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The King and I (1956 film) Quotes

The King and I (1956 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The King and I stopped airing in 1970.

It features Charles Brackett as producer, Richard Rodgers in charge of musical score, and Leon Shamroy as head of cinematography.

The King and I (1956 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The King and I (1956 film) is 133 minutes long. The King and I (1956 film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Rex Thompson as Louis, Deborah Kerr as Anna, Carlos Rivas as Lun Tha, Rita Moreno as Tuptim, Terry Saunders as Lady Thiang, Martin Benson as Kralahome, and Patrick Adiarte as Prince Chulalongkorn.

The King and I (1956 film) Quotes

Carlos Rivas as Lun Tha

  • (Carlos Rivas) "Death is not worse pain than an empty life."

Deborah Kerr as Anna

  • (Deborah Kerr) "In your house she's just another woman. Like a bowl of rice is a bowl of rice no different from any other bowl of rice."
  • (King) "Now you understand about women. So, many English books talk about love etc etc etc ha."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "You disapprove?"
  • (King) "It is a silly complication of a general simplicity. A woman is designed for pleasing man that is all. A man is deigned to be pleased by many women"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Then how do you explain, your majesty, that many men remain faithful to one wife"
  • (King) "They are sick."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Oh, but you do expect women to be faithful?"
  • (King) "Naturally."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Well why naturally?"
  • (King) "Because it is natural. It is like old Siamese saying. A girl is like a blossom, with honey for just one man. A man is like a honey bee and gather all he can. To fly from blossom to blossom a honey must be free. But blossom must not ever fly from bee to bee to bee."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Hee hee. Oh your majesty in England we have a far different attitude. We believe for a man to be truly happy he must love one woman and one woman only."
  • (King) "This idea was invented by woman."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Oh but it's a great idea your majesty and in England we're brought up with it. When your young and at your first dance."
  • (King) "Young girl? They dance also. Like I see you in arms of stranger tonight not a husband."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Why of course."
  • (King) "I would not permit it."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Ha when your young and at your first dance, and your sitting on a small guilt chair with your eyes lowered, terrified that you'll be a wall flower. Suddenly, you see two black shoes, a white waist coat, a face, it speaks."
  • (King) "I do not remember such words."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I remember them."
  • (King) "I will do remembering."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Then how do you explain, your majesty, that many men remain faithful to only one wife?"
  • (King) "They are sick"
  • (King) "You will say no more."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I will say no more, because there is no more to say."
  • (King) "Help also Mrs. Anna to keep awake for scientific sewing of dresses, even though she be only a woman and a Christian and therefore unworthy of your interest."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Your Majesty."
  • (King) "A promise is a promise. Head must not be higher than mine. A promise."
  • (King) "You think you teach King lesson, but this is one lesson you do not be paid for teaching. In the future, you will stop instructing wives and children in silly English song "Home Sweet House". To remind me of breaking promises I never make, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Your majesty, I do not intend to have my boy brought up in a harem, and you did promise me a house; "a brick residence adjoining the palace," those were your very words in the letter."
  • (King) "I do not remember such words."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I remember them."
  • (King) "I will do remembering. Who is king here? I remind you, so you remember that? I do not remember any promises. I do not remember anything, except that you are my servant."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Oh, no, your majesty."
  • (King) "What, what, what? I said you are my servant."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "No, your majesty, that is not true. I am most certainly not your servant, and what is more, if you do not give me the house you promised, I shall be forced to return to England immediately."
  • (Princess Ying Yaawolak) "I believe in snow."
  • (Terry Saunders) "Do not let her go away."
  • (King) "I let her do nothing that is not my pleasure. It is my pleasure that you stay here, in palace, in palace."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "No, your majesty."
  • (King) "Why do you wish to leave these children, all of whom are loving you so extraordinarily?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I do not wish to leave them. I love them, too, quite extraordinarily, but I cannot stay in a country where a promise has no meaning."
  • (King) "I will hear no more about this promise."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "A land where there is talk of honor and a wish for Siam to take its place among the modern nations of the world, where there is talk of great changes, but where everything still remains according to the wishes of the king."
  • (King) "You will say no more. No more."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I will say no more, because there is no more to say. Come, Louis."
  • (King) "Out, out, OUT."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Oh, but this is a lie."
  • (King) "It is a FALSE lie."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "All properly dressed English ladies always wear undergarments."
  • (King) "I have opinion that, in this regard, England is very backward nation."
  • (King) "You are very difficult woman."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Perhaps so, Your Majesty."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "This girl hurt your vanity -- she didn't hurt your heart. You have no heart. You've never loved anyone and you never will."
  • (King) "-- Pairs of male elephants to be released into the forests of America. There it is hoped that they will grow in number and the people can tame them and use them as beasts of burden."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "But your majesty, I don't think you mean pairs of MALE elephants."

Terry Saunders as Lady Thiang

  • (Terry Saunders) "There is a happy land, far far away, where saints in glory stand bright, bright as day."
  • (Terry Saunders) "Mis-on-ary."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Oh, a missionary taught you English."
  • (Terry Saunders) "They think you dress like that because you shaped like that."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Well I most certainly am not."

Rex Thompson as Louis

  • (Rex Thompson) "Mother, look. The Prime Minister is naked."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Oh don't be ridiculous, Louis. He can't be all naked. He's only"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "-- half naked."

Rita Moreno as Tuptim

  • (Rita Moreno) "Good day, Madam. My name is Tuptim. I already speak English."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "And very nicely, too."

Martin Benson as Kralahome

  • (Martin Benson) "Why are you so blind; have you no eyes to see? King tries impossible task; wishing to be scientific man who know all modern things -- He will only tear himself in two, trying to be something he can never be."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Of course he can never be, if those who are closest to him are unwilling to help him."
  • (Martin Benson) "You do not know King as well as you think you do. You believe you have great influence over him. You will end up as his slave-like all the others."

Patrick Adiarte as Prince Chulalongkorn

  • (Patrick Adiarte) "You believe. Does that mean that you do not know?"

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