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The Amityville Horror (2005 film) Quotes

The Amityville Horror (2005 film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . The Amityville Horror stopped airing in 1970.

It features Michael Bay; Andrew Form; Bradley Fuller as producer, Steve Jablonsky in charge of musical score, and Peter Lyons Collister as head of cinematography.

The Amityville Horror (2005 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Amityville Horror (2005 film) is 89 minutes long. The Amityville Horror (2005 film) is distributed by MGM Distribution Co..

The cast includes: Philip Baker Hall as Father Callaway, Melissa George as Kathy Lutz, Ryan Reynolds as George Lutz, Jimmy Bennett as Michael Lutz, Isabel Conner as Jodie Defeo, Brendan Donaldson as Ronald Defeo, Chloë Grace Moretz as Chelsea Lutz, Rachel Nichols as Lisa, and Jesse James as Billy Lutz.

The Amityville Horror (2005 film) Quotes

Ryan Reynolds as George Lutz

  • (Ryan Reynolds) "How did you get so f***ing stupid?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Do I look nuts to you?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "So, look, I gotta ask what's the catch? There's always a catch."
  • (Realtor) "There was a tragedy, a crime -- a murder."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Now, hold it steady. Because if you get shaky, I get shaky."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "We're friends. We're having fun, right? Put your hands up there."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "When the body suffers -- the spirit flowers."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Home, sweet, home."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "I think she misses her daddy. Don't you?"
  • (Melissa George) "Give me back my daughter."

Philip Baker Hall as Father Callaway

  • (Philip Baker Hall) "Your house frightens me, Mrs. Lutz."
  • (Philip Baker Hall) "You know the doll with one eye that your daughter is holding?"
  • (Melissa George) "Yes, well --"
  • (Philip Baker Hall) "Well, that belonged to the little girl who lived here before you."
  • (Melissa George) "Yes, it was left here."
  • (Philip Baker Hall) "No, Mrs. Lutz, it was not left here."
  • (Melissa George) "Father, what exactly are you trying to tell me?"
  • (Philip Baker Hall) "I knew the DeFeo's very well. I presided over their funeral. Jodie DeFeo was buried with that doll."
  • (Philip Baker Hall) "Mrs. Lutz, get you and your family out of that house. Right now."

Melissa George as Kathy Lutz

  • (Melissa George) "I just read about this man, Ketcham -- who tortured Indians on my land. On my basement. I read about how he slit his throat, so that his prescence would live forever. Do you believe this could be true?"
  • (Melissa George) "I know you miss your daddy, baby. But no one can see him because he's in heaven -- He's with the angels."
  • (Melissa George) "Why did you run away from my house? Why did you abandon us?"
  • (Realtor) "We're happy?"
  • (Melissa George) "Yes, we're happy."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "She's happy. I'm broke."
  • (Melissa George) "What were you thinking?"
  • (Chloë Grace Moretz) "I just wanted to see Daddy."
  • (Melissa George) "Is this discipline, or torture?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "I thought it was meatloaf --"

Jimmy Bennett as Michael Lutz

  • (Jimmy Bennett) "George, George? Look what I found?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "What is that? Where'd you find that?"
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Harry and I found it."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Where?"
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "In the basement."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Not the basement. My office. You listen to me. You don't go down there. Understand?"
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Do I have to call you Dad, now?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Guess what?"
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "What?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "You can call me whatever you want."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Anything?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Yep."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Cool."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Anything."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Cool."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Yeah."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Um -- Stinky?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Sure."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Poopy-head?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Yeah."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Crap-monkey-fart?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Okay, we gotta draw the line somewhere, pal, that does it."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "We're rich."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Rich off of somethin', but it ain't money."
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "This house is bad, Mommy."

Isabel Conner as Jodie Defeo

  • (Isabel Conner) "Hi, Lisa. Look what Ronnie did."
  • (Isabel Conner) "Nooooooooo."

Rachel Nichols as Lisa

  • (Rachel Nichols) "It's kinda gross that you guys still sleep in here. Actually, it's f***ing sick."

Chloë Grace Moretz as Chelsea Lutz

  • (Chloë Grace Moretz) "Hi, Mommy. Look at me, Mommy."
  • (Chloë Grace Moretz) "You're going to make her mad."
  • (Chloë Grace Moretz) "Jodie says you're a bad babysitter."
  • (Rachel Nichols) "Yeah? Well Jodie's -- what's the word? Dead."
  • (Chloë Grace Moretz) "Is not."
  • (Rachel Nichols) "That little s*** got me fired."

Jesse James as Billy Lutz

  • (Jesse James) "This sucks."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "You're not kiddin'."
  • (Jesse James) "How did he do it?"
  • (Jimmy Bennett) "Do what?"
  • (Rachel Nichols) "You are way too young to hear this. So cover your ears. And don't listen. A rifle. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. He went from room to room, splattering their heads as they slept. He killed his brothers in this very room. Right here -- in these beds."
  • (Jesse James) "Hi -- I'm Billy."
  • (Jesse James) "Hi -- I'm Billy."
  • (Rachel Nichols) "Yeah, I got ya the first time."

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