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The Jacksons: An American Dream Quotes

The Jacksons: An American Dream is a TV show that debuted in 1992 on American Broadcasting Company. The Jacksons: An American Dream completed its run in 1992.

The Jacksons: An American Dream was on for 2 episodes. It features Suzanne de Passe as producer, and Harold Wheeler as theme composer.

Each episode of The Jacksons: An American Dream is 240 min. long. The Jacksons: An American Dream is distributed by The Stan Marguiles Company.

The cast includes: Robert Redcross as Joseph Jackson, Alex Burrall as Michael Jackson, Angela Bassett as Katherine Jackson, Marcus Maurice as Marlon, Terrence Howard as Jackie, Colin Steele as Jermaine, Jermaine Jackson II as Jermaine Jackson, and Vanessa Williams as Suzanne de Passe.

The Jacksons: An American Dream Quotes

Angela Bassett as Katherine Jackson

  • (Angela Bassett) "Joseph Jackson, you're a liar and you're a cheat and I don't want you. No, I don't want you. I don't want you. I don't want you. I don't want you. I don't want you no more. "Trust me, Katy. I won't hurt you. I would never do anything to hurt you.""
  • (Angela Bassett) "She never should've given the microphone to Michael. She may never get it back."
  • (Angela Bassett) "Joseph, stop it. You could wake the dead. No more beatings, you hear me? No more."
  • (Robert Redcross) "Michael. Marlon."
  • (Angela Bassett) "I'VE HAD ENOUGH, JOSEPH. All these years, I've had enough. You cannot do it anymore."
  • (Robert Redcross) "This is between me and the boys."
  • (Angela Bassett) "The boys are young men now. They have traveled all over the world. They have millions of fans. What are you going to do- ask them to go out, get a switch, and bring it back here so you can beat them with it? Go to bed, Joseph. Go to bed."
  • (Angela Bassett) "You know, that Marlon's gonna be a dancer if it kills him."
  • (Robert Redcross) "He can't cut it, Katie. He doesn't have it. He sings out of tune, he misses steps. I'm dropping him from the group."
  • (Angela Bassett) "What? Joseph Walter Jackson, there's lots of things that you do that I do different. I keep quiet, I don't say nothin' about it mostly. But on this, I gotta speak. I see him. Always trying to outrun Michael, always trying to beat him at some game. You do this to him and it'll break him. I'm not gonna let you do that. I can't let that happen. You too hard on him, you too hard on ALL of them. And I'm telling you what I know. It's gonna drive him away."
  • (Robert Redcross) "Well, what do you want, Katie? You want 'em workin' in some steel mill for the rest of their lives? Or you want 'em out on some street corner using dope, or them getting into trouble with some gang? Is that what you want?"
  • (Angela Bassett) "You know I don't. But I don't want to see them get whooped either."
  • (Robert Redcross) "Yeah, well, that's the only way that I know how. That's how my father raised me. That's how every man in the street handles their kids. Kids gotta be strong, Katie. That's the world we live in. Aw, Katie, I got a vision. A vision, Katie, I'm gonna get my kids outta here. I'm gonna get 'em out of Gary, out of those steel mills. I'm gonna make that happen. I want them see the world, Katie. I want them to be able to see their dreams come true."
  • (Angela Bassett) "Their dreams, Joseph, or yours?"

Alex Burrall as Michael Jackson

  • (Alex Burrall) "Tell them I liked riding in the ambulance. It was wild with the sirens wailing."

Jermaine Jackson II as Jermaine Jackson

  • (Jermaine Jackson II) "They ripped off my medallion."
  • (Terrence Howard) "Hey, I kind of like the whole thing."

Terrence Howard as Jackie

  • (Terrence Howard) "Hey, Jermaine, why don't you help out the brothers? Talk to Berry. He is your father-in-law."
  • (Colin Steele) "Look, father-in-law is one thing, group is another. Anyway. we got a winning combination. A seven-year run of hits."
  • (Marcus Maurice) "Got no more hits."
  • (Colin Steele) "We'll get it back, man. I'm not running to my father-in-law every time someone's got a complaint. You wanna talk to him, talk to him."
  • (Terrence Howard) "I wanna talk to him, but he ain't gonna wanna listen."

Robert Redcross as Joseph Jackson

  • (Robert Redcross) "Get a switch."
  • (Robert Redcross) "Black Beatles, that's what they call 'em. Black Beatles."

Vanessa Williams as Suzanne de Passe

  • (Vanessa Williams) "When you get on stage, Michael, you like it."
  • (Alex Burrall) "Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I don't."

Marcus Maurice as Marlon

  • (Marcus Maurice) "You know, I'm sick of this- promotional tours. When do we get to perform again?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "Hey, man, ask Michael."
  • (Marcus Maurice) "Yeah, sure. "Ask Michael." Who ever sees Michael?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "You need an appointment to see your own little brother."

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