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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Quotes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III completed its run in 1970.

It features David Chan, Kim Dawson, and Thomas K. Gray as producer, John Du Prez in charge of musical score, and David Gurfinkel as head of cinematography.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is 96 minutes long. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: David Fraser as Michaelangelo, Elias Koteas as Casey Jones, Brian Tochi as Leo, Tim Kelleher as Raphael, Corey Feldman as Donatello, Paige Turco as April, Stuart Wilson as Walker, Brian Tochi as Leonardo, James Murray as Splinter, Vivian Wu as Mitsu, Henry Hayashi as Kenshin, John Aylward as Niles, Sab Shimono as Lord Norinaga, Paige Turco as April O'Neill, and Tim Kelleher as Turtles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Quotes

David Fraser as Michaelangelo

  • (David Fraser) "What if we make a major u-turn and wind up in Godzilla-Land?"
  • (David Fraser) "But, I want to stay here -- with you."
  • (Vivian Wu) "You will always be here with me, Michaelangelo."
  • (David Fraser) "Miaow, dude."
  • (David Fraser) "Who's trapped inside?"
  • (Brian Tochi) "Lord Norinaga."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Lord Norinaga?"
  • (Corey Feldman) "Name rings a bell."
  • (David Fraser) "Turtles: It's not just a job. It's an adventure."
  • (David Fraser) "Hey, buddy, don't you know that Westerns are dead?"
  • (Stuart Wilson) "Speaking of dead."
  • (David Fraser) "Uh what I meant was they're not all dead. Like Clint. You look alot like Clint."
  • (David Fraser) "How did you get in April's pants?"
  • (David Fraser) "I don't think I'm cut out for this hero stuff."
  • (David Fraser) "My legs hurt. My arms hurt. My spots hurt. Even my bandana hurts."
  • (David Fraser) "Uh-oh, turtle tantrum."
  • (David Fraser) "Oh, he who dings the shell must pay."
  • (David Fraser) "Do you think they had pizza back then?"
  • (David Fraser) "Kurt Russell, eat your heart out."

Paige Turco as April

  • (Paige Turco) "Would somebody please tell me what the heck is going on around here?"
  • (Corey Feldman) "Well, relax, April. It's just your, uh, ordinary time travel equal-mass-displacement kind of thing."
  • (Paige Turco) "You don't mean; you're not seriously suggesting that Donatello is going to make an incredibly arcane time travel machine, are you?"
  • (Tim Kelleher) "No, of course not."
  • (David Fraser) "That'd be totally bogus."
  • (Tim Kelleher) "Really stupid."
  • (Paige Turco) "Well, that's a relief."
  • (Corey Feldman) "No, that guy's gonna make it."
  • (Paige Turco) "This is absolutely the worst rescue I have ever had."
  • (Paige Turco) "Why don't you get a real job, cue ball?"
  • (Paige Turco) "He is lower than scum. He gives scum a bad name."
  • (Stuart Wilson) "Of course he does, that's why I hired him."

Tim Kelleher as Raphael

  • (Tim Kelleher) "Fightin's for grown-ups, and that's only if you got no other choice."
  • (Tim Kelleher) "Maybe this means the village people won't be afraid of us anymore."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Well, it's a start."
  • (Tim Kelleher) "Well, if it ain't the Phantom of the Opera."
  • (Tim Kelleher) "Hey, it?s wet-willy time."
  • (Unnamed) "Wet-wadum?"
  • (Tim Kelleher) "I don't kiss on the first date, lady."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Raph. Give your mouth a rest."
  • (Tim Kelleher) "Did you hear what he called me, Leo?"
  • (Brian Tochi) "Yeah, an ugly lump of dung."
  • (Tim Kelleher) "That was an insult, Leo."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Not necessarily, Raph. Did you know that in some countries dung is used as a fuel source?"
  • (Tim Kelleher) "Hey, Kid, you gotta control that temper. Did I say that?"
  • (Tim Kelleher) "Son of a snapper."

Sab Shimono as Lord Norinaga

  • (Sab Shimono) "How did you capture such a woman?"
  • (Stuart Wilson) "Same way you capture any wild animal. By setting a trap."
  • (Sab Shimono) "You have come back."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Yeah, we like to drop in about every three or four centuries."
  • (Sab Shimono) "Go ahead. Finish me."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Okay."
  • (Brian Tochi) "There. Short enough for you?"

