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The Hurt Locker Quotes

The Hurt Locker is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Hurt Locker ended in 1970.

It features Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal; Nicolas Chartier, and Greg Shapiro as producer, Marco Beltrami, and Buck Sanders in charge of musical score, and Barry Ackroyd as head of cinematography.

The Hurt Locker is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Hurt Locker is 131 minutes long. The Hurt Locker is distributed by Summit Entertainment.

The cast includes: David Morse as Colonel Reed, Anthony Mackie as Sergeant JT Sanborn, Sam Spruell as Contractor Feisal, Christopher Sayegh as Beckham, and Christian Camargo as Colonel John Cambridge.

The Hurt Locker Quotes

Anthony Mackie as Sergeant JT Sanborn

  • (Anthony Mackie) "I'm ready to die, James."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Well, you're not gonna die out here, bro."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Another two inches, shrapnel zings by, slices my throat, I bleed out like a pig in the sand. Nobody'll give a s***. I mean my parents; they care; but they don't count, man. Who else? I don't even have a son."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Well, you're gonna have plenty of time for that, amigo."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Naw, man."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "You know?"
  • (Anthony Mackie) "I'm done. I want a son. I want a little boy, Will. I mean, how do you do it, you know? Take the risk?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "I-I don't know. I mean, I just, uh -- I guess I don't think about it."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Every time we go out, it's life or death. You roll the dice. You recognize that don't you?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Yeah-yeah -- Yeah, I do, but I don't know why, you know? Yeah --"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "I don't know, JT. You know why, you know -- I'm the way I am?"
  • (Anthony Mackie) "No, I don't."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "You know, these detonators misfire all the time."
  • (Spc. Owen Eldridge) "What are you doing?"
  • (Anthony Mackie) "I'm just saying s*** happens. They misfire."
  • (Spc. Owen Eldridge) "He'd be obliterated to nothing."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "His helmet would be left. You could have that. Little specs of hair charred on the inside."
  • (Spc. Owen Eldridge) "Yeah. There'd be half a helmet somewhere, with bits of hair."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Have to ask for a change in technique and protocol, and make sure this type of accident never happen again, you know? You'd have to write the report."
  • (Spc. Owen Eldridge) "Are you serious?"
  • (Anthony Mackie) "I can't write it."
  • (Contractor Team Leader) "We have a flat tire. Can you help us?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Sure, yeah. You got any spares?"
  • (Contractor Team Leader) "Well, we have spares, but we used up our wrench."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "How do you use up a wrench?"
  • (Contractor Team Leader) "Well, the, uh -- , the guy over there with the red thing on his head, he threw it at someone."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "All right."
  • (Contractor Team Leader) "Thank you."
  • (Contractor Team Leader) "This Chris. This is the wrench man."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Hello, Wrench Man."
  • (Contractor Team Leader) "That's Jimmy."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "You know you can shoot people here. You don't have to throw a wrench."
  • (Sam Spruell) "f*** off."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Now push it in."
  • (Sgt. Matt Thompson) "I can't."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "What do you mean you can't? Pretend it's your dick, man."
  • (Sgt. Matt Thompson) "How about I pretend it's your dick?"
  • (Anthony Mackie) "You'd never get it in if you did that."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Who's that?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "That's my son. He's ' tough little bastard. Nothin' like me."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "You mean to tell me you married?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Well, you know, I had a girlfriend and, uh, she got pregnant, so we got married, and we got divorced -- or, you know, I thought we got divorced. I mean, she's still living in the house and she says we're still together, so I -- I don't know. Wha-what does -- what does that make her? I don't know."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Dumb -- for still being with your ass."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Hey. She ain't f***ing dumb, all right? She's just loyal. She's just loyal, that's all."
  • (Spc. Owen Eldridge) "Aren't you glad the Army has all these tanks parked here? Just in case the Russians come and we have to have a big tank battle?"
  • (Anthony Mackie) "I'd rather be on the side with the tanks, just in case, than not have 'em."
  • (Spc. Owen Eldridge) "Yeah, but they don't do anything. I mean, anyone comes alongside a Humvee, we're dead. Anybody even looks at you funny, we're dead. Pretty much the bottom line is, if you're in Iraq, you're dead. How's a f***ing tank supposed to stop that?"
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Would you shut the f*** up, Owen, please?"
  • (Spc. Owen Eldridge) "Sorry. Just tryin' to scare the new guy."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Welcome to Bravo Company. Welcome to Camp Victory."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Ah, Camp Victory? I thought this was Camp Liberty."
  • (Anthony Mackie) "Ah, no, they changed that about a week ago. 'Victory' sound' better."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "All right. Well, good. At least we're in the right place, right?"

Christian Camargo as Colonel John Cambridge

  • (Christian Camargo) "You know, this doesn't have to be a bad time in your life. Going to war is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It could be fun."
  • (Christian Camargo) "So long. Thank you."

David Morse as Colonel Reed

  • (David Morse) "You the guy in the flaming car, Sergeant James?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Afternoon, sir. Uh -- uh, yes, sir."
  • (David Morse) "Well, that's just hot s***. You're a wild man, you know that?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Uh, yes, sir."
  • (David Morse) "He's a wild man. You know that? I want to shake your hand."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Thank you, sir."
  • (David Morse) "Yeah. How many bombs have you disarmed?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Uh, I'm-I'm not quite sure."
  • (David Morse) "Sergeant?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Yes, sir."
  • (David Morse) "I asked you a question."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Eight hundred seventy-three, sir."
  • (David Morse) "Eight hundred -- and seventy-three. Eight hundred -- and seventy-three. That's just hot s***. Eight hundred and seventy-three."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Counting today, sir, yes."
  • (David Morse) "That's gotta be a record. What's the best way -- to -- to go about disarming one of these things?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "The way you don't die, sir."
  • (David Morse) "That's a good one. That's spoken like a wild man. That's good."

Christopher Sayegh as Beckham

  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "I want my five bucks back, buddy."
  • (Christopher Sayegh) "Five dollars for what, man? You crazy now?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "Yeah. The DVD you sold me was crap."
  • (Christopher Sayegh) "You crazy, man. That's impossible. It's Hollywood special effects."
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "No. It was shaky. It was out of focus, buddy."
  • (Christopher Sayegh) "What, you want donkey porn?"
  • (Staff Sergeant William James) "It's crap."
  • (Christopher Sayegh) "Girls on dog? Gay sex, man? Anything you want, you get. I hook you up, man."

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