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The Final Cut (2004 film) Quotes

The Final Cut (2004 film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . The Final Cut completed its run in 1970.

It features Nick Wechsler (producer) as producer, Brian Tyler (composer) in charge of musical score, and Tak Fujimoto as head of cinematography.

The Final Cut (2004 film) is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.

The cast includes: Robin Williams as Alan, Stephanie Romanov as Jennifer, Jim Caviezel as Fletcher, Robin Williams as Alan Hakman, Genevieve Buechner as Isabel Bannister, Thom Bishops as Hasan, Mira Sorvino as Delila, Mimi Kuzyk as Thelma, Brendan Fletcher as Michael, and Christopher Britton as Simon.

The Final Cut (2004 film) Quotes

Mira Sorvino as Delila

  • (Mira Sorvino) "Your phonecall got me all worried. I saw the mirror, what happened?"
  • (Robin Williams) "I saw something."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "These moments -- they belong to me, Alan. The good and the bad. They're mine and his. Who are you to take them away from me?"
  • (Mira Sorvino) "Guillotine. You're like a mortician -- or a priest -- or a taxidermist. All of them."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "What is it?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Some implants have defect. They can't see the difference between what the eye sees and what the mind sees."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "Everytime I think I've had it with you, you show me something amazing."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "You fell in love with an image of me. Not the real me."
  • (Robin Williams) "At first. Now I want you the way you really are."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "I can't believe you after what you did."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "There's no place for me with you. You haven't even made room for yourself. You have to separate yourself from that machine."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "What about all the bits in between?"
  • (Robin Williams) "It's a miniature. Concise, symmetrical. That's the way the world looks to me -- the way I see it."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "How do you do this?"
  • (Robin Williams) "It's what I was meant to do."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "You were meant to live your own life too."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "Oh God. Alan. I'm right here in front of you. I see nothing has changed."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "A new cutting project? That, that's what you're talking to be about, Alan?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Well, more than that."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "Alan, you've seen so much life and somehow you miss the point."
  • (Mira Sorvino) "What do you have in this dump?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Not much."

Thom Bishops as Hasan

  • (Thom Bishops) "This girl was a complete wreck; drinking, drugs, in and out of schools. Then she turns 21 -- and she finds out about her Zoe implant. Complete 180. She's born again. Her knowing that someone would one day watch -- transforms her into this kind, gentle, loving person."
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "So what happened?"
  • (Thom Bishops) "She committed suicide. Took a dive off her balcony -- 27 floors straight onto her head. The implant was instantly vapourized."
  • (Thom Bishops) "May I speak frankly with you, Alan?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Oh, Please."
  • (Thom Bishops) "You're a real prick."

Robin Williams as Alan

  • (Robin Williams) "Will you look at that?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Then you know what it's like to be haunted. One memory -- one single incident has made me who I am. It won't leave me be. The guilt tears me apart."
  • (Robin Williams) "There will be nothing I won't know soon."
  • (Robin Williams) "You wanna take a shot too? Everybody else has."
  • (Robin Williams) "My job is to let people remember what they want to remember, Fletcher. It fulfilled a human need. I didn't invent the technology."
  • (Robin Williams) "The dead mean nothing to me, Mrs. Bannister. I took this job because I respect the living."
  • (Robin Williams) "Is Suicide under Self-Help?"
  • (Robin Williams) "I need to speak to you alone."
  • (Mimi Kuzyk) "Michael, why don't you go down to the store and buy some cigarettes?"
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "We got eight packs already."
  • (Mimi Kuzyk) "Well, bring them back then. We don't need so many."
  • (Robin Williams) "I forgive people long after they can be punished for their sins."
  • (Robin Williams) "Some of us still live by the code, Fletcher. We didn't walk away. We have what it takes."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "And what does it take, Alan? Delusion? Obsession? Guilt? No, I don't have any of those -- not as much as you do."
  • (Unnamed) "Now first we do the audio tattoo -- and we wait a week. If you don't get a migraine and your system takes it -- then we'll do the video tattoo."
  • (Robin Williams) "Do I have to cover my whole face?"
  • (Unnamed) "No. Those guys"
  • (Unnamed) "-- they're just young and angry. You want it discrete."
  • (Robin Williams) "Very."
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah."
  • (Robin Williams) "Will this hurt?"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, yeah."

Christopher Britton as Simon

  • (Christopher Britton) "Let's do this."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "No, no. Not now there's somebody up there. This has to be clean. No mess."
  • (Christopher Britton) "Clean, dirty. It's all the same to me."

Jim Caviezel as Fletcher

  • (Jim Caviezel) "It's for the greater good, Alan. Your life will mean something. I promise."

Stephanie Romanov as Jennifer

  • (Stephanie Romanov) "Perhaps -- some things are best forgotten."
  • (Robin Williams) "Perhaps."

Mimi Kuzyk as Thelma

  • (Mimi Kuzyk) "Give the footage back to the widow. Let her deal with it."
  • (Robin Williams) "I can't give it back. There's someone in that project I haven't seen for years."
  • (Mimi Kuzyk) "I hate it when that happens."

Genevieve Buechner as Isabel Bannister

  • (Genevieve Buechner) "Alan -- it's not really Mr. Froggy's birthday. It's in a week."

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