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Tempest (Smallville) Quotes

Tempest (Smallville) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Tempest stopped airing in 1970.

Tempest (Smallville) Quotes

  • (Chloe Sullivan) "I have this horrible nightmare that you are gonna rush to the bus station after Whitney leaves and profess your undying love for Lana, and I'm gonna be waiting at the gym all alone. And if you do that to me, Clark, I will never speak to you again. Okay? I said it."
  • (Clark Kent) "Chloe, I'm going to the dance with you not by default, but because I want to."
  • (Whitney Fordman) "I loved you the first moment that I saw you. I'll still love you when I see you again."
  • (Lionel Luthor) "You're not in a hurry to pack."
  • (Lex Luthor) "That's because I'm not leaving."
  • (Lionel Luthor) "Accept your fate, Lex. It's time to move on."
  • (Lex Luthor) "I'm forcing a vote of the board of directors to accept an employee buyout of the plant."
  • (Lionel Luthor) "What are you gonna do? Convince the employees to take out a second mortgage? Cash in their IRAs?"
  • (Lex Luthor) "Something like that."
  • (Lionel Luthor) "Even if you sell all your stock, and drain your trust fund, you still come up short, Lex. What are you going to do about the rest of the money, hmm?"
  • (Lex Luthor) "Take the buyout now and you can keep your dignity. It's more than you left me."
  • (Lionel Luthor) "That's very gracious of you, son. You might wanna look at this first."
  • (Lex Luthor) "You've bought the Smallville Savings and Loan."
  • (Lionel Luthor) "Go ahead, lead your buyout. But remember I own your employees' mortgages. As soon as they begin missing payments, I won't hesitate to foreclose on each and every one of them. They'll be homeless, and it'll be your fault. You ready to accept that kind of responsibility? You're gonna take me on, son, you're gonna have to bring your game up to a whole different level."
  • (Lex Luthor) "You just fired 2,500 people and blamed it on me."
  • (Lionel Luthor) "Monday, you'll thank me, Lex. Smallville isn't in your future; it's just a brief chapter in your biography."
  • (Lex Luthor) "You sure you can afford being seen with the town pariah?"
  • (Clark Kent) "I'll take my chances. What happened, Lex?"
  • (Lex Luthor) "The two theories seem to be I either ran the plant into the ground through incompetence or did it deliberately so I can go back to Metropolis."
  • (Clark Kent) "Your dad already offered you a job in Metropolis; just tell people the truth."
  • (Lex Luthor) "Then I get stuck with the incompetence rap. Being reviled is the lesser evil."
  • (Clark Kent) "I guess you're going back to Metropolis, then."
  • (Lex Luthor) "That's why my father orchestrated his coup, but -- this isn't over."
  • (Clark Kent) "You have a plan?"
  • (Lex Luthor) "Maybe."
  • (Clark Kent) "You have a lot of work to do."
  • (Lex Luthor) "Clark. Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot."
  • (Clark Kent) "What are friends for?"
  • (Chloe Sullivan) "My dad's talking about moving us back to Metropolis, permanently."
  • (Clark Kent) "What about the Torch and all your friends?"
  • (Chloe Sullivan) "Can't even think about it right now."
  • (Clark Kent) "Wh -- hey."
  • (Chloe Sullivan) "Clark, I'm not exactly psyched about having to fight my way through the high school hierarchy all over again. You're gonna miss me, right?"
  • (Clark Kent) "Do you even have to ask?"
  • (Chloe Sullivan) "Just promise me Saturday night's gonna be great."
  • (Clark Kent) "It'll be a night you won't forget."
  • (Chloe Sullivan) "Clark Kent, man of mystery. Just when I think I have you figured out, you surprise me."
  • (Clark Kent) "How's that?"
  • (Chloe Sullivan) "The song, the tux, tonight."
  • (Clark Kent) "And I'm still here."
  • (Chloe Sullivan) "Yeah, you are."
  • (Jonathan Kent) "I can't believe that Lex would run that thing into the ground in less than a year."
  • (Clark Kent) "Why are you blaming Lex? His dad closed the plant. Lex --"
  • (Jonathan Kent) "Son, whatever issues Lionel Luthor has with his son have now cost half the town their jobs."
  • (Clark Kent) "You should be happy, then. It means Lex is going back to Metropolis and out of our lives."
  • (Jonathan Kent) "The plant closing is gonna hurt a lot of people, Clark. Now, as much as I would like Lex out of our lives, I wouldn't wish that on anybody."
  • (Clark Kent) "I know, dad. It's just -- Lex cares about the town. He said he had big plans."
  • (Jonathan Kent) "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."
  • (Lex Luthor) "Any relationship founded on lies is destined to fail. It's a good thing we don't have that problem."
  • (Clark Kent) "Lucky us."
  • (Pete Ross) "You ought to try getting off of your butt, Clark. It's the wave of the future."
  • (Lionel Luthor) "When Alexander the Great was dying his generals asked him who he would leave his armies to and his answer was "I leave it to the strongest.""
  • (Lex Luthor) "I believe the term is "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.""
  • (Lionel Luthor) "You're not my enemy. You're my son."
  • (Lex Luthor) "Funny, I never saw the distinction."

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