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The Gypsy Moths Quotes

The Gypsy Moths is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Gypsy Moths ended in 1970.

It features Hal Landers as producer, Elmer Bernstein in charge of musical score, and Philip H. Lathrop as head of cinematography.

The Gypsy Moths is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Gypsy Moths is 107 min./110 min. long. The Gypsy Moths is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Gene Hackman as Joe Browdy, Scott Wilson as Malcolm Webson, Deborah Kerr as Elizabeth Brandon, William Windom as Allen Brandon, Burt Lancaster as Mike Rettig, and Bonnie Bedelia as Annie Burke.

The Gypsy Moths Quotes

Deborah Kerr as Elizabeth Brandon

  • (Deborah Kerr) "It really does sound very exciting."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "You said it was terrifying."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Yes -- Well, I suppose in a way that's what makes it exciting, isn't it?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Most ordinary people can't help but respond to the idea of some excitement in their lives, you know?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Even if it terrifies them?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Yes. Exactly."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "He wanted me to go with him."
  • (William Windom) "Did he?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "The thought terrified me."
  • (William Windom) "And me --"

Gene Hackman as Joe Browdy

  • (Gene Hackman) "Look, kid, this is a business. They don't pay to watch us walk across the street. Now, when are yuh gonna get that through your head? If you're so concerned with Rettig doing the jump, I mean, you can learn it yourself. Then you wouldn't have to worry about him."
  • (Scott Wilson) "I have a better idea. Why don't you do it?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Because I recognize my limitations. It's the secret to my success in life."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Hey Kid -- Next time you get in an airplane, make sure it's got a door on it."
  • (Gene Hackman) "We'll be jumping from a Howard DGA-15. "DGA": that stands for "Damn Good Airplane", which if course it is. Very tricky to land though. Heh heh. You're much better off jumping out if it than you are taking a chance on landing in it. This one's in good shape."
  • (Scott Wilson) "To Browdy, a airplane is in good shape if it has wings and a prop."

Scott Wilson as Malcolm Webson

  • (Scott Wilson) "What are you going to do, Browdy?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Well, I thought I might head west. I've been thinking about that a lot lately -- I think I might just head west. But you never can tell what might turn up. Right?"
  • (Scott Wilson) "You don't mind my not staying, do you? For tomorrow? I --"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Get lost, will ya'?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Hey, kid? Next time you get in an airplane, make sure it's got a door on it."
  • (Scott Wilson) "Sometimes I think you have a cash register for a head."
  • (Scott Wilson) "You came too damned close before you opened your chute."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "They came for a show. Listen to 'em, kid."
  • (Scott Wilson) "They'll settle for a lot less than you're giving them."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "You never can tell what they'll settle for; until you've tried it."
  • (Scott Wilson) "You play very well."
  • (Bonnie Bedelia) "Thank you. But, you're either very kind, or you know nothing at all about playing the piano."
  • (Scott Wilson) "No, I don't know very much about it. But I do know when it sounds good."

William Windom as Allen Brandon

  • (William Windom) "We have a college. We have a college and a missile base --"
  • (William Windom) "typical American town."
  • (William Windom) "What I don't understand is, why you do this thing at all."
  • (Gene Hackman) "To me, it's a business."
  • (William Windom) "And you Mr. Rettig? What's it to you? If you don't mind my asking."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "I had a friend in the Army, a sergeant, a parachutist for about 20 years. He used to say that jumping was not only a way to live, but also a way to die. Damn few things are."

Burt Lancaster as Mike Rettig

  • (Burt Lancaster) "Tomorrow, when we leave here, I want you to come with me."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Come with you?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Yes."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Do you always offer more than you're asked for?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Only to those who ask so much less than they want."

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