "How about -- drunk."

John Candy as Jack Chester

  • (John Candy) "Come on Hal. Can't you pull a few strings for me?"
  • (Francis X. McCarthy) "It's not on my hands. The agency gave you a mandatory five. Look Jack, you've been landing planes for 13 years. Face it, you're burned out. It's not a dirty word in this business. I'm telling you this as a friend, you need this rest."
  • (John Candy) "I can't believe they're doing this. Just because of a stinking fly."
  • (John Candy) "Get the hell out of here now."
  • (Unnamed) "You get out of here fella. I'm trying to watch the Smurfs."
  • (John Candy) "You're trying to watch the Smurfs?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah."
  • (John Candy) "Did you see the one where Papa Smurf took a crutch and smashed the s*** out of a guy with a red hat? Did you see that one? You want to see that one? (Fat Man runs away.)"
  • (John Candy) "Excuse me. Why are you people going through here"
  • (John Candy) "Oh perfect."
  • (John Candy) "Come on thru. I'm Joe Public, welcome to my beach."
  • (John Candy) "Where's Angus with that sail? There's only two more shopping days left."
  • (Rip Torn) "He's searching the entire coast for it. I'm sure he'll find it."
  • (John Candy) "How can you be so sure?"
  • (Rip Torn) "If he don't, I'll kill him."
  • (John Candy) "I love you Scully. That's not the booze talkin' either."
  • (John Candy) "Can you tread water with that hook?"
  • (John Candy) "Do you have a dustpan or something?"
  • (Dick Anthony Williams) "You can just leave it sir."
  • (John Candy) "Good idea, because you might have a guest this summer and they have a dog and this is excellent stuff."

Lois Hamilton as Vicki

  • (Lois Hamilton) "Can I have your honest opinion about something?"
  • (Lois Hamilton) "What do you think of these? Well, how do they look?"
  • (John Candy) "Uh, similar?"

Kerri Green as Jennifer Chester

  • (Kerri Green) "Did they even say how many rooms they're are?"
  • (John Candy) "It's three bedrooms and it's on the beach. That's all I know."
  • (Karen Austin) "Well it was very nice of Hal to find the place."
  • (John Candy) "It was very nice of him to tell me that I'm cracking up."
  • (Karen Austin) "You are not cracking up. You just need this rest."
  • (John Candy) "Rest? Didn't we just get back from Hawaii?"
  • (Karen Austin) "Jack, that was our honeymoon."

Aubrey Jene as Laurie Chester

  • (Aubrey Jene) "This place sucks."
  • (Karen Austin) "Where did you learn that?"
  • (Kerri Green) "I told her never to say things suck."

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