Corey Feldman as Donatello

  • (Corey Feldman) "Turtles don't migrate, Raph. Birds do."
  • (Tim Kelleher) "Hey, I got a beak, don't I?"
  • (Corey Feldman) "Help. I'm a turtle and I can't get up."
  • (Corey Feldman) "You were expecting maybe the Addams Family?"
  • (Corey Feldman) "Whoa, leg-o-rama."
  • (Paige Turco) "Hey, I'm allowed. It's my vacation."
  • (Leonardo, Donatello) "Absolutely. Shwing."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Gross."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Grosser. April. April"
  • (Paige Turco) "Here."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Whoa ok here I come."
  • (Corey Feldman) "."
  • (Paige Turco) "This is by far the worst rescue I've ever had."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Help I'm a turtle and I can't get up."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Think of it the bright side, April. We could've landed in a great, big, greasy pile of --"
  • (Paige Turco) "Don't even say it, Donny."
  • (Corey Feldman) "If we don't come back in two-and-a-half days, we're turtle soup."
  • (Other turtles) "Whoa."
  • (Elias Koteas) "Bummer."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Smells like a geek ran through here."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Uh, o-hi-o, wasabi."
  • (Tim Kelleher) ""Hello mustard?""
  • (Corey Feldman) "OK, so my Japanese is a little rusty. (to the guards) Uh, Suzuki, Kawasaki; (Raphael knocks them out cold)"
  • (Tim Kelleher) "How 'bout, uh, "Sayonara?""
  • (Corey Feldman) "I think I swallowed a frog. I hope it wasn't an ancestor."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Wow. Bungee jumping without a bungee. That could be dangerous."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Mud wrestling is definitely a spectator sport."
  • (Corey Feldman) "See guys, for every one of us that goes back, someone from the past will come here. But, the problem is, that switch will only work under one condition. You know what that is?"
  • (Brian Tochi) "Tuesdays?"
  • (Corey Feldman) "Gee, if we die here in the past, does that mean that we don't get born in the future?"

Stuart Wilson as Walker

  • (Stuart Wilson) "Excuse me, Niles. Shouldn't you be trying to scare somebody?"
  • (Stuart Wilson) "Who's your tailor?"
  • (David Fraser) "We're naked."
  • (Stuart Wilson) "My cannons can destroy these demons. You can rewrite history."
  • (Sab Shimono) "No."
  • (Stuart Wilson) "I can rewrite you."
  • (Stuart Wilson) "So they've gone missing. I mean, war does have a habit of doing that to people."
  • (Stuart Wilson) "Really don't have time for any of these social pleasantries, I'm afraid."
  • (Stuart Wilson) "Shoot them."
  • (Unnamed) "I think she's telling the truth."
  • (Stuart Wilson) "Really? Well, I don't pay you to think, do I? I pay you to lie, cheat, and steal."
  • (Stuart Wilson) "Did you really think I'd make it that easy, you nasty little reptiles?"
  • (Stuart Wilson) "You're turtles?"
  • (Corey Feldman) "Yeah, of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety."

Brian Tochi as Leonardo

  • (Brian Tochi) "Are there apartments in Japan?"
  • (Tim Kelleher) "What do I look like? A real estate agent?"
  • (Brian Tochi) "Hey. Where'd we get these clothes?"
  • (Brian Tochi) "Hey. Where's Mikey?"
  • (Corey Feldman) "Last time I saw him, he was doing this: AhAhAhAhAhhhh."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Boy, do I hate spinach."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Hey, Tinkerbell. Why don't you shoot us?"
  • (Brian Tochi) "We're turtles, friend."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Of the teenage mutant ninja variety, Sleezball."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Michaelangelo why are you wearing boxer shorts?"
  • (David Fraser) "So that the guy who arrives in my place doesn't arrive bare butt naked."

Elias Koteas as Casey Jones

  • (Elias Koteas) "Bet you guys feel lucky to be going back, right?"
  • (Unnamed) "We're lucky. We're going back."
  • (Guards in unison) "Not."
  • (Elias Koteas) "This is really gonna screw up history."
  • (Elias Koteas) "Enough of this camaraderie. When do we get to bust some skulls?"
  • (Elias Koteas) "What do you say we get together and bust some skulls?"
  • (Elias Koteas) "Hey Raph, how'd your brain implant go, good?"

James Murray as Splinter

  • (James Murray) "There must have been a battle."
  • (Elias Koteas) "I knew it, I'm missing all the fun."
  • (James Murray) "Put down your sword, Kenshin. They are not enemies. Only lost warriors, like yourself."

Vivian Wu as Mitsu

  • (Vivian Wu) "We will both die, but only one of us with honor."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Are we outta the loop here, or what?"
  • (Corey Feldman) "Yeah."

John Aylward as Niles

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Henry Hayashi as Kenshin

  • (Henry Hayashi) "It will only work if the magic travellers each have the same weight."
  • (Corey Feldman) "Bingo. Gee, you guys do have a good educational system, don't you?"
  • (Henry Hayashi) "We wait 400 years, and this Casey is still late."

